Contact Lenses

It is sometimes the smallest personal touches that bring a costume to life. And if you are dressed to look like something that is decidedly inhuman, then replicating those inhuman features is important, down, even, to your very eyes. And to help you in that endeavor, Medieval Collectables has just the thing: contact lenses. Our contact lenses are non-prescription lenses, ensuring that so long as they are inserted into your eye properly, your vision will remain intact and functional. Many are not only aesthetically pleasing but also wicked to witness: they come in a variety of standard colors like blue, brown, yellow, pink, black, and white, as well as various designs, including cat-eye contact lenses, wolf-eye contact lenses, zombie contact lenses, demon contact lenses, orc contact lenses, magic contact lenses, and many more. And of course, we also feature the cases and solutions, to make sure that your contact lenses stay clean and secure. Try out our contact lenses today: they are great for adding a personal, finishing touch to any costume, and even better for every-day fun!
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