Medieval Collectables is your sole proprietor for all your Steampunk fashion and accessories. Most of our steampunk designs revolve around Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein's, incredible Galvanic Matter Transposition System for 'pronto mass remotion' - the earliest known 'teleporter', or 'three-dimensional fax machine'! Known as the 'GMT', this sensational invention was sadly, completely lost to science. However, from a combination of surviving fragments, anecdotal evidence and recently found early drawings, Medieval Collectibles has brought to you several of the Rosenstein GMT's principle devices. Medieval Collectables carries of wide variety of steampunk accessories such as shoulder bags, goggles, belt buckles and wallet chains just to name a few. Our Steampunk clothing consists of steampunk gowns, coats, T-shirts, and hats. For Steampunk jewelry we carry Steampunk watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.