Witch Wishing Trinket Box
Item #060-2291
Even with all their magic, witches don't always get their wishes. That's why this Witch Wishing Trinket Box depicts a little witch as she sits atop a mystical box, peering into her crystal ball to see how she might achieve her own wishes.
Price: $12.00
Owl and Pentacle Box
Item #CC9816
Owls are symbolic of wisdom, and in some portrayals, are among the most bookish of the birds, preferring thought and written words. This Owl and Pentacle Box puts an owl into a library, while including a touch of the mystic, too.
Price: $10.00
Raven and Pentacle Box
Item #CC9815
Ravens are said to be among the smartest of birds, making a raven the ideal companion for a witch or wizard! This Raven and Pentacle Box depicts a bird under mystical circumstances, as it perches atop a tome in an ancient collection.
Price: $12.00
Cat On 3 Drawer Box
Item #060-2038
It's not often that you encounter a box that looks as unique as the Cat on 3 Drawer Box. Strangely enough, the design isn't what makes this box wholly unique, although it contributes, what really sets this box apart is that it looks like a dresser.
Price: $32.00
Magical Cat Box
Item #060-1945
While the black cat is traditionally associated with witchcraft and magic, it is not usually pictured quite like this. Instead of serving a witch, this cat has taken up magic itself, creating the Magical Cat Box.
Price: $19.00
Dream Book BoxDream Book Box
Item #CC10387
Keeping a record of your dreams can be a great way to learn to remember them after waking, and this box provides an excellent place to store your notes. The Dream Book Box features a blue background with silver designs around the edges.
Price: $19.00
Pentagram and Black Cat Tile Box
Item #CC9813
A warding on a trinket box never hurt anything, now did it? Especially not when the warding looks this good! The Pentagram and Black Cat Tile Box tops a trinket box with a warded tile that happens to feature a fine design, too.
Price: $14.00
Spells Book Box
Item #CC10388
Those who seek to uncover the mysteries of the universe may find that this decorative box appeals to them. The Spells Book Box takes on the appearance of a spellbook with a gleaming golden pentacle centered on the front of the box.
Price: $19.00
Witching Hour Book Box
Item #CC10381
The mysterious period in the late hours of the night hosts many strange creatures and events that would not happen in the light of day. The Witching Hour Book Box depicts the image of a black cat lying on several books.
Price: $19.00
Witch's Cauldron Trinket Box
Item #060-2373
You never know what you might find beneath the lid of a witchs cauldron. This Witchs Cauldron Trinket Box is a perfect and bewitching accessory to have around the house that you can use to store away all your trinkets!
Price: $16.00
Wild One Book Box
Item #CC10386
The wolf is a powerful symbol to represent freedom and following the instincts that rise up within you. The Wild One Book Box features the head of a wolf across its front, framing it within a six-pointed compass rose.
Price: $19.00
Bewitched Trinket Box
Item #CC10623
The light of the full moon illuminates the curious scene presented on the top of this charming keepsake box. The Bewitched Trinket Box depicts a black cat staring out at you as it sits behind a glowing magical text.
Price: $10.00
Talisman Book Box
Item #CC10384
Many people attempt to study the mysteries of the universe until late into the night, deeply buried in their research. The Talisman Book Box features a raven holding a pentacle necklace in its beak, resting beside thick books.
Price: $19.00
Lisa Parker Quiet Reflections Mirror Box
Item #060-2521
Depicting the breathtaking scene of a lone wolf gazing into the serene waters of a lake in the moonlight, the Lisa Parker Quiet Reflections Mirror Box is a marvelous piece of home decor for displaying your love of wildlife.
Price: $14.00
Witching Hour Tarot Box
Item #CC10124
The mysterious time following midnight belongs to the beings of darkness and their peculiar habits. The Witching Hour Tarot Box shows a black cat resting on several thick books as it stares at a flickering candle.
Price: $12.00
Fortune Teller Book Box
Item #CC10382
The events of the future always remain uncertain, though many people have attempted to divine what is in store. The Fortune Teller Book Box features a study showing a tabby cat resting among green, purple, and yellow books.
Price: $19.00
Witching Hour Box with Mirror
Item #CC10123
Strange beings awaken during the night, no more so than at that peculiar time following the stroke of midnight. The Witching Hour Box with Mirror shows a black cat resting on several thick books as it stares at a flickering candle.
Price: $10.00
Lisa Parker Sacred One Unicorn Mirror Box
Item #060-2523
Delightfully displaying the artwork of the famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker, the Lisa Parker Sacred One Unicorn Mirror Box brings fantasy into reality with its incredibly realistic depiction of a majestic unicorn.
Price: $14.00
Spell Keeper Book Box
Item #CC10385
The watches of the night pass quickly to those who spend their dark hours studying the mysteries of the universe. The Spell Keeper Book Box features on owl perched on a blue crystal ball with a pentacle in its claws.
Price: $19.00
Black Cat with Pentagram Trinket Box
Item #CC10673
Featuring a gorgeous design by Lisa Parker, the Black Cat with Pentagram Trinket Box makes a great collectible for fans of fantasy artwork. The cat sits on the pentagram design, which is joined with a crescent moon and ivy details.
Price: $10.00
Lisa Parker Witching Hour Mirror Box
Item #060-2524
Famed for her artwork involving witchcraft and wildlife, Lisa Parker has become an iconic figure in the realm of fantasy art. The Lisa Parker Witching Hour Mirror Box displays one of her more celebrated pieces on the lid of its design.
Price: $14.00
Fortune Teller Box with Mirror
Item #CC10122
Though no one knows for certain what the future holds, many have tried to discover what kind of fortune will befall them. The Fortune Teller Box with Mirror shows a tabby cat lying on top of thick books, peering at a crystal ball.
Price: $10.00
Lisa Parker Magical Owl Mirror Box
Item #060-2522
Featuring the magnificent artwork of famed fantasy artist Lisa Parker on both the lid and side of this eye catching design, the Lisa Parker Magical Owl Mirror Box is a trinket box which radiates an aura of the supernatural.
Price: $14.00
Wolf Trio Tarot Box
Item #CC11015
Much like many Wiccans, wolves also possess a mystical nature that allows them to connect to the spiritual world. Celebrate these powerful creatures and keep your deck of divination cards neat and tidy with the Wolf Trio Tarot Box.
Price: $13.00
Sterling Silver Pentagram Pill Box
Item #WH-S07037
The pentagram can symbolize many things, including the five classic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The Sterling Silver Pentagram Pill Box shows off a dramatic pentagram surrounded by intricate knotwork on its lid.
Price: $88.00
Spellbound Black Cat Tarot Box
Item #CC11016
Tarot cards are an important component for anyone who practices Wicca. Once you have found the deck you have been dreaming of, make sure to keep it protected from the elements in this eye-catching Spellbound Black Cat Tarot Box.
Price: $13.00
Bewitching Black Cat Tarot Box
Item #CC11017
Once you have found your favorite set of tarot cards, be sure to keep them safe in a box that is just as decorative as it is protective. The Bewitching Black Cat Tarot Box will keep those cards intact in style between your readings.
Price: $13.00
Pentagram Mirror Box
Item #060-2727
Store your cherished keepsakes and jewelry pieces somewhere with meaning. The Pentagram Mirror Box is a beautiful trinket box ideal for doing just that. Artistic pentagrams, Celtic knots, and leafy vines decorate its surface.
Price: $14.00
Pentagram Book Box
Item #060-2701
Store your most fascinating jewelry pieces and keepsakes in the Pentagram Book Box. This high quality cold cast resin trinket box artfully resembles an ancient tome with a beautifully intricate pentagram design decorating its cover.
Price: $20.00
Wooden Tarot Box
Item #CG7630
The lid of the Wooden Tarot Box is engraved with the word TAROT in gold lettering and displays carved designs around the edges. This handcrafted keepsake box is perfect for holding tarot cards, jewelry, and other small items.
Price: $20.00