Hooded Huntress Tween Costume
Item #IN-18047
The Hooded Huntress Tween Costume is a mix of fantasy and history, combining elements to create the perfect look for a bold girl who does not mind taking matters into her own hands, wants to show off both skill and beauty.
Price: $32.30
Swashbucklin' Sass Tween Costume
Item #IN-18022
The Swashbucklin' Sass Tween Costume is a great costume for a preteen girl who is not only looking for a costume with the right amount of sass and character, but also a stylish costume that fulfills the desire for a pirate-themed look.
Price: $28.98
Glitzy Greek Goddess Teen Costume
Item #IN-14035
When it comes to sheer elegance and style, the Greek goddesses had it all figured out, and now, that radiant style is one you can feature, all by adding this Glitzy Greek Goddess Teen Costume to your wardrobe to wear and enjoy.
Price: $33.73
Pirate Babe Teen Costume
Item #IN-14027
Pirates have never been limited to boys, and just as some boys never grow out of their love for pirates, some girls never do, either. That makes the Pirate Babe Teen Costume great for the lass who still holds pirates near and dear.
Price: $34.20
Gypsy Teen Costume
Item #IN-14015
There is something appealing to the life of a gypsy, wandering the land, free of societal norms and the ties that bind, following only your own rules. Any teen girl can have that fantasy in the Gypsy Teen Costume.
Price: $35.63
Luv @ 1st Bite Teen Costume
Item #IN-14025
The Luv @ 1st Bite Teen Costume is a great gothic, vampire-styled costume that will not only make a statement, but also appeal to a dark, yet modern sense of style that any vampire girl would want to adhere to.
Price: $34.92
Colosseum Cutie Teen CostumeColosseum Cutie Teen Costume
Item #IN-14014
If you are woman, do they hear you roar? They do if you are a gladiator, that is for dang certain! And you can be the fiercest gladiator of them all, both powerful and stylish, in your Coliseum Cutie Teen Costume!
Price: $34.92
On Sale For: $27.00
Tween Midnight Huntress Costume
Item #IN-18071
Join the ranks of female fighters like Katniss Everdeen and Alanna of Trebond by wearing the Tween Midnight Huntress Costume. Combining fashion with protective gear, this costume ensures you will stand out in any contest!
Price: $26.60
Teen Enchanted Unicorn Costume
Item #IN-14042
Unicorns possess one of the rarest beauties in existence with their pure white coat and pearlescent horns. You can adopt the loveliness of these creatures when you wear the Teen Enchanted Unicorn Costume!
Price: $33.75
Tween Gypsy Spell Costume
Item #IN-18035
Gypsies possess an untamable spirit and a hunger for the freedom of the open road. The Tween Gypsy Spell Costume captures that wild sensibility with its bright colors and alternating patterns in this comfortable dress.
Price: $27.55
Dark Angel Teen Costume
Item #IN-14041
If there can be angels of light, then why not angels of dark? In this Dark Angel Teen Costume, any teen girl can shed her mortal shell to become a just such a rare entity, complete with great modern style and tattered wings.
Price: $35.55
Tween Pirate Sass Costume
Item #IN-18072
With their rebellious spirits, it is no wonder that pirate ladies possess raucous wit and sauciness. The red, white, and black Tween Pirate Sass Costume allows you show off your own bold sense of humor and style.
Price: $31.95
Tween Pirate Lass Costume
Item #IN-94004A
You can venture out on the high seas without fear in this daring outfit! The Tween Pirate Lass Costume makes for a comfortable and colorful ensemble that possesses swagger and style that any girl can appreciate.
Price: $22.80
Tween Glampiress Costume
Item #IN-18067
Vampires do not need magical glamour to subdue their victims when they look this good! The Tween Glampiress Costume combines its Gothic appeal with pure fashion sense to make an attractive outfit to wear in the moonlight.
Price: $28.50
Wonder Woman Teen Costume
Item #RC-886023
No Amazon warrior princess is better known than Wonder Woman, making this a great option for Halloween! The Wonder Woman Teen Costume lets you dress as a champion of justice, love, peace, and gender equality at your next party.
Price: $57.00
Tween Homecoming Horror Costume
Item #IN-18049
Some girls would kill to be known as the most beautiful. When you wear the Tween Homecoming Horror Costume, you will take the phrase Drop Dead Gorgeous to a whole other level of macabre humor.
Price: $28.98
Zombie Girl Tween Costume
Item #IN-18033
During the zombie apocalypse, the undead come in all shapes and forms, even that of little girls! Your pre-teen can transform herself into an adorable member of the walking dead with the help of the Zombie Girl Tween Costume.
Price: $22.50
Red In The Hood Tween Costume
Item #IN-18073
This Little Red Riding Hood has no need to fear any inhabitant of the dark forest with her sassy look. The Red In The Hood Tween Costume provides a modern twist on the traditional fairy tale for your pre-teen to enjoy this Halloween.
Price: $30.00
Bat Reputation Tween Costume
Item #IN-18037
Creatures of the night have never looked as good as when your pre-teen wears the Bat Reputation Tween Costume! This sassy purple bat costume allows your tween girl to look like a stylish version of the iconic nocturnal creature.
Price: $33.50
Twilight Trickster Tween Costume
Item #IN-18026
Your pre-teen will look like a true mistress of the night when she dresses up in the Twilight Trickster Tween Costume! This girls dark fantasy costume will transform any girl into a charming vampire bat for Halloween.
Price: $29.00
Vampire Slayer Tween Costume
Item #IN-18077
Who needs Buffy when you pre-teen is dressed up in the Vampire Slayer Tween Costume? Any girl can transform herself into a savvy assassin of bloodsuckers and other creatures of the night with the help of this stylish slayer ensemble.
Price: $30.00
Mysterious Mermaid Tween Costume
Item #IN-18036
Your pre-teen will be a vision of aquatic beauty when she dresses up in the Mysterious Mermaid Tween Costume! This lovely mermaid princess costume features a blue-violet mermaid print and comes with a matching headpiece.
Price: $37.50
Warrior Huntress Tween Costume
Item #IN-18086
Fear no danger when your pre-teen is dressed up in the fierce Warrior Huntress Tween Costume! This dramatic girls costume transforms her into a commanding archer and warrior ready to head into the woods or onto the battlefield.
Price: $30.00
Teen Deluxe Supergirl Costume
Item #RC-886022
A fun and flirty take on heroic style, the Teen Deluxe Supergirl Costume consists of a long sleeve, crop top shirt with an attached cape accompanied by a short red circle skirt, a golden-colored belt, and matching boot tops.
Price: $55.00
Tween Mockingjay Katniss Costume
Item #RC-620448
Young heroines can now achieve the tactical look of the brave Katniss as she appeared in the final Hunger Games film. The Tween Mockingjay Katniss Costume is an officially licensed outfit based on her all black, armoured suit.
Price: $55.00
Tween Wonder Woman Costume
Item #RC-620893
Now your budding superheroine can better emulate her favorite DC Universe character when she wears the Tween Wonder Woman Costume, inspired by the modern look the Amazonian Princess Diana debuted in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.
Price: $34.00
Teen Hal Jordan Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Item #RC-42673
Cocky test pilot Hal Jordan becomes the first Earth-born member of the Green Lantern Corps, based on the planet Oa. Your teen will love wearing the Teen Hal Jordan Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume for Halloween or any superhero event.
Price: $45.00
Tween Katniss Catching Fire Costume
Item #RC-620446
In Catching Fire, the second installment of The Hunger Games films, Katniss and Peeta compete against tributes selected from previous victors. This Tween Katniss Catching Fire Costume is based on the outfit Katniss wears in the arena.
Price: $40.00
Dark Pirate Tween Costume
Item #IN-18084
The Dark Pirate Tween Costume allows the cosplayer to heed the call of the sea along with their fashion savvy. Join fellow swashbucklers this Halloween with in a chic costume that befits a fearless adventurer of the Seven Seas.
Price: $29.00
Dark Woods Huntress Tween Costume
Item #IN-18096
An air of mystery follows the hunter as she silently glides through the forest. The unnatural gloom, which wards off others, serves as her cover. The Dark Woods Huntress Tween Costume is a stylish option when lurking in the shadows.
Price: $29.00
Wild Woods Witch Tween Costume
Item #IN-18095
For the hedge witch who makes her home in the forest, and whose dearest friend is a wise old owl, the Wild Woods Witch Tween Costume is a fun, yet chic option. This Halloween, enchant fellow partygoers with your magical charm and style.
Price: $33.00
Street Vamp Tween Costume
Item #IN-18093
Whether you are looking for a chic mini dress for a costume party, or wish to invade the scene on Hallows Eve, check out this stylish option. Add a modern touch to the role of immortal vampire with the Street Vamp Tween Costume.
Price: $32.00
Tween Steampunk Girl Costume
Item #CAL-04068
For your next high fashion steampunk soiree, dress the part of an adventurous Neo Victorian young lady. The Tween Steampunk Girl Costume will help you achieve your ideal anachronistic look with vintage inspired style and spunk.
Price: $38.00
Tween Miss Robin Hood Costume
Item #CAL-04091
Brave, cunning, and devoted to justice, transform yourself into the legendary altruistic archer when you wear the Tween Miss Robin Hood Costume. Take aim at your next costume-worthy event in this woodland green tunic-style dress.
Price: $33.00