Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons

With expert craftsmanship that is exemplary in both realistic detail and safe construction, Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing out your next sword and shield for live action roleplay. With LARP axes, maces, daggers, staves, katanas, bucklers, falcatas, claymores, and more, Forgotten Dreams draws inspiration throughout history and beyond, delving into the realms of fantasy with their Elven and Chaos LARP Collections. All weapons are made of industrial quality, shred resistant foam surrounding a fiberglass base, and the incredible shields are made of the same material as well. Every item is coated in protective latex as well as an elastic gloss finish for extra resilience, ensuring that these weapons will become trusted favorites in your live action roleplay arsenal for years to come.
Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer
Item #FD-1088
Give yourself a hand on the battlefield when you wield the Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer. This expertly crafted polyethylene foam pole weapon is unexpectedly detailed to look like a metallic fist holding a flat-headed spike.
Price: $116.97
DIY LARP Long Sword Base
Item #FD-1094
If you are dreaming of your ideal LARP sword but have not found the right one for you, try crafting your own with the DIY LARP Long Sword Base. This expertly constructed base provides a safe start for your self-customized creation.
Price: $18.51
Medieval Paladin LARP Long Sword
Item #FD-1063
In a noble golden color, the Medieval Paladin LARP Long Sword is adorned with fleur de lis details. The ideal weapon for any honorable knight, its realistic construction makes it a must have weapon for historic-themed LARP events.
Price: $77.97
DIY LARP Short Sword Base
Item #FD-1093
Craft your own blade for live action roleplay with the DIY LARP Short Sword Base. Ideal for self-customization, this base features a safe and sturdy construction, made of a high quality, closed cell foam surrounding a fiberglass core.
Price: $15.59
Chaos LARP Sword
Item #FD-1014
Every warrior needs a trusted blade, and the Chaos LARP Sword is perfect for LARPers who like weapons with a darker twist. Made of high quality foam layered over a fiberglass core, this weapon is ready for any fantasy LARP skirmish.
Price: $77.97
Imperial LARP Long Sword
Item #FD-1044
No medieval knight is truly armed without a trusty sword. The Imperial LARP Long Sword is expertly crafted and realistically colored for an authentic, medieval-inspired look any knight would be proud to wield at a LARP event.
Price: $97.47
Mercenary LARP German Messer Sword
Item #FD-1085
Take your sword game to the next level with the Mercenary LARP German Messer Sword. This unique live action roleplay weapon features characteristics of a drop point blade knife on the long blade of a historic-inspired sword.
Price: $92.60
Mercenary LARP Heater Shield
Item #FD-1081
When it comes to keeping your defense up in battle, nothing protects like a good shield. The Mercenary LARP Heater Shield, with its medieval-inspired design, is a fantastic way to guard yourself in live action roleplay combat.
Price: $136.46
Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword
Item #FD-1045
Charge into battle with the might of a medieval Crusader when you wield the Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword. A medieval cross, in realistic golden color, adorns the pommel of the weapon as a token of the ancient wars long past.
Price: $87.72
Gaelic LARP Lance
Item #FD-1035
With over six feet of length, the Gaelic LARP Lance is a formidable pole weapon to wield in any live action roleplay battle. Made of high quality foam, this historic-inspired lance is a must-have when it comes to long range combat.
Price: $155.96
Mercenary LARP Grosse Messer Sword
Item #FD-1077
Somewhere between a dagger and a sword, the Mercenary LARP Grosse Messer Sword combines elements of both in one terrific weapon. Its long blade ends in a clip point style sure to strike your opponent with fear during your next LARP battle.
Price: $112.09
Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff
Item #FD-1083
Mastering any weapon takes discipline, and the Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff is no exception. Expertly crafted, this foam LARP weapon displays a dignified, dark wood appearance and metallic coloration surrounding a fiberglass core.
Price: $126.71
Medieval Reichsritter LARP Axe
Item #FD-1065
There comes a time for even the noblest of knights to put up the sword and wield the cleaving power of a battle axe. The Medieval Reichsritter LARP Axe, made of high quality polyethylene foam, is an ideal choice for such occasions.
Price: $77.97
Mercenary LARP Targe Shield
Item #FD-1082
With its sturdy and thick polyethylene foam construction and its realistic, medieval-inspired appearance, the Mercenary LARP Targe Shield is ideal for defending yourself at your next historic-themed live action roleplay battle.
Price: $136.46
Mercenary LARP Boar Spear
Item #FD-1089
Once used to hunt wild boars in the early middle ages, the boar spear found its way onto the battlefield due to its unique and useful features. The Mercenary LARP Boar Spear is expertly detailed to resemble this historic pole weapon.
Price: $185.20
Thin Foam DIY Plate
Item #FD-1096
Ideal for adding detail to your LARP weapons and shields, the Thin Foam DIY Plate will help you take your live action roleplay gear to the next level. Its closed cell, industrial quality foam is perfect for unique self-customization.
Price: $3.89
Medieval Knight LARP Sword
Item #FD-1071
A good sword is an essential companion for any adventurous LARPer. Sure to serve its wielder well, the Medieval Knight LARP Sword features an authentic, metallic gray look. This sleek blade is made of durable polyethylene foam.
Price: $48.73
Chaos LARP Axe
Item #FD-1010
Expertly crafted to resemble the weapon of a fierce and seasoned warrior, the Chaos LARP Axe is made of thick foam with an inner fiberglass core. With careful detailing, this foam weapon is ready to brave the tides of LARP battle.
Price: $116.97
Medieval LARP Claymore
Item #FD-1048
With a blade so mighty, yet elegantly framed by the curling arms of its guard, the Medieval LARP Claymore is a live action roleplay weapon to behold. Made of high quality polyethylene foam, it is coated in latex with gloss finish.
Price: $141.33
Mercenary LARP Mace
Item #FD-1091
Deal out deft blows on the LARP battlefield with the Mercenary LARP Mace. Based on bludgeoning pole weapons from the medieval era, this latex coated foam version has been expertly constructed for use in live action roleplay combat.
Price: $87.72
Thick Foam DIY Plate
Item #FD-1095
Use the Thick Foam DIY Plate to create your own dream LARP looks. Constructed from sturdy, industrial quality closed cell foam, this crafting material can be used to decorate shields, weapons, and more in whatever way you please.
Price: $9.74
Medieval Gralsritter LARP Axe
Item #FD-1049
Expertly crafted to resemble weaponry from a time long past, the Medieval Gralsritter LARP Axe is fit for any wicked live action roleplay warrior. Atop the dark, wood-like haft sits a fiercely angled, bearded axe blade.
Price: $87.72
Medieval Hochritter Shield in Silver
Item #FD-1052
For a classic look, you can never go wrong with metallic silver. Made of high quality polyethylene foam, the Medieval Hochritter LARP Shield in Silver is a stylish and versatile defense worthy of any historic or fantasy-themed LARP event.
Price: $165.70
Gaelic LARP Claymore
Item #FD-1032
A traditional Scottish great sword, claymores are formidable weapons that typically require two hands to wield. Inspired by this late medieval blade, the Gaelic LARP Claymore features intricate, golden colored knot work designs.
Price: $136.46
Blank LARP Shield Base
Item #FD-1092
If you are looking to construct your own custom shield for live action roleplay, then the Blank LARP Shield Base is a great start. Slightly curved, this piece is made of industrial strength, closed cell foam in a versatile dark color.
Price: $34.11
Medium Foam DIY Plate
Item #FD-1097
The Medium Foam DIY Plate, made of industrial quality, closed cell foam, features a middling thickness that makes it a versatile crafting material in creating your own LARP looks or customizing pre-existing weapons, shields, and more.
Price: $6.81
Mercenary LARP War Hammer
Item #FD-1086
Inspired by medieval war hammers that weaponized the attributes of the age old crafting tool, the Mercenary LARP War Hammer is a formidable force ready to strike against your foes at your next historic live action roleplay event.
Price: $87.72
Mercenary LARP Claymore
Item #FD-1076
With its realistic coloration and details, like its angled cross guard that features metallic colored clover shapes, the Mercenary LARP Claymore is ideal for any LARPer looking to wield the might of a traditional Scottish weapon.
Price: $155.96
High Elven Black LARP Katana
Item #FD-1026
Regal and sleek, the High Elven Black LARP Katana features the appearance of a dark jewel on its hilt, surrounded by the curving, golden colored details of the guard. Above its matching pommel, the grip is wrapped in black material.
Price: $107.22
Gaelic LARP Axe
Item #FD-1031
The Gaelic LARP Axe is more than just a LARP replica of a standard woodsmans tool or of a makeshift battle bludgeon. Golden colored Celtic-inspired designs adorn the foam blade of this expertly crafted, live action roleplay weapon.
Price: $97.47
Medieval Knight LARP Long Sword
Item #FD-1072
The cool, metallic colored blade of the Medieval Knight LARP Long Sword is sure to serve you well in your next LARP battle. Made of durable, closed cell foam, this live action roleplay weapon is a ready to challenge any formidable foe.
Price: $53.60
Chaos LARP Mace
Item #FD-1016
Nothing says destruction quite like a mace, and the Chaos LARP Mace is no exception. With its expertly crafted details, this latex coated foam weapon is sure to strike your opponent with fear when you step onto the LARP battlefield.
Price: $116.97
Elven Katana LARP Sword
Item #FD-1020
Strike with the deadly elegance of a warrior elf when you wield the Elven Katana LARP Sword. Inspired by the traditional Japanese swords, this foam weapon features just enough detail to lend it a distinguished and sleek fantasy look.
Price: $87.72
High Elven Blue LARP Katana
Item #FD-1023
Embellished with the appearance of a blue jewel, the High Elven Blue LARP Katana is an elegant addition to any fantasy weapon arsenal. With its combination of traditional katana shape and elvish styling, this LARP sword is a treasure.
Price: $107.22
Medieval Reichsritter LARP Shield
Item #FD-1066
Defend your realm with a trusted shield in your hand, such as the Medieval Reichsritter LARP Shield. With a face expertly colored to resemble dark wood, this regal defense is made of high quality polyethylene foam and coated in latex.
Price: $141.33
Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer
Item #FD-1042
With the Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer in your hands, you are sure to strike terror and awe in any opponent. The wickedly grinning skulls of kings long past decorate this medieval and fantasy-inspired double-headed war hammer.
Price: $165.70
Gaelic Red LARP Shield
Item #FD-1039
Defense is essential during any LARP battle, and the Gaelic Red LARP Shield is ready to protect in authentic style. Made of polyethylene foam, this LARP shield has been expertly crafted with eye-catching and realistic details.
Price: $141.33
Gaelic LARP Dagger
Item #FD-1033
When it comes to close combat, sometimes it all comes down to the tip of your dagger. The Gaelic LARP Dagger, with curling details adorning its hilt, is an excellent choice for any LARPer looking to carry a small blade for defense.
Price: $38.98
Gaelic Double Headed LARP Axe
Item #FD-1034
For double the chopping action, go with double the axe heads. The Gaelic Double Headed LARP Axe presents an expertly crafted, dual bladed weapon ready to fight foes both left and right at your next live action roleplay event.
Price: $136.46
Ancient Roman LARP Spear
Item #FD-1009
The Ancient Roman LARP Spear, with its inner fiberglass core covered in thick foam, is made for taking charge of the battle from long range. Crafted with detail, this themed LARP weapon sports a latex coating with a gloss finish.
Price: $136.46
Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword
Item #FD-1002
Inspired by the weapons once used by Roman soldiers in close combat, the Ancient Roman LARP Short Sword appears similar to a gladius. Made of a thick, high quality foam, this LARP sword is perfect for your next themed roleplay event.
Price: $43.86
Chaos Long LARP Sword
Item #FD-1015
Stir up a bit of mayhem on the battlefield with the Chaos Long LARP Sword. Made of thick, high quality foam surrounding an inner fiberglass core, this sword is a striking way to charge into any LARP battle with dark fantasy style.
Price: $82.85
Gaelic Morfang LARP Shield
Item #FD-1038
Over a background of bright red, a golden dragon curls in an endless circle. The Gaelic Morfang LARP Shield displays this Celtic-inspired design on its front with excellent attention to detail, expertly crafted for an authentic look.
Price: $194.95
Medieval Paladin LARP Sword
Item #FD-1062
Arm yourself with the swift and graceful might of a stylish blade. The Medieval Paladin LARP Sword displays a fleur de lis at the guard of its hilt, making it an elegant and authentic-looking weapon perfect for any noble knight.
Price: $73.10
Mercenary LARP Metallic Buckler Shield
Item #FD-1090
Slightly curved to help fend off blows from various angles, the Mercenary LARP Metallic Buckler Shield is an excellent defense to add to your live action roleplay battle ensemble. It is made of sturdy, closed cell polyethylene foam.
Price: $82.85
Mercenary LARP Katzbalger
Item #FD-1084
The signature sword of Renaissance mercenaries, a katzbalger is known by its unique guard. Crafted with attention to detail and historic inspiration, the Mercenary LARP Katzbalger features a distinctive figure eight shaped guard.
Price: $92.60
Medieval Squire LARP Sword
Item #FD-1060
The sword is the iconic weapon of any knight, so the Medieval Squire LARP Sword is a must-have weapon for any budding live action roleplay hero. Designed without finesse, this basic weapon is a versatile addition to any LARP arsenal.
Price: $38.98
Chaos LARP Long Axe
Item #FD-1012
If you love the look of battle-weathered fantasy axes but want the range of a longer weapon, look no further than the Chaos LARP Long Axe. This foam, latex coated axe features a single fearsome blade at the top of an extended haft.
Price: $165.70
Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword
Item #FD-1004
For an authentic Roman soldier look, choose the Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword for your LARP character. Made of shred resistant foam, this latex-coated weapon is inspired by the short swords used in the historic days of Rome.
Price: $53.60
Elven Naginata LARP Weapon
Item #FD-1021
Inspired by the long-bladed pole arms of samurai, the Elven Naginata LARP Weapon blends the elegance and might of a traditional blade with subtle elvish styling, making it a sleek addition to the arsenal of any fantasy LARPer.
Price: $116.97
Ancient Roman LARP Shield
Item #FD-1006
Keep your guard up in battle with the Ancient Roman LARP Shield. Made of shred resistant foam and displaying a vibrant red color, this LARP shield is ideal for defending yourself during Roman-inspired live action roleplay activities.
Price: $194.95
Medieval Paladin LARP Mace
Item #FD-1064
Maces are known for their powerful, often devastating blows. The Medieval Paladin LARP Mace presents this familiar bludgeoning weapon with a touch of historic elegance. Its many flanges are shaped like metallic fleur de lis.
Price: $73.10
Medieval Knight LARP Mace
Item #FD-1073
In metallic gray reminiscent of steel, the flanges of the Medieval Knight LARP Mace threaten with their authentic-looking detail. Made of foam, this live action roleplay mace is a realistic replication of historic bludgeoning weapons.
Price: $73.10
Gaelic Skimir LARP Shield
Item #FD-1040
On a field of green, golden-colored Celtic knot work swirls and twists in an infinite pattern. The Gaelic Skimir LARP Shield handsomely displays this historic-inspired look while providing excellent defense at your next LARP event.
Price: $194.95
Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword
Item #FD-1047
Stately in design and realistic in detail, the Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword is fit for a noble knight embarking on a crusade. The golden colored pommel of this live action roleplay weapon takes the shape of a square medieval cross.
Price: $82.85
Imperial Major LARP Hammer
Item #FD-1046
Realistic enough to intimidate any foe, the Imperial Major LARP Hammer threatens of both crushing and stabbing action, A hammer and a spike adorn opposite ends of its head, decorated with a medieval, Crusader-inspired cross detail.
Price: $146.21
Ancient Falcata LARP Sword
Item #FD-1000
Based on a weapon of old once used by Carthage armies to fight the Romans, the Ancient Falcata LARP Sword is a fantastic addition to your LARP arsenal, featuring a latex coating, elastic gloss finish, and reinforced fiberglass core.
Price: $48.73
Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe
Item #FD-1011
For LARP warriors seeking a weapon as wicked and mighty as their own fighting spirit, the Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe is the perfect addition to their arsenal. Expertly detailed, this LARP weapon features two fearsome blades.
Price: $146.21
High Elven Green LARP Staff
Item #FD-1028
Perhaps the magical staff of a woodland king or the holy weapon of a forest priestess, the High Elven Green LARP Staff features a glorious, golden colored dragon wing symbol at its top, embellished by vibrant green gem-like details.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Red LARP Katana
Item #FD-1025
With the appearance of a deep red jewel embedded in its golden colored guard, the High Elven Red LARP Katana melds traditional Japanese-inspired sword design with the most elegant of fantasy aesthetics for a unique, regal look.
Price: $107.22