Scottish and Celtic
Medieval Collectables has put together a selection of Celtic and Scottish products for the Highlander or medieval re-enactor. We carry Scottish clothing and Celtic clothing, which includes Celtic dresses, Scottish kilts, Celtic Chemises and leather sporrans. These clothing items are made from quality and authentic material of the culture. Medieval Collectables carries leather armour and steel armour that are inspired by Celtic crosses and Celtic knotwork designs. Our custom leather armour protection includes arm bracers, wrist bracers, breastplates and shields, like the Scottish targe. We have quality sterling silver jewelry that is inspired by Scottish and Celtic designs. For Highlander re-enactments and sword fights we have Scottish Dirks, Celtic daggers and the ever popular two handed Scottish Claymore. Medieval Collectables has functional Scottish swords, Celtic swords, Scottish basket hilts and Scottish backswords to complete your Highlander costume or outfit.
Scottish and Celtic Armor
Are you looking for quality armor to fit your Scottish or Celtic costume? Medieval Collectables carries fully functional Scottish and Celtic, leather armor and steel armor. We have armor with Celtic crosses, Celtic knotwork and Scottish inspired designs. Our Celtic armor and Scottish armor includes, arm bracers, wrist bracers, body armor, and shields. Every Celtic re-enactor needs some sort of armor protection against the fierce and mighty swords on the battle field.
Scottish Clothing and Celtic Clothing
Medieval Collectables a vast array of Scottish clothing and Celtic clothing. Our Celtic clothing includes Celtic chemises, Celtic belts, and Celtic dresses. For Scottish clothing we have Kilts, Scottish dresses, and leather sporrans. All our Scottish and Celtic clothing is made of fine quality materials that come in a variety of sizes and colors. If you are trying to be a Celtic warrior or a Scottish Highlander for that medieval faire or party, Medieval Collectables has all your Celtic and Scottish clothing needs.
Scottish and Celtic Daggers
Medieval Collectables carries many unique Scottish daggers and Celtic Daggers. The most known of the Scottish daggers is the Scottish Dirk which was a direct descentdent of the Medieval Ballock dagger. The Scottish dirk was carried by Highlanders, which had a heavy blade, thick at the back and a single edge that was tapered uniformly from hilt to point. For those with a serious interest in the Highlands, a Scottish dagger or Scottish dirk is a must for any collection.
Scottish and Celtic Jewelry
Medieval Collectables now has a wide selection of Scottish jewelry and Celtic jewelry to complete your Scottish or Celtic outfit. Our Scottish jewelry is made of sterling silver with beautiful Celtic and Scottish designs. We have have jewelry that include Celtic crosses, Claddagh jewelry, Celtic knotwork, and shamrocks. Medieval Collectables carries various styles of Scottish jewelry and Celtic jewelry of rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and brooches.
Scottish and Celtic Swords
Medieval Collectables is your leader in Celtic and Scottish swords. We carry both fully functional swords and decorative swords from manufacturers around the world. The most well known Celtic and Scottish sword is the two handed claymore sword. It was feared because of its strength and size and was the primary weapon used during the constant warfare that became the way of life for the Scottish clans. Today, it stands as a great symbol of Scottish heritage.
Blank Heater Shield
Item #AH-6758
There are so many possibilities when it comes to this Blank Heater Shield. You can leave it as-is, of course, and carry it into battle without any problems, or you can take it as a canvas, one that allows you to create your own design!
Price: $99.00