The Wild West refers the western life in the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. The Wild West features all sorts of people from pioneers searching for a new life in the new land to outlaws or gunslingers taking their share of their wealth. Western people were in search of many new things in life such as land, wealth, gold and freedom. Now Medieval Collectables brings the Wild West to it's customers. Medieval Collectables carries western pistols and rifles that are authentic as possible to the originals during the Wild West. These replicas are non-fireable but do have a functional lock mechanism and moveable parts. We carry replica bullets and leather holsters to complete your gunslinger outfit. Finally to finish your Cavalry or Marshall outfit we have western badges to you can take the law in your own hands. These badges are very similiar to the ones used. All our western products are great for stage props, theaters and pretending for children and families.
Western Badges
Medieval Collectables carries a full line of authentic western badges available. Our western badges include Marshall badges, sheriff badges, ranger badges, cowboy badges, and tombstone badges. Our western badges are reproduced from existing originals in museums and private collections. The badges of the Old West are crafted in silver-plated solid brass with sturdily-mounted pin fasteners. These western badges are great for pretend for children, stage props or giving your movie that western feel.
Western Hats
These quality leather Western hats are great for finishing up your cowboy outfit or used as a stage prop or play. Our Western hats comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Medieval Collectables has cowboy hats that have a western style with a braided leather band around the base of the hat. Our western hats are great for an outlaw costumes for that Western party or re-enactment. Get your Western hats, Cowboy hats and Western leather hats from Medieval Collectables at an affordable price.
Western Holsters
Medieval Collectables carries a wide selection of quality western leather gun holsters, cowboy holsters and western gun belts. Our Western gun holsters are great for re-enactments, stage props, role-playing, cowboy shootouts or just carrying around your pistol. Our western gun belts come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. We have left draw holsters, right draw holsters, and double holsters. No Western Cowboy should be without one of these beautiful leather holsters!
Western Pistols
Are you looking for the right Western pistol or rifle for that stage prop? Well, Medieval Collectables carries all your western pistols that you could possibly want at a discounted prices. These western pistols are authentic replicas of the orginals used back during the western times. All western pistols and revolvers have fuctional parts, but will not fire live ammuntion, making them safe for children, stage props and re-enactments. Medieval Collectables carries cavalry revolvers, cowboy revolvers, and army revolvers that are all listed in the western pistol category.
Western Rifles
Medieval Collectables carries western rifles that are authentic as the originals used during the Old West. Western rifles were very accurate and deadly from long range. Cowboys used them to fend off a large group of Native Americans or the U.S cavalry used them to pick off criminals and bank robbers at long range. These western rifles will bring back a flavor of the past to your theatre production or play.