Viking Helmets and Norman Helmets from Medieval Collectables

When Viking helmets are mentioned, the thought of a fantasy style helmet with wings or horns comes to mind. While we do offer those types of Viking helmets, we also offer the historically accurate versions of Viking helmets which feature hinged cheek plates, nasal guards and simple lines. Not all Viking helmets or Norse Helmets have cheek plates, some are without. Our Norman Helmets usually have a conical shape to them while the Viking styles are more rounded on the top. Our Viking helmets and Norman Helmets are fully functional and full size, making them great for re-enacting or SCA combat.
Embossed Viking Helmet
Item #300386
This new helmet is rich with deeply embossed Celtic knotwork detail across and around the crown and on the nose guard. Raised traditional dog designs embellish the hinged cheek plates for that added touch of detail.
Price: $235.00
Valsgarde Helmet
Item #AB0523
Valsgarde is one of the oldest known excavation sites in Sweden. Containing an untold amount of treasures from the last two millenniums, there is no way to measure its importance. This helm is estimated to be from the 8th century.
Price: $285.00
Anglo-Saxon Helmet
Item #ED8220
This historical Anglo-Saxon Helmet style dates back to the 6th Century! Our Anglo-Saxon Helmet dates later into the century and is handcrafted by skilled armorers from 18 gauge steel, with brass accents to emulate the original.
Price: $160.60
Viking Wolf Helmet
Item #AH-6770
Vikings and other Norse warriors were well-known for their attempt to emulate the fury and prowess of animals, and this Viking Wolf Helmet is likely an attempt to channel the power of the wild wolf, creating a warrior blessed by Odin.
Price: $198.00
Viking Winged Helm
Item #ED2500
You will swear you found a long lost artifact from a real Viking stronghold as you relive the life of a conquering Viking warrior with this 14 gauge helmet with cheek plates. It offers authentic style and real protection!
Price: $265.05
Epic Norman Nasal HelmetEpic Norman Nasal Helmet
Item #MCI-2418
The Epic Norman Nasal Helmet follows the traditional design of a helm used throughout Western Europe from the Early Middle Ages and beyond. Become a warrior under the command of William the Conqueror with this helm guarding your brow.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $71.25
Coppergate Helmet
Item #AB0521
The Coppergate Helmet was recovered during excavations in the ancient city of York in 1982. The Anglo-Saxon helm is of archeological importance. The inscription on the crest is an invocation for protection from the helmets owner.
Price: $350.00
6th Century Sutton Hoo Viking King Helmet
Item #ED8141
The design of the fine Viking helm is based on fragments found at ancient Viking burial sites. The Sutton Hoo Viking King Helm is full sized and wearable. This Viking helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel featuring brass accents.
Price: $178.60
Gjermundbu Helmet
Item #AB0483
This helmet provides one of the most period accurate pieces for Viking re-enactors. Made of 14 Gauge Steel, it will stand up to anything thrown at it. It is a replica of an original found at Gjermundbu Village in Norway.
Price: $165.00
Norman Nasal HelmetNorman Nasal Helmet
Item #MCI-2423
Nothing beats a classic Norman Nasal Helmet when it comes to a classic Viking look. This helmet features a shiny metal finish that makes the helmet all but gleam in the light, while retaining the classic look of a Norman helm.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $71.25
Vendel Viking Helm
Item #300456
From the chaotic time of the Dark Ages comes this magnificent helmet worn by the elite mounted troops of the Slavic princedoms. The Vendel Viking Helm allows you to armor yourself like a true warrior.
Price: $395.00
Gjermundbu Helmet with Aventail
Item #AB3951
If you are looking for a Viking helmet to wear for your reenactment, then you may wish to consider wearing this Gjermundbu Helmet with Aventail. Not only is it highly protective, but it is also a historically accurate Viking helmet.
Price: $175.00
Spangenhelm with Medium Flare Nasal Guard
Item #AB0399
Conical helmets made up from separate metal plates 'spangen' held together and reinforced with metal banding and rivets were in use as early as the 6th century and continued to be used in various forms as late as the 15th century.
Price: $139.00
Camail Viking Helmet
Item #ED8134
This skillfully hand-crafted pre-13th century helm gets the name Camail from the meaning curtain-mail, in which a protective curtain of chainmail is hung from the helm. Our wearable historical life size helm is made of 18 gauge steel.
Price: $176.70
Nasal Helmet
Item #AB3068
This Nasal helmet features a reinforced 10 gauge nasal and is leather lined with a chin strap. The rest of the helmet is made in 16 gauge steel and is ready for use. The Nasal Helmet is somewhat lightweight and great for reenactments.
Price: $129.00
Norman Nasal Helm
Item #ED8122
This skillfully handcrafted Norman helm is a wonderful example of the style worn by the Norman knights of the 11th century. This fully wearable life size helm is made of 18 gauge steel and will ignite the spirit of the age in you.
Price: $153.90
Norman Viking Helm
Item #ED8136
This wearable Norman helm is a functional and skillfully handcrafted, once being used during the 11th and 12th century. This helm style was worn by the Vikings and Norman knights, and it comes complete with leather chin strap.
Price: $150.10
Phrygian Nasal Helmet
Item #AB0459
The Nasal Helm was originally designed in the early 9th century, but soon evolved into its own. It was the most plentiful helmet used in the early middle ages, and was used well into the late middle ages as well.
Price: $139.00
Sutton Hoo Deluxe Helmet
Item #AH-3802N
This helmet is a stunning recreation of one found in a burial at Sutton Hoo in England. Named after where it was found, this Sutton Hoo Deluxe Helmet is an intricate piece of armor that features decorations worthy of a king.
Price: $400.00
Viking Helmet
Item #ED8135
This Viking Helmet is a wearable historical size helm that is made of 18 gauge steel. The Viking helmet would make a great addition to your medieval helmet collection or wear out on the battlefield during a medieval reenactment.
Price: $128.00
14 Gauge Steel Norman Helmet
Item #DS-1713
This style of helmet was commonly used from the 6th to the 12th century, due in part to its effective and straight-forward nature. That makes helmets like this 14 Gauge Steel Norman Helmet quite iconic, and instantly recognizable, too.
Price: $275.00
Viking Spangenhelm - Dark Metal FinishViking Spangenhelm - Dark Metal Finish
Item #MCI-2432
The Vikings were not always known for the flashiest of helmets, but they frequently wore some of the most effective for their period. This Viking Spangenhelm - Dark Metal Finish recreates one such helmet for the modern-day warrior.
Price: $88.00
On Sale For: $83.60
14 Gauge Steel Viking Helmet
Item #DS-1703
The Vikings were walking proof that you did not need to have an overly complex helmet to keep your head safe. This 14 Gauge Steel Viking Helmet is a modern-day reproduction of the same helm that Viking warriors would have favored.
Price: $275.00
Viking Spectacle Helmet
Item #AB1544
The Vikings were a group of warriors whose helmets could be truly varied. Some were simple, some were not. This Viking Spectacle Helmet falls into the latter category, combining several features into an impressive, protective headgear.
Price: $109.00
Sutton Hoo Helmet
Item #AH-3802
This impressive piece is modeled after a helmet found in a burial site at Sutton Hoo, in England. Deriving its name from where it was found, the Sutton Hoo Helmet is an example of how elaborate and imposing Viking helms could be.
Price: $99.00
Viking Horn Helmet
Item #AH-3807
A horned helmet is an iconic representation of a typical Viking and his headgear. And this Viking Horned Helmet would have fitted a Viking perfectly, featuring a simple, protective style that features large horns adorning its sides.
Price: $95.00
St. Wenceslas Helmet
Item #AH-6733S
Named after a Saint Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia, this helmet is modeled after the one he wore when he defended Bohemia against the Mongol armies. That is very likely as this St. Wenceslas Helmet is simple and yet ruggedly effective.
Price: $135.00
Gjermundbu Helmet
Item #AH-6739
This impressive helmet is modeled after an artifact that was attributed to actual Viking use. Found in Gjermundbu, Norway, the design is recreated and slightly modified to create this wicked looking, Viking Gjermundbu Helmet.
Price: $216.00
Furdess Helmet
Item #AH-6742
Just like other cultures throughout the middle ages, Viking helmets could vary. This Furdess Helmet is a variation of the typical Viking helm that trades in an open design and mail drapes in favor of greater facial protection.
Price: $203.00
Viking Spangenhelm - SteelViking Spangenhelm - Steel
Item #MCI-2433
The Vikings weren't always known for the showiest of helmets, but they frequently wore some of the most effective for their period. This Viking Spangenhelm - Steel recreates one such helmet for the modern-day warrior to wear.
Price: $81.00
On Sale For: $76.95
Norman Knight Helmet
Item #AH-6312
Wearing this Norman Knight Helmet, you will have quite the impressive silhouette. This helmets design differs from the typical helmets that Norman foot soldiers would have favored, making the elite warriors instantly recognizable.
Price: $131.00
Deluxe Coppergate Helm
Item #AH-6730
The original Coppergate Helmet, also known as the York Helmet, is one of only four Anglo-Saxon helmets discovered to date. Now, you can own an impressive reproduction of that remarkable piece, as this Deluxe Coppergate Helm.
Price: $261.00
Economy Norman Helm
Item #AH-H016
The Economy Norman Helmet carries the name of those who commonly favored this design. It was favored for a reason, as its shape creates an effective design that works well at keeping a warriors head safe and protected during battle.
Price: $125.00
Single Reinforced Nasal Helmet
Item #AH-6735
Sometimes it is the simple solutions that work the best. This Single Reinforced Nasal Helmet looks like a simple helmet, and that is the truth. But this simple helmet is also based on a design that is highly effective and protective.
Price: $90.00
Spangehelm Nasal Helmet
Item #AH-6737
You almost could not ask for a more effective Norman or Viking helm than this Spangehelm Nasal Helmet. Historically, this was a helm worn by common soldiers and elite warriors alike, if only for the helms incredibly efficient design.
Price: $99.00
Spectacle Helmet
Item #AH-6741
This is definitely one of the most heavy-duty Viking helmets that can be effectively used in combat. This Spectacle Helmet has taken a few features from an authentic Viking helmet and perfected them in this effective piece of armor.
Price: $203.00
Viking Mask HelmetViking Mask Helmet
Item #MCI-3034
Traveling from a distant land, a group of ancient warriors came to claim goods and supplies for their people. Easily step into character with the traditional Viking Mask Helmet, and prepare to conquer the rest of the world.
Price: $81.00
On Sale For: $76.95
Gjermundbu Spectacle Helmet
Item #AH-6734
Patterned after a 9th century helmet found in Norway, the Gjermundbu Spectacle Helmet is an impressive Viking helmet. In many ways, it is a typical Norman helmet that has evolved and taken on a few of the Vikings intimidating traits.
Price: $143.00
Nasal Helmet
Item #AH-6740
There is a reason why this Norman helmet saw wide-spread use over the course of history. The Nasal Helmet might look simple, but it is that simplicity that makes this helmet so effective, as it offers great protection at little cost.
Price: $203.00
Wenceslas Helmet
Item #AH-6733
Named after a Saint Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia, this helmet is modeled after the one he wore when he defended Bohemia against the Mongol armies. That is very likely as this Wenceslas Helmet is simple and yet reliably effective.
Price: $90.00
Viking Dragon Helm
Item #AH-5501
The Celtic culture has taken several influences from Norse mythos and the culture as a whole. With recognizable symbols, the Viking Dragon Helm combines these two worlds in a helmet fit for a Norse warrior of mythic proportions.
Price: $293.00
Early Crusader Trefoil Nasal Helmet
Item #AH-6736
The Norman style of helm was so effective that it was used up until the 10th century, during the crusades. This Early Crusader Trefoil Nasal Helmet is, in virtually all ways, a classic Norman helm that features more decoration.
Price: $135.00
Norman Pieced Spangehelm
Item #AH-6731
Not only is this Norman Pieced Spangehelm a nice looking piece, but it is also historically accurate, having been worn by the Normans during their conquest of England. Other cultures also used this helm, thanks to its effective design.
Price: $90.00
Nasal Helm with Tail
Item #AH-5502
Because Vikings are known as barbaric warriors, one may not know that their armor was often adorned with symbols and other decorations. With eye catching details, the Nasal Helm with Tail shows that is certainly not the case.
Price: $293.00
Odomar Viking Leather Helmet
Item #RT-249
Sharp war cries offer a terrifying warning, as the seafaring raiders reach the shore. Behind the ocular mask of the Viking Leather Helmet, fierce eyes reveal the determination of the Norse warrior boldly leading the way to battle.
Price: $235.00
Steel Eindal Norman Helmet
Item #MY100081
Modeled on the historical helmet style popular among the Norman peoples of Northern Europe during the Middle Ages, the Steel Eindal Norman Helmet features a conical shape as well as a distinctive nose guard riveted to the forehead.
Price: $55.00
Blackened Eindal Norman Helmet
Item #MY100082
Modeled on the historical helmet style popular among the Norman peoples of Northern Europe during the Middle Ages, the Blackened Eindal Norman Helmet features a conical shape and a distinctive nose guard riveted to the forehead.
Price: $66.00
Norman Spangenhelm
Item #300455
The quintessential medieval helmet, the Norman Spangenhelm will complete almost any medieval soldier look with its open face and nose guard, and with its tough black lining its no chore to wear either.
Price: $185.00
Spangenhelm with Face Guard
Item #MHR-H0923
Protect both the top of your head and your face using the Spangenhelm with Face Guard. This historic helmet shape utilizes riveted segments and strips to create its round look while the face guard provides additional defense.
Price: $169.00
Norman Man-at-Arms Helm
Item #300482
Based on a helmet style popular in the middle ages for its increased ability to protect the face, the Norman Man-at-Arms Helm displays a conical shape with a strip of metal that extends down the center of the front as a nose guard.
Price: $175.00
Saint Wenceslaus CabassetSaint Wenceslaus Cabasset
Item #MH-H0934
The Saint Wenceslaus Cabasset features a sleek construction. The top portion is smooth and rounded, seemingly seamless, and ends in a slight point. A ridged nasal is riveted to the front of this helmet for nose protection.
Price: $108.00
Sanguessa Cabasset with Face Guard
Item #MH-H0916
With its large eye holes, the Sanguessa Cabasset with Face Guard is a helmet that allows increased visibility. The cap of the helmet features the distinct rounded shape from which it takes its name, reminiscent of the top of a pear.
Price: $135.00
Steel Spangenhelm
Item #MH-H0859
The spangenhelm was a popular helmet choice in the Middle Ages, and this Steel Spangenhelm embodies the style well. Made up of 16 gauge steel segments joined by 17 gauge steel riveted strips, it also features a nose guard.
Price: $98.00
Viking Helmet with Leather HornsViking Helmet with Leather Horns
Item #ZS-910947
The longship glides stealthily through the bay. Without a sound, the Viking raiders make their way on shore. Armed with battle-axes and clad in armour, such as the Viking Helmet with Leather Horns, they unleash a surprise attack.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $58.50
Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet
Item #MY100611
As the time for battle inevitably draws nigh, you place the Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet onto your head. Made of steel, the rounded skull cap protects your head while the attached face panel guards your eyes, still allowing sight.
Price: $77.00
Alwin Steel Bascinet
Item #MY100591
For your next knightly excursion, top off your armoured look with the Alwin Steel Bascinet. This handmade steel helmet covers your head as well as your neck with its attached chainmail neck curtain, called a camail or aventail.
Price: $165.00
Einar Steel Viking Helmet
Item #MY100607
The Einar Steel Viking Helmet bears a name with intriguing connections to the einherjar, Norse warriors brought to Valhalla after valiant death in battle. This steel helmet features a face plate inspired by historic Viking styles.
Price: $88.00
Harald Steel Helmet
Item #MY100617
Hailing from the age of Crusaders, the Harald Steel Helmet presents a unique take on the classic, rounded spangenhelm design popular throughout the Middle Ages. Its attached full face mask provides fantastic front protection.
Price: $121.00
Thore Steel Nasal Helmet
Item #MY100668
Prove your thunderous might when you step onto the battlefield wearing the Thore Steel Nasal Helmet. Inspired by early medieval designs, this handmade steel helmet sports riveted strips across its skull in classic spangenhelm form.
Price: $77.00
Blacwin Steel Norman Helmet
Item #MY100496
The Tapestry of Bayeux depicts the knights and guardsman of William the Conqueror. On their heads rest Spangenhelms similar to the Blacwin Steel Norman Helmet, a perfect fit for those who wish to reenact the Battle of Hastings.
Price: $77.00