We have just about everything a Roman re-enactor could want. Medieval Collectables carries functional steel and leather Roman armor that can be used in Roman reenactments. Roman armor consist of Lorica Segmenta, muscle armor, Roman greaves and Gladiator arms. We have a wide selection of Roman clothing that includes the popular Roman tunic. Our Roman reenactment helms complete that Roman armor solider look. Looking for that perfect Roman sword? Well we have many types of Roman Swords that range from Roman Short Sword, Roman Gladius Sword, Roman Spatha sword and the Gladiator Sword. Medieval Collectables carries Roman sandals to complete and give you that Roman solider look. For Roman weapons we carry the popular Roman Pilum and to go along with the Roman sword, we now have Roman daggers. Finally we have functional Roman shields and Roman belts and Baldrics that we complement your Roman costume.
Roman Armor
Roman armor was the last line of defense against the enemy during battle. We have Roman body armor such as centurion, Lorica Segmenta and muscle armor. Loricas were used by the Roman Empire between 2nd and 3rd century AD. For leg protection we carry the Roman greaves and Gladiator greaves. Arm protection includes roman bracers and Gladiator arms. Medieval Collectables is your online source for the complete Roman Armor to give you that Roman soldier look. We carry functional Steel and leather roman armor that can be used in Roman reenactments.
Roman Clothing
We have a wide selection of Roman clothing. Our brightly colored Roman tunic copies the standard issue to the Roman legions from the days of the Republic to the end of the Empire. Worn under Roman armour or by itself, the simple lines of this tunic are classic and lend themselves to many combinations of clothing from later periods of history. Medieval Collectables has a full selection of Roman clothing including Gladiator skirts, Roman sandals, Roman Belts and Baldrics and Roman tunics.
Roman Daggers
Roman Soldiers carried roman daggers called pugio. Pugio daggers had very short but wide leaf type blade, about 7 to 11 inches long. The Roman pugio was used for stabbing and thrusting when fighting in close quarters with the enemy. When they were in close formation and the sword or spear could not be used, the Roman dagger was the next weapon of choice. Medieval Collectable's pugios are very functional and can be used in roman reenactments.
Roman Helms
A Roman soldier's helm was called a galea. A galea helm had cheek plates and a flair in the back of the helm to protect the neck area. The crest of the Roman helm was made of real plumes or horse hair and represented a ranking Roman Officer in the group. The Guals influenced the design of the Roman helm called Imperial Gallic and also introduced chainmail to the Romans. Medieval Collectables carries other types of Roman helms like the Roman crested helms, Gladiator helm, and the Greco-Roman Helm.
Roman Shields
The Roman shield was called a Scutum which is the Latin word for shield. Roman shields were used by the Roman Army to deflect missiles targeted at the soldiers, as well as protect them from the impact of hand held weapons wielded against them. As time went by Roman shields took more of an oval flat shape. Medieval Collectables carries full sized and functional Roman shields of all types. Most of our Roman shields have a boss in the center with intricate designs coming from it.
Roman Swords
The Legionaries of the Roman Empire used a short sword called a gladius sword. The primary function of the Roman sword was for thrusting and stabbing in close quarters with the enemy. Medieval Collectables has fully functional Roman swords like the Roman Gladius Sword, Gladiator Sword, Roman Short Sword, and the Spartha sword. Roman Swords can be used for Stage re-enactments, theater, or take them to a Roman event. Other Roman swords are for costume purposes and are purely for decorative use.