Corvus Hair BandCorvus Hair Band
Item #AG-HB3
A dark raven flashes before an array of glittering crystals, amidst a luxuriant spray of black feathers. Specified crystal colors are subject to availability and may be substituted. The Corvus Hair Band would make a great gift for the gothic woman in your life.
Price: $51.75
On Sale For: $46.58
Roseus Pentagram Hair StickRoseus Pentagram Hair Stick
Item #AG-HS4
The Roseus Pentagram Hair Stick is for Alchemical perfection, particularly when it comes to beauty. The top of this hair stick is made from fine English pewter and would look stunning upon your lovely lady's head.
Price: $21.00
On Sale For: $18.90
Claddagh Hair CombCladdagh Hair Comb
Item #AG-HC3
A gothic variant of the traditional Galway symbol of eternal love, friendship, and loyalty by virtue of its heart, hand, and crown, this Claddagh Hair Comb adds in bones to bring a bit of grave style to the look too.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $36.90
Heart of the Dragon Hair CombHeart of the Dragon Hair Comb
Item #AG-HC4
The most valuable treasure for a dragon to hoard; with Swarovski crystal heart. One of the advantages of this pewter hair comb is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance; pewter does not tarnish like silver.
Price: $94.30
On Sale For: $84.87
Crystal Bat Hair ClipCrystal Bat Hair Clip
Item #AG-HH6
A symmetrical pair of bats in flight, each with Swarovski crystal-studded wings, on a durable 20 mm, black plastic sprung clip. The Crystal Bat Hair Clip would make a great gift for any friend or family member.
Price: $23.00
On Sale For: $20.70
Coeur Noir Hair SlideCoeur Noir Hair Slide
Item #AG-HH5
This pewter hair slide features an enameled black heart. The Coeur Noir Hair slide is a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for lady in your life, especially if she loves to add gothic accents to her everyday look.
Price: $29.90
On Sale For: $26.91
Darkling Bat Hair SlideDarkling Bat Hair Slide
Item #AG-HH1
The Darkling Bat Hair Slide is a beautifully detailed hair piece made from fine English pewter. It shows off the shape of a bat, adding a touch of gothic and vampiric style that can easily be added to any ladies appearance.
Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $23.40
Raven Bat HairstickRaven Bat Hairstick
Item #AG-HS6
A magnificent gothic peacocks display of black feathers and beads, set-off with a gracefully modeled bat. The Raven Bat Hair Stick would make a great hair piece to give to that special someone in your life.
Price: $32.20
On Sale For: $28.98
Crystal Dragon Hair StickCrystal Dragon Hair Stick
Item #AG-HS5
An elegantly writhing dragon of iniquity surrounding a crystal earth, this hair accent is a perfect way to add gothic and fantasy appeal to any look. The Crystal Dragon Hair Stick would make a great gift for the woman in your life.
Price: $23.00
On Sale For: $20.70
Om Strygia Hair CombOm Strygia Hair Comb
Item #AG-HC5
The Om Strygia could almost be a simple hair comb, if it were not for the Balkan vampire bat resting across the top of it. This makes it an accessory more suited for those with gothic interests and a darker style.
Price: $40.25
On Sale For: $36.23
Chrysler Bat Hair CombChrysler Bat Hair Comb
Item #AG-HC6
Does this attractive and stunning hair clip remind anyone of the Chrysler Building? It should, because the Chrysler Bat Hair Comb is not only named after the building, but also features the same art deco style seen in the Chrysler Building's spire.
Price: $80.50
On Sale For: $72.45
Memling Skull Dress PinsMemling Skull Dress Pins
Item #AG-DP1
Do you ever feel like adding your own gothic touches to your attire? If so, perhaps you ought to pick up a few of these Memling Skull Dress Pins, which make adding a bit of great gothic style to your look as easy as one, two, three!
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $17.10
Black Dahlia Hair ClipBlack Dahlia Hair Clip
Item #AG-HC7
Literal in its design, this Black Dahlia Hair Clip borrows the name given to gruesome unsolved murders of 1947 California. This gothic accessory features a floral appeal that is mixed with mortal remains in a gothic, elegant fashion.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set
Item #AG-ABR1
These gothic beads are essential regalia for the well-appointed mute and pagan mourner. The Gothic Funereal Hair Beads Set includes three pewter beads that can be worn by stringing them along sections of hair or in a beard.
Price: $20.00
Retro Satin Polka Dot Bow Hairclips
Item #PH-1140
Create a fantastic vintage ensemble when you pair these charming hair bows with a polka dotted dress or skirt! The Retro Satin Polka Dot Bow Hairclips make a great accessory for a flattering, feminine appearance.
Price: $7.50
Pewter Skully Hair Pin
Item #AG-HG1S
This boneheaded, hollow-eyed simpleton stares into the face of convention and confounded any curious onlookers. The Pewter Skully Hair Pin displays this human skull ornament on the end of a standard metallic bobby pin.
Price: $7.00
Large Satin Bow Hairclip
Item #PH-1139
Whether you prefer to put up your hair in an intricate style or let it flow freely, you can enjoy the way this bow accessorizes your hairdo. The Large Satin Bow Hairclip looks excellent with spring or summer dresses and ensembles.
Price: $7.50
Vintage Net and Feather Hair Comb
Item #PH-1154
Vintage fashion revitalizes flattering styles of the past for new life in modern attire. Accessorize your favorite formal outfits with the charming Vintage Net and Feather Hair Comb, which gives your look a distinctively retro flair.
Price: $27.50
Black Skully Hair Pin
Item #AG-HG1B
This boneheaded, hollow-eyed simpleton stares into the face of convention and confounded any curious onlookers. The Black Skully Hair Pin displays this human skull ornament on the end of a standard black bobby pin.
Price: $7.00
Serpents Eye Hair Barrette
Item #AG-HH8
Formed into a loose version of the triskelion symbol from ancient Celtic tradition, the three serpents of the Serpents Eye Hair Barrette are infused with sacred healing powers and guard the wearer against the evil eye.
Price: $29.00
Get a Grip Barrette
Item #AG-HH9
A fun way to show your darker style preferences, the Get a Grip Barrette makes a functional and fashionable gothic accessory. The gothic hair clip displays a bony, skeletal hand over the back of a sprung steel hair clip.
Price: $27.00
Black Raven Hair Clip
Item #AG-HH10
Scavengers of the battlefield dead, ravens have served as harbingers and omens of the future since ancient times. The birds symbolize knowledge and intuition, making the Black Raven Hair Clip a meaningful accent for any look.
Price: $24.00