Most of peasants during Medieval times were farmers, but a few were blacksmiths, millers, and owners of taverns. Peasants were important because they were the backbone of medieval society. Peasants worked the land leased to them by wealthy landowners of the nobility. They produced all the food in their society and paid most of the taxes. Today, Medieval Collectables brings medieval clothing and armour peasant wore during that time. Our peasant clothing is authentic to that period of time and is composed of long dresses and simple leather belts. We have peasant armor that is constructed of high grade leather armor to provide simple protection to the male peasants. The products in these categories are at a low price because peasants did not have much to spend back during the Dark Age or they just made it themselves.
Peasant Armor
Peasant back during Medieval times did not wear much armor. Peasant armor was highly unlikely, because peasants did not have much money to spend because of the high taxes they had to pay to the nobility. Most peasants used leather for armor, that were hides from farm animals such as cows or animal hides from the wilderness such as bison and deer. Animal hides were skinned and dried out by the sun and then formed into armor protection such as breastplates, arm bracers and wrist bracers.
Peasant Clothing
The clothing of the peasants were usually made of rough wool or linen. Peasant women made the clothing for the entire family from wool they spun. Men wore tunics and long stockings or leggings to keep them warm. Peasant women wore long dresses and stockings made from the course wool. During the winter months peasants would have worn sheepskin or woolen cloaks, woolen hats and mittens. Medieval Collectables carries authentic peasant clothing to give you that commoner look and feel of medieval era.