The Crusades were a series of holy wars by western Christians to recapture the Holy Land form the muslims. The Crusades were started in 1096 and ended in the late 13th century. The term "Crusade" was orginally applied to European efforts to retake from the muslims the city of Jerusalem, the place that was sacred to Christians because it was the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of men and even women, ranging from knights to peasants marched in the Crusades. After the failure of the second Crusade, men joined the military Religious order to further the crusading ideal by combining spirituality with martial ideas of knighthood and chivalry patterned after those of monasticism. The most famous groups were the knights of St. John of Jerusalem also called the Hospitalers and the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon called Templar. These orders of Crusading knights tried to mediate between the Church's concerns and the interest of princes. The Templars knights and Hospitaler knights began to gain popularity and support as they attracted men and wealth. They extende politics of Western Europe, built and fortified great castles and st on the councils of princes. Join us at Medieval Collectables and get your crusader knights clothing, Knights swords, armour, helmets and Crusader shields!
Crusader Armor
Are you looking for Crusader armor for both functionality and to provide you the best protection during the sword fight or re-enactment battle. Medieval Collectables has both functional steel crusader armor and leather crusader armor. Our Crusader Knight armor comes in breastplates, bracers, greaves, paldrons, and arm armor. Many pieces of the armor have symbols of Templar Knights cross, Hospitalers cross and the Teutonic Knights cross on them. Knight armor is one of the most popluar types of armor used in movies, used in homes, and stage fighting and reenactment.
Crusader Clothing
Crusader clothing was is composed of tunics, surcoats, and capes. The Crusaders wore surcoats to insulate their body from the heavy armour, because the heat of the sun would heat the armour and literally burn them. The Crusader surcoats also circulated air in to the knights armour being open on the bottom, something like a ventilation system. Not in most history books, Crusader Knights had so much armour that it would take forever to take it off, the tunics being opened on the bottom provided a way for a knight to relieve himself. Most of our Crusader clothing also comes with symbols of the Templer Knight, Hospitalers, and Teutonic Knights.
Crusader Daggers
A Crusader dagger or Templars dagger was typically a double edged blade that was used for stabbing or thrusting during battle. A Crusader Knight's last line of defense from an attacker was his dagger. The crusader dagger helped to defend its owner in close quarter attacks or if the Knight lost his sword. The tang of the dagger extends into the handle along the center line of the blade. Other used of the Crusader dagger were for cutting, craving, and used when eating.
Crusader Helms
Crusader helms started out as a simple cylinder with a flate top called a Great helm or a pot helm. Later the helm developed into a curved shaped that was pointed on top called a sugarloaf helm. This newly design of the knights helm deflected the blow from sword attacks and lance or spear attacks. Medieval Collectables has all types of Crusader helms like the great helm, sugarloaf helm and the bascinet. Don't forget the Crusader helm is a very important piece and functional of a knights armour.
Crusader Shields
The Crusader shield is the first line of defense that will stop most sword attacks from the enemy. The shields of the Crusades usually had the symbols and intricate designs of the group of Knights. The Templar Knights, Hospitalers, and Teutonic Knights all had some form of the cross. The cross is one of the most ancient symbols used in many religions; most notably during the Crusade was Christianity. Medieval Collectables brings you fully functional Crusader shields as well as SCA battle ready Knight Shields.
Crusader Swords
Finally we arrive to the most important piece of the Crusader Knights equipment. What good is a Knight without his or her sword? The Crusader Knights sword was his prized procession and helped him defend his beliefs. The Knights sword was hand made by a master blacksmith from high grade steel. Medieval Collectables has many fully functional and decorative Crusader swords. The functional Crusader swords are made of high carbon steel and will hold up in reenactments of the Crusades.