Fairies From The Fantasy World of Josephine Wall

The fairy statues done by fantasy artist Josephine Wall are none to pass up! These fairy statues feature incredibly intricate detailing and amazingly bright colors. The fairy statues by Josephine Wall are all hand painted and are cast in cold cast resin. Josephine Wall is a very talented painter and sculptor with influences from Arthur Rackam, Magrite, and Dali. The majority of her work contains hidden images or faces, which is now one of her many trademarks. do not believe us? Take a look at her fairy statues and you can be the judge!
Dragon Ship by Josephine Wall
Item #CC7570
The Dragon Ship Statue by Josephine Wall is greatly detailed. On a craft that is half ship and half dragon with dragon wings for sails, this girl looks forward to the many amazing lands and adventures that lie before her.
Price: $100.00
Love of Mermaid Statue by Josephine Wall
Item #CC8966
Love defies things like race, even when the difference is extreme, as is shown by this Love of Mermaid Statue by Josephine Wall. This statue depicts a touching scene between a man and his mermaid love as they dance beneath the waves.
Price: $40.00
Blue Bird Statue by Josephine Wall
Item #CC8965
This is not your average fairy in any sense of the word. Instead, the Blue Bird Statue by Josephine Wall is a bright and colorful depiction of a strange and beautiful creature that is as much a bird as it is a fairy and a girl.
Price: $30.00