Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask
Item #HS-10103
Scientists will be among the first to change if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Why? Because they will study its effects and inevitably risk infection themselves. This Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask offers a twist on the traditional zombie.
Price: $17.80
Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask
Item #HS-10102
At the onset of the zombie apocalypse, zombies will look like normal people. As time wears on, the differences will become more apparent. This Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask is a middle-ground, with little decay but definite undead style.
Price: $17.80
WWZ Scientist Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10205
Named for the zombie it resembles, this WWZ Scientist Zombie Mask is a wild and hungry looking undead disguise that will allow any human to become something less - something terrifying, which feels no pain and feeds on human flesh.
Price: $33.80
Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10301
This Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask is not your average zombie mask. For one, it depicts a zombie-monster fueled by powerful feelings of hunger and wild rage, which drive it to shriek and sprint and charge.
Price: $53.80
WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10201
If you are looking to step up your zombie look, a full mask might just the way to go. This WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask offers total coverage, ensuring that from any angle, you look more like a flesh-hungry undead, rather than a human.
Price: $28.00
WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10203
This WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask looks like one undead costumer who has seen some rough times. Sunken cheeks and pale features make this zombie look like it has not fed in a while, while the feral expression only enhances its look.
Price: $29.80
WWZ Hairless Zombie MaskWWZ Hairless Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10202
Nothing is as terrifying as getting between a hungry zombie and its prey - probably because doing so makes you the next meal on the menu! And when someone wears this WWZ Hairless Zombie Mask, it is easy to look like a hungry undead.
Price: $25.80
On Sale For: $23.22
Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask
Item #HS-10101
Sometimes, zombies can seem rather docile, especially when there is no human meat wandering around. This Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask, though, reveals how aggressive and feral a zombie can become when food approaches.
Price: $17.80
Deluxe WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10302
Emaciated and just a little bit decrepit, this Deluxe WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask retains its scary look even though it looks like a zombie that has been around a while. But then again, perhaps experience is why this zombie is so terrifying.
Price: $53.80
Deluxe WWZ Zombified Paramedic Mask
Item #HS-10304
When you meet someone wearing this mask, you get wide-eyed horror, staring you in the face. This Deluxe WWZ Zombified Paramedic Mask recreates the look of a zombie from the film, allowing you to transform into a terrifying zombie.
Price: $79.80
Deluxe WWZ Zombified Scientist Mask
Item #HS-10303
This mask comes complete with a costume idea. Imagine it, a scientist, brought in to study a plague, whose careless nature causes him to become what he studies? You need only a lab coat to go with this Deluxe WWZ Zombified Scientist Mask!
Price: $53.80