Fairy Tables

Our fairy tables are sure to make a pleasing eye-catcher in any room it is placed. The fairy tables in this category measure between 25.75 inches and 26.5 inches tall. The bases are all made of hand painted cold cast resin. The tops are solid pieces of glass. These fairy tables are great for display and their intricate detailing make them unlike anything you have ever seen. The fairy tables have been beautifully painted and are great for everyday standard use. Place these in any room of your home and It is sure to be a big hit.
Garland Fairy Table by Sheila Wolk
Item #CC8662
The Garland Fairy Table by Sheila Wolk is a beautifully detailed fairy piece. This table base features a fairy bending over backwards, and there is a garland of butterflies surrounding her. Her torso supports the glass top.
Price: $340.00
Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table
Item #CC9963
With their jewel-bright wings, it is no wonder that butterflies occasionally mistake fairies for the flowers upon which they feed. The Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table a fairy sitting among flowers and butterflies.
Price: $360.00
Tribal Wolf Fairy End Table
Item #CC11392
Violet blooms cascade from the ancient tree that marks the path between the fantasy realm and the modern world. Admire the beautiful combination of nature and myth with the Tribal Wolf Fairy End Table to grace your surroundings.
Price: $480.00
White Dragon Fairy Table
Item #05-91999
Decorate your home with legend and fantasy with the help of this dramatic dragon accent table. The White Dragon Fairy Table depicts an elegant fairy and a gorgeous white dragon. The base of the table is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $364.00