Slow Talker T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3094
Why would talking to an Ent of Fangorn Forest be frustrating? Well, this Slow Talker T-Shirt tells all, as ents are a thoughtful and thorough lot who only commit to anything after full - and slow - consideration.
Price: $24.00
Gandalf T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3106
Gandalf was more than just a force for good and a powerful wizard. He was symbol and guiding light to men and his friends. In this Gandalf T-Shirt, the wizard is present in his greatest form, as he stands in defense of man against evil.
Price: $24.00
Gollum T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3099
Gollum was a hideous creature, but one not without his own motivations. This Gollum T-Shirt depicts this twisted being in his vigil as he waits and watches for the moment when he can snatch back the One Ring and keep it for all time.
Price: $24.00
Arwen T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3097
Arwen Evenstar was the daughter of Elrond and the lover of Aragorn, who would become king of Gondor and Arnor. This Arwen T-Shirt features a portrait of this elven maiden, along with the sword she wielded in defense of her people.
Price: $24.00
Frodo T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3077
In spite of all the trials and tribulations that befell every member of the Fellowship, Frodo faced the worst trial of all. This Frodo T-Shirt commemorates this noble hobbit, who bore on his shoulders the fate of the free world.
Price: $24.00
Gimli T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3068
Behold Gimli, son of Gloin. The Gimli T-Shirt is a tribute to this steadfast dwarf who accompanied Frodo to the shores of Amon Hen and stayed with Legolas and Aragorn as they resolved to rescue their friends and continue to fight.
Price: $24.00
Gandalf The White T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3101
Battling the Balrog of Moria should have killed Gandalf the Grey. In some ways, it did. But this noble wizard did not stay dead. He came back, and as this Gandalf the White T-Shirt shows, he came back stronger and purer than before.
Price: $24.00
Balrog T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3067
There is no forgetting the demon of darkness and flame that came out of the depths of Moria to haunt the fellowship as they fled from goblin hordes. Known as Durins Bane, this dark creature is represented on this Balrog T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Rohan Banner T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3092
The title of horse lord was well-earned by the men and women of Rohan, as they were among the finest riders on Middle Earth. Even their sigil, depicted on this Rohan Banner T-Shirt, featured the appearance of a great horse.
Price: $24.00
Riders Of Rohan T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3088
Rohan was a kingdom of men famed for their skills as horsemen. Depicted here on this Riders of Rohan T-Shirt are a group of riders, gathered and prepared for combat as they sit atop their steeds in full armor with weapons ready.
Price: $24.00
Women Of Middle Earth T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3084
The fellowship may have been male, but that does not mean that Middle Earth was lacking in powerful and significant women. This Women of Middle Earth T-Shirt depicts three ladies, paying homage to their beauty, grace, and power.
Price: $24.00
Tree Of Gondor T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3108
The white tree of Gondor was planted by Isildur, and as it flourished, it became a symbol of the people. Now you too, can feature the glorious symbol of Gondor and its kings when you wear this striking Tree of Gondor T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Hobbits T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3073
Hobbits are a remarkable breed, capable of moments of great gluttony, as well as acts of selflessness and courage that would shame a lesser man. Four of the most noteworthy and famous hobbits are depicted here on this Hobbits T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Aragorn T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3098
It is no surprise that this Aragorn T-Shirt depicts the ranger, Aragorn, although instead of ranger garb, he is depicted in the regalia befitting his lineage as Isildurs heir and his eventual position as the king of Gondor and Arnor.
Price: $24.00
Rohan Royalty T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3091
The culture of Rohan revered the horse, and so it makes sense that their nobility would feature countless horse designs. This Rohan Royalty T-Shirt depicts the surviving members of the royal family of Rohan, complete with horse crests.
Price: $24.00
King Of The Dead T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3103
In ages past, the Dunlendings swore to serve Isildur in the fight against Sauron, but they reneged on their oath and failed to arrive. Isildur cursed them, and they remained as they appear on this King of the Dead T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Witch King T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3102
The nine ringwraiths, known as the nazgul, were among Saurons most powerful servants. All were kings of the ancient world, but one was greater and more powerful than the rest. That nazgul is depicted here on the Witch King T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Time Of The Orc T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3104
The orcs are not exactly a pretty race or a friendly one, as can be seen on this Time of the Orc T-Shirt. In fact, they look like a rather malicious group, one that takes great pride in their war-like ways and their violent nature.
Price: $24.00
Smeagol T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3111
If Gollum was the darker half that craved the ring and lacked morals, than Smeagol was the good half, that sought acceptance and companionship. The Smeagol T-Shirt depicts the creature Gollum when his more docile personality is active.
Price: $24.00
Eye Of Sauron T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3061
There is no need to have a palantir to catch a glimpse of the all-seeing Eye of the dark lord, especially when you are wearing this Eye Sauron T-Shirt, which casts the dark lords malicious and fiery glare wherever you might wander.
Price: $24.00
Always Watching T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3090
The Always Watching T-Shirt depicts the well-known form of the Dark Lord Sauron. As the All-Seeing Eye, Sauron could see all in his domain and more, as his gaze frequently turned upon wherever he felt his ring to be.
Price: $24.00
Cave Troll T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3066
In a single moment of clumsy curiosity, the situation goes from good to bad for the Fellowship of the Ring. With a single comment Boromir, the situation gets even worse. That comment is depicted here on this simple Cave Troll T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Hand of Saruman T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3080
A white hand in the darkness might seem like a hand to reach out to, but the White Hand T-Shirt does not display a symbol of goodness and hope. Instead, it offers the symbol of the dark wizard Saruman, who serves Sauron himself.
Price: $24.00
Pretty Face T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3087
Gimli was more than a typical dwarf warrior. Gimli was oftentimes a voice of boisterous humor, even in the face of danger, offering a hint of light in dark times. This is no better represented than in this Pretty Face T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Uruk Hai T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3064
The lands of Middle Earth are filled with many mystical creatures, some benign and some malicious. The Uruk Hai T-Shirt depicts a creature that is bred for evil, having been created by Sauron and perfected by the wizard Saruman.
Price: $24.00
LOTR Logo T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3074
It is no surprise that the Lord of the Rings trilogy captured the hearts and minds of so many. This LotR Logo T-Shirt is a simple garment that features the classic Lord of the Rings logo, printed in gold on a comfortable black t-shirt.
Price: $24.00
Kings Of Old T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3082
Almost as impressive as the characters and the journey within the Lord of the Rings trilogy are its locations. This Kings of Old T-Shirt depicts the Gates of Argonath on the river Anduin, a grand monument to the sons of Elendil.
Price: $24.00
Sneaking T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3109
Gollum was not your typical footpad, but he was still a sneaky creature. The Sneak T-Shirt depicts Gollum in one such moment, as he sneaks about and hides in the darkness, illuminated only by the pale light of an unseen moon.
Price: $24.00
Legolas T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3075
Behold Legolas Greenleaf, elf prince of Mirkwood. The Legolas T-Shirt is a tribute to this loyal elf who joined the fellowship to undo a great evil and fought side by side with man, hobbit, and dwarf, forging friendships with each.
Price: $24.00
Samwise The Brave T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3110
Samwise Gamgee was a hobbit who accompanied Frodo on his mission to destroy the One Ring. He was the only one who went with Frodo into Mordor. The Samwise the Brave T-Shirt pays homage to the stout heart of this brave hobbit.
Price: $24.00
Saruman T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3086
Saruman the White was once a wise and compassionate man who led an order of wizards from his tower, Orthanc. Gradually, time and a darker influence changed him, until he became the cold, cruel man depicted on this Saruman T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
King In The Making T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3089
The rangers of the north are hardy folk, though none were as well-known as the one called Strider. Strider hid a secret, as his destiny would lead him to greater places. His greatness is immortalized in this King In The Making T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Bilbo Baggins T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3083
Frodo was not the only remarkable hobbit. His uncle and caretaker, Bilbo, was an adventurous sort who, well before his nephew traveled abroad, had his own adventures. This Bilbo Baggins T-Shirt commemorates such a free-spirited hobbit.
Price: $24.00
Destroy The Ring T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3100
This Destroy The Ring T-Shirt depicts a pivotal moment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, one that has been coming since Frodo first shouldered the burden of taking the ring to the fires of Mount Doom, where the ring was forged.
Price: $24.00
Big Sauron Head T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3072
The infamous form of the Dark Lord Sauron is the all-seeing eye of fire, as seen in the Lord of the Rings films. This is not his only form, though, with his most terrifying form depicted on this Big Sauron Head T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Gandalf The Grey T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3076
A paragon of goodness and font of advice and wisdom, Gandalf was a guide for Frodo and the Fellowship as a whole. This Gandalf the Grey T-Shirt depicts this simple wizard as he appeared before his fateful confrontation with a Balrog.
Price: $24.00
Prancing Pony Sign T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3079
The Prancing Pony was an inn in the human town of Bree, one that would have remained unknown if not for the presence of characters like Frodo, Strider, and more. This Prancing Pony T-Shirt features the inns colorful sign.
Price: $24.00
Collage Of Evil T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3071
Evil has many faces, especially in the lands of Middle Earth. On this Collage of Evil T-Shirt, you can see many gathered together, ranging from the feral glare of an orc to the cold stare of a wizard to the hollow gaze of a wraith.
Price: $24.00
The Fellowship T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3065
The hobbit, Frodo, was not alone in his journey to destroy the ring. He set out with nine companions, all with the same goal. Together, they were known as the Fellowship of the Ring, as depicted here on The Fellowship T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Middle Earth Map T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3062
The land of Middle Earth can be quite difficult to navigate, if you do not know your way. However, whenever you wear this Middle Earth Map T-Shirt, you will always have a guide as to where many of the lands of Middle Earth are located.
Price: $24.00
My Precious T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3107
No quote is quite as iconic as Gollums favored nickname for the One Ring. My Precious quickly became Gollums catchphrase, as well as a term others used for the One Ring. Now, that phrase is captured on this My Precious T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Return Of The King Poster T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3096
The first two Lord of the Rings movies were wildly successful. The third, as good as it was, had to be lamented too, as it was the last. This Return of the King Poster T-Shirt celebrates the grand end to an amazing cinematic journey.
Price: $24.00
Two Towers Poster T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3085
The first Lord of the Rings movie created a wide fan base, many of whom were left anxiously awaiting the release of the second movie. This Two Towers Poster T-Shirt recreates the look of a movie poster for fans to wear and enjoy.
Price: $24.00
Evil Rising T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3060
It seems that evil is on the prowl. At least, it will whenever you wear this Evil Rising T-Shirt, which features an impressive gathering of the greatest villains from the world of Middle Earth. This t-shirt is a licensed Lord of the Rings product.
Price: $24.00
You Shall Not Pass T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3063
This shirt depicts one of the most iconic scenes from the Fellowship of the Ring. On this You Shall Not Pass T-Shirt, a brave wizard makes a stand against a great demon of shadow and fire to save his comrades from destruction.
Price: $24.00
White Hand T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3078
The great power and evil that was the Dark Lord Sauron drew many lesser evils to his banner, although none schemed like Saruman. Those loyal to this fallen wizard bore his symbol, and, now, you can too with this White Hand T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Orcs T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3093
Orcs were one of the foulest races of Middle Earth, being cruel and wholly evil. This Orcs T-Shirt shows a bit of insight into the depths of their depravity just by giving one a closer look at an orcs features and temperament.
Price: $24.00
Lost Ring T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3081
Once upon a time, the One Ring was lost to history, fallen into a river and forgotten there for many years. This Lost Ring T-Shirt depicts the simple form of the One Ring as it lies at the bottom of a river, forgotten and waiting.
Price: $24.00
One Ring T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3069
It seems ironic that something so powerful and evil could look so simple. The One Ring T-Shirt shows a depiction of the one ring of power, forged by the Dark Lord Sauron in secret to rule over all the other great rings of power.
Price: $24.00
Frodo One Ring T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3070
It seems strange that the fate of one of the most powerful items in Middle Earth should fall onto the shoulders of one so small. The Frodo One Ring T-Shirt depicts this powerful object in the grasp of the most unlikely of owners.
Price: $24.00
The Best Dwarf T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3105
Gimli was not necessarily competitive in nature, but he did like trying to show his dwarven superiority when it came to his elf friend, Legolas. The Best Dwarf T-Shirt features Gimli with his axes and one of his memorable quotes.
Price: $24.00
Treebeard T-Shirt
Item #ZB-3095
The ents are an old race, known as tree shepherds, who possess a tree-like appearance and live in the forest. The Treebeard T-Shirt depicts the oldest of the ents in Middle Earth, who lives in Fangorn Forest near the tower Orthanc.
Price: $24.00
Frodos Cereal T-Shirt
Item #BD-1019
Delightfully depicting a Frodo Baggins and Lord of the Rings themed cereal advertisement, the Frodos Cereal T-Shirt features a comical and colorful design which is perfect for displaying your interest in this fantasy franchise.
Price: $15.50
If You Can Read This Womens LotR T-Shirt
Item #BD-1056
When you want to differentiate between the fans and the super fans, a funny t shirt is a great way to do that. For the sarcastic ladies who love Lord of the Rings, the If You Can Read This Tengwar Womens T-Shirt is perfect for you!
Price: $16.00
If You Can Read This LotR T-Shirt
Item #BD-1055
Sometimes, the clothes you wear can say a thousand words. The If You Can Read This Tengwar T-Shirt is not only a comfortable t-shirt, but a public service announcement and a hilarious way to show your love of Lord of the Rings.
Price: $16.00
Frodos Cereal Womens T-Shirt
Item #BD-1020
A spectacular addition to the attire of any fan of The Lord of the Rings books or films, the Frodos Cereal T-Shirt comically employs a Tolkien theme in an advertisement for a fake cereal made by Baggins called FRODOs.
Price: $17.50
Lord of the Rings Map of Middle Earth T-Shirt
Item #ZB-2580
The Lord of the Rings concerns many different people and places, and it takes place in a fantasy world. If you are having trouble keeping up with all the locations, let the Lord of the Rings Map of Middle Earth T-Shirt be your guide.
Price: $27.00
Green Dragon Tavern Sign T-Shirt
Item #ZB-2582
The Green Dragon Inn was a popular inn of Bywater and was frequented by Hobbits from Bywater itself and the settlement of Hobbiton. This Green Dragon Tavern Sign T-Shirt features a military green color and the sign of the inn.
Price: $27.00
Map of Middle Earth T-Shirt
Item #ZB-2572
Navigating through the land of Middle Earth can be a treacherous task if you do not know your way. However, when you wear this Map of Middle Earth T-Shirt, you will have no problems locating the many intriguing lands of Middle Earth.
Price: $33.30
Lord of the Rings Journey T-Shirt
Item #ZB-2577
The Fellowship of the Ring was formed as a brotherhood among members of the various Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Pay homage to the nine-member Fellowship fashioned in Rivendell, by wearing this Lord of the Rings Journey T-Shirt.
Price: $27.00