Jin-Baori (Samurai Vest)Jin-Baori (Samurai Vest)
Item #MCI-2350
The Jin-Baori is an Asian inspired battle overcoat. The Jin-Baori can be worn by men or women. Whether you pair it with a Kimono and Asian style pants or wear it over a dress, it will be the focal point of your outfit.
Price: $44.00
On Sale For: $41.80
Ventilator Zombie Mace
Item #ZH-011
If you are hacking, slashing, or stabbing your way through a herd of zombies the Ventilator Zombie Mace will keep them at bay. You do not want to find yourself in a situation without this magnificent zombie slaying tool.
Price: $99.95
Tactical War Hammer
Item #UC3069
Blending breaching and defensive capabilities in a sleek design, the Tactical War Hammer is incredibly durable in its construction and features a menacing head with a broad hammer and a sharp piercing spike.
Price: $91.95
Walker Whacker
Item #ZH-013
Bust zombie skulls for hours with the Walker Whacker! The clever double headed design of this hammer, combined with your brute strength and combat skills, will become an unstoppable smasher of brains in the impending zombie apocalypse.
Price: $99.95
Scoundrel Long Pirate Vest
Item #101625
The striking Scoundrel Long Pirate Vest comes in three gorgeous color options - navy blue, purple, or black. Each version is made from rich poly-cotton brocade and sports two faux pockets with buttons on either side.
Price: $72.00
Garen Suede Vest
Item #MY100145
A fantastic addition to any period look, the Garen Suede Vest works well for the Renaissance fair and historical re-enactments. The leather vest includes eyelets beneath the shoulder cuffs for attaching sleeves if desired.
Price: $88.00