Pirates committed robbery at sea by capturing ships or vessels, taking their loot and then sinking the ship. The name Jolly Roger is the traditional name and symbol for European and American pirates. Most pirates during the Middle Ages were the Vikings, warriors and looters from Scandinavia. They raided coastlines, rivers and inland cities of all Western Europe for food, water, alchohol, weapons and clothing. The Captain and quartermaster were elected by the crew of the pirate ship. Most of the time, Captains were elected because they were fierce fighters whom the crew could trust. Pirates shared in whatever the seized from the plundered ships. Medieval Collectables carries all your plundering needs for reenactments and costuming needs. We have pirate clothing that comes individual pieces or complete pirate costumes. We have pirate swords, cutlasses and pirate pistols to give you the functional pirate look. Medieval Collectables even has pirate hats, tricorns and wigs to complete your pirate outfit.
Pirate clothing
Medieval Collectables has a variety of Pirate clothing for all ages. Pirate clothing includes pirate shirts, pirate pants, coats, pirate boots to complete pirate outfits. Our pirate shirts include both female and male shirts. We have buccaneer shirts and pirate blouses from all the well known pirates. Medieval Collectables carries pirate jackets, long vests, velvet coats, Captains coats and buccaneer coats. All our pirate belts are authentic to the period and made of top grain leather.
Pirate Hats and Pirate Wigs
A pirate could not be a real pirate without his hat. Medieval Collectables has many types of pirate hats and pirate wigs for that pirate costume party. Pirate hats include the typical Tricorn hat, pirate headbands, and the Skull and Crossbones pirate hat. We have pirate wigs such as the dread locks and the Caribbean pirate wig. Come look around in our pirate hats and wigs and then lets go plunder some English ships for some treasure.
Pirate Jewelry
Medieval Collectables carries all your pirate jewelry treasure you could ever want. When you are sailing the high seas make sure you have the best accessories like our pirate pendants and pirate rings. Our pendants and rings are made of quality sterling silver and will add that perfect touch to your pirate costume. Whether you are wearing them around everyday or to the Pirate Festivals, you are sure to get great compliments on these unique pieces of jewelry.
Pirate Pistols
Every Pirate needs a pistol with his trusty pirate sword to shoot his enemy in the back. Medieval Collectables carries authentic replica blunderbuss pistols in a variety of styles and finishes. These replica Pirate pistols function but the do not fire true bullets. Our Pirate pistols and blunderbusses are great to compliment your pirate costume to that Pirate party or Pirate Festival.
Pirate Swords
The Pirate always needs his trustly pirate cutlass to defend himself when fighting the English. Pirates cutlasses were weapons that intimidated the enemy as well used for combat. Pirate also used their swords to beat prisoners with the flat of the blade or force their compliance and responsiveness to interrogation. Medieval Collectables carries both functional pirate swords and decorative pirate cutlasses. We are sure you will find the right pirate sword for your pirate outfit.