Costume Masks

Medieval Collectables carries quality latex masks that are great for Halloween, parties, LARP events or roleplaying. We carry several medieval and renaissance latex masks at affordable prices. We have latex masks that are licensed from blockbuster movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. All our latex Halloween masks are one size fits all. Some of our Halloween masks are on closeout so make sure you do not wait because once they are gone we can no longer get them.
LOTR Mask of the Witch King
Item #RC-4178
The Witch King was Saurons greatest servant. For those of you who yearn for the darkness, now you can become that legendary figure just by donning this impressive LOTR Mask of the Witch King to give yourself a suitably dark facade.
Price: $51.30
Crow Skull Mask
Item #HS-26345
One has to wonder at the size of a bird that could leave behind a skull this big. The Crow Skull Mask is a large mask that mimics the appearance of a bird skull. The end result is an impressive thing that virtually speaks for itself.
Price: $29.80
LOTR Moria Orc Mask
Item #RC-4120
The orcs of Moria were a force not to be underestimated, as they had numbers on their side, as well as a ferocity and a sinister strength that could not be questioned. With this LOTR Moria Orc Mask, you can join their ranks with ease.
Price: $51.30
Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard from World of WarcraftOrc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard from World of Warcraft
Item #RC-68217
Our Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard is licensed from the popular game World of Warcraft. This Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard will make you look and feel just like an Orc! The Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard comes as it is shown.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Mouth Moving Skull Mask
Item #HS-27409
In the Mouth Moving Skull Mask, you will look like a classic human skull that features a time-weathered appearance. In this two-piece mask, when your mouth moves, the jaw of the skull moves too, making this an eerie yet impressive piece.
Price: $13.80
Kalifax MaskKalifax Mask
Item #HS-26341
The Kalifax Mask might not speak any evil, but that does not stop it from looking sinister and fiendish! What this mask lacks in a mouth, it more than makes up for with its startlingly inhuman form and its impressive detailing.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
LOTR Gollum Mask
Item #RC-50626
It is hard to decide if Gollum is a true villain or just a sad creature, twisted and corrupted by an evil artifact. Placed into this creatures shoes, he may be easier to understand, and that is where this LOTR Gollum Mask comes in.
Price: $45.60
Green Santa Mask
Item #HS-26128
You are a mean one, Mr... Oh wait, wrong guy. Although there is an almost uncanny resemblance between the Green Santa Mask and a certain green holiday-stealing figure. This mask has the look of a mean old monster.
Price: $53.80
Evil Corn Mask
Item #HS-26340
Once upon a time, there was an outcry against high fructose corn syrup. Some thought nothing of it. Those people were wrong. The Evil Corn Mask shows that there is an evil to corn that mankind has only barely begun to experience.
Price: $55.80
LOTR Orc Overseer MaskLOTR Orc Overseer Mask
Item #RC-4121
In the lands of Middle Earth, orcs are often perceived as feral and unintelligent. As wild as they are, some orcs understood that organization could be useful. If you are such individual, then this Orc Overseer Mask is the one for you!
Price: $51.30
On Sale For: $45.00
LOTR Lurtz Mask
Item #RC-4119
The fighting Uruk-hai were a terrifying force to behold, but none were quite so fearsome as their first leader, Lurtz. His ferocity is apparent for all to see whenever you wear this LOTR Lurtz Mask, which recreates his snarling face.
Price: $51.30
Brown Were-Rat MaskBrown Were-Rat Mask
Item #MCI-2979
Lycanthropy does not just turn people into wolf-monsters. Sometimes, it turns them into other hybrids, too. Among those fearsome and frightening creatures is the were-rat, which you can become by putting on this Brown Were-Rat Mask!
Price: $82.00
On Sale For: $77.90
Evil Half MaskEvil Half Mask
Item #HS-25002
This Evil Half Mask is a great accessory to add an impressive touch of diabolical style to any costume or look. Just like a masquerade mask, this mask covers only the upper half of the face and gives the wearer a pair of devilish horns.
Price: $7.98
On Sale For: $7.18
Mad Goblin Mask
Item #HS-26352
Mad Hatter, meet a goblin. Goblin, meet the Mad Hatter. Looking for all the world like a devious goblinoid leprechaun, the Mad Goblin Mask depicts a green-skinned creature with a broad smile, wearing a simple yet elegant black top hat.
Price: $37.00
Siamese Mask
Item #HS-26358
For a double dose of horror, take a look at the Siamese Mask. Traditionally, Siamese twins are born fused together. This mask depicts two pour souls who have been fused together at the face, with horrifying consequences.
Price: $65.80
Ratman MaskRatman Mask
Item #HS-26287
Werewolves are not the only form of lycanthropes, or those cursed to assume a ravenous, bestial form. As the Ratman Mask shows, even something as simple as a rat can infect man and force him to assume a horrifying half-rat shape.
Price: $94.00
On Sale For: $85.00
Brown Wolf Mask
Item #HS-26337
You could not ask for a more classic werewolf than the Brown Wolf Mask. It mixes the features of man and wolf in a way that invokes nothing less than raw fear, and it has a bloody look, like a beast that has killed, and will do so again.
Price: $99.80
Deadly Silence Mask
Item #HS-26080
It may look human from afar, but up close, the Deadly Silence Mask is anything but. This masks visage is covered in inhuman features, although its most striking and noticeable one is definitely its mouth--or rather, its lack of one.
Price: $45.80
Nosferatu Mask
Item #HS-26368
Nosferatu is a word that is oftentimes synonymous with vampire, and that is exactly what this mask depicts. With its pale features, pointed ears, and large fangs, the Nosferatu Mask is a classic image of an early cinematic vampire.
Price: $24.00
Wizard Half MaskWizard Half Mask
Item #HS-27602
Adding this mask to your costume will give your upper face, including your eyes and nose, the weathered and worn look of an age-old wizard. The Wizard Half Mask can either make you look sinister, distinguished, or mysterious.
Price: $7.98
On Sale For: $7.18
La Flaca MaskLa Flaca Mask
Item #HS-26218
This masks name translates, literally, to the skinny woman. Do not let the name fool you, though, as the La Flaca Mask is a unisex mask that is perfect for transforming anyones features into a weathered looking human skull.
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $33.00
Skull MaskSkull Mask
Item #HS-26373
Bonehead will hardly be an insult when you are wearing this simple Skull Mask. Far from a traditional skull, though, this one has a slightly stylized appearance and shows off a little bit of emotion with its toothy, skeletal grin.
Price: $22.40
On Sale For: $20.16
Vassago MaskVassago Mask
Item #HS-26084
The impressive looking Vassago Mask is named after a mighty prince of the infernal realms. Looking for all the world like a man possessed, this mask combines human features with those of a demon to create a visage that is terrifying.
Price: $48.20
On Sale For: $41.00
Fangs MaskFangs Mask
Item #HS-26282
If anyone happens to think that the Fangs Mask is a little too long of tooth, no-one is saying, because this is a masterpiece of horror with a deathly look and enough jagged teeth to give even the bravest of souls a moment of hesitation.
Price: $43.80
On Sale For: $33.00
LOTR Deluxe Uruk-Hai Mask
Item #RC-50648
Fearsome and ferocious are two words that describe the Uruk-hai of Lord of the Rings fame. They also describe this LOTR Deluxe Uruk-Hai Mask quite nicely, especially when you consider that this mask recreate an Uruk-hais features.
Price: $45.60
Long Neck Skull Mask
Item #HS-25027
The Long Neck Skull Mask is one of a few masks that are perfect for portraying a classic skeletal look. Nothing stands out as inhuman about this mask. It is just a picture perfect example of a human skull set against a dark background.
Price: $27.80
Uzzath Mask
Item #HS-26083
Whoever said better the devil you know obviously never met Uzzath. Vicious, cruel, and malign, this devils appearance is replicated in the Uzzath Mask, which features red skin, large tusks, and hateful yellow eyes.
Price: $45.80
Mega Franky Mask
Item #HS-26275
you have probably never seen a monster quite like the Mega Franky Mask. This mask is a classic Frankensteins monster with a few new details, and more importantly, a massive mask that is great for creating your own monstrous look!
Price: $85.90
Warrior Wolf Mask
Item #HS-26339
Known for their physical prowess and their resilience to death, the only way to strengthen a werewolf is to give it armor. In the Warrior Wolf Mask, you will be every wolf hunters worst nightmare, ready to hunt the hunters.
Price: $85.80
Ramsha MaskRamsha Mask
Item #HS-26107
The Ramsha Mask is the perfect way to give yourself a devilish new disguise. Slip this mask on and your face will no longer be your own, but rather that of a stern-faced devil, including red skin, sinister fangs, and curved horns.
Price: $35.80
On Sale For: $31.00
Venetian Pirate Mask
Item #FM-68500
This impressive mask molds a historic tradition with pirate style to create a mask that is impressive to behold. This Venetian Pirate Mask is a new take on a carnival mask, one that features colors typically associated with pirates.
Price: $20.00
Skull Half MaskSkull Half Mask
Item #HS-25003
You could almost describe the Skull Half Mask as being bare-bones, but it is not exactly an accurate definition. True, this mask does not have the size of others, but it lacks in size it more than makes up for with mystery and detail.
Price: $7.98
On Sale For: $7.18
Face Off Mask
Item #HS-26360
When someone asks you to face off with them, this is not exactly what they mean. The Face Off Mask is nothing less than startling, featuring a human shape that would seem normal, assuming that the mask was not missing its face!
Price: $47.80
Green Malicious Goblin MaskGreen Malicious Goblin Mask
Item #MCI-2977
The goblin is one of the iconic races of fantasy and fiction. Sometimes, these creatures are the first victims of an adventuring party. When you don this Green Malicious Goblin Mask, you will be ready to take revenge for goblin-kind!
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
Big Horns Mask
Item #HS-25065
If horns determine the power and prestige of a devil, than the Big Horn Mask must depict the greatest devil of them all! This mask features a familiar devils face that possesses an elongated face and almost excessively large horns.
Price: $82.00
Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask
Item #HS-10103
Scientists will be among the first to change if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Why? Because they will study its effects and inevitably risk infection themselves. This Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask offers a twist on the traditional zombie.
Price: $17.80
Blurp Charlie Mask
Item #HS-25096
This mask is the perfect way to depict a transformation from being a creature of flesh, blood and bone, to being just a creature of bone. The Blurp Charlie Mask is a gruesome, gory mask that depicts a skull as it rips through its skin.
Price: $49.80
Snow Wolf MaskSnow Wolf Mask
Item #HS-26225
Werewolves come in all shapes and sizes, and in all varieties too. Snow wolves, with their pure white coat, are often seen as some of the most beautiful. The Snow Wolf Mask though, is a terrifying werewolf visage beyond reckoning.
Price: $78.00
On Sale For: $68.00
Possessed Pumpkin Mask
Item #HS-26294
A word to the wise. If you ever see a jack-o-lantern smiling at you just like the Possessed Pumpkin Mask is, run. Do not question it, do not stay near it. Just run. This mask depicts a sinister pumpkin with sharp teeth and an evil smile.
Price: $45.80
Gashes Mask
Item #MB-M36949
The Gashes Mask is not exactly the most subtle mask in the world, although this lack of subtly means that none can mistake this mask for anything but what it is. And what it is, is a terrifying visage that has been cut and gashed up.
Price: $22.00
Alien Host Mask
Item #HS-26333
With its twisted features, the Alien Host Mask is as distinctive as it is horrifying. Far from just playing host to an alien, in this mask you will be a warped being that has been changed by a strange sort of alien infection or parasite.
Price: $51.80
Executioner Mask
Item #HS-26363
If the black mask of an executioner induced terror when worn by humans, imagine the effect it would have if worn by something else? With this Executioner Mask, it is hard to tell what lies beneath, other than eyes and a fanged maw.
Price: $34.00
Junior Skull Mask
Item #HS-25007
If the polished and well-treated look is not quite what you want for your skeletal look, perhaps you should consider this Junior Skull Mask instead. Rather than looking like a bleached skull, this one has more a natural coloration.
Price: $13.80
Lunatic MaskLunatic Mask
Item #HS-26353
Who can know the inscrutable mind of the deranged? This Lunatic Mask depicts an unhinged individual that has been strapped into a strange, macabre device which is doubtlessly painful to wear and designed to correct insane behavior.
Price: $43.80
On Sale For: $39.42
Evil Scarecrow Mask
Item #HS-26281
Fear is not always about the most gruesome and gory details. Sometimes, it is a startling thing that haunts your every moment, waking and resting. And the Evil Scarecrow Mask is a perfect example of small details making a huge impact.
Price: $55.80
Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask
Item #HS-10102
At the onset of the zombie apocalypse, zombies will look like normal people. As time wears on, the differences will become more apparent. This Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask is a middle-ground, with little decay but definite undead style.
Price: $17.80
WWZ Scientist Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10205
Named for the zombie it resembles, this WWZ Scientist Zombie Mask is a wild and hungry looking undead disguise that will allow any human to become something less - something terrifying, which feels no pain and feeds on human flesh.
Price: $33.80
Red Carnal Orc Mask with HairRed Carnal Orc Mask with Hair
Item #MCI-2976
Nothing is more terrifying than a feral orc berserker, charging the lines with its weapons swinging wildly through the air. And in this Red Carnal Orc Mask with Hair, that rampaging, berserking orc can be you in your next LARP battle!
Price: $82.00
On Sale For: $77.90
Green Feral Orc MaskGreen Feral Orc Mask
Item #MCI-2978
Both goblins and orcs are highly iconic and well-known fantasy races, and this Green Feral Orc Mask merges the features of the two, transforming you into a savage fantasy creature that will send humans running in fear.
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
No Face Mask
Item #HS-26291
You cannot just take it at face value that this mask is scary, because in truth, the No Face Mask does not have a face! At first glance, this mask seems strange and frightening, lending it an eerie appeal for all sorts of costumes.
Price: $45.80
Leatherface MaskLeatherface Mask
Item #HS-26259
Reminiscent of the fictional serial killer, the Leatherface Mask is designed to look like a mask that has been stitched together from pieces of human skin, creating a drooping, sagging mask that is quite disturbing in appearance.
Price: $42.00
On Sale For: $37.80
Caitiff Mask
Item #HS-26383
In a bleak and dreary world of darkness, a caitiff is a common word for a lowly vampire. But even a lowly vampire is something to fear and avoid, as this Caitiff Mask shows that even a fledgling can be a terrifying monster to face.
Price: $37.00
Stitched Skin Trophy MaskStitched Skin Trophy Mask
Item #MCI-2992
Some of the more feral and tribal cultures are prone to taking trophies from each kill they make. Orcs, goblins, wild elves, and humans have done it. And now, in your LARP setting, you can with this eerie Stitched Skin Trophy Mask!
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $14.25
Kurten Mask
Item #HS-26389
Sometimes, people can become monsters. Bloodlust and rage come together in this mask to create a beast based on a serial killers nom de gare, and the result is the gory Kurten Mask, which makes anyone into a truly monstrous vampire.
Price: $45.80
Plague Doctor Kit
Item #LU-412640
With the Black Death knocking on the door, only the plague doctor can save the day. This Plague Doctor kit is sure to send chills through your friends as you diagnose each of them with this unique and historically authentic mask.
Price: $30.00
Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10301
This Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask is not your average zombie mask. For one, it depicts a zombie-monster fueled by powerful feelings of hunger and wild rage, which drive it to shriek and sprint and charge.
Price: $53.80
Mega Skull MaskMega Skull Mask
Item #HS-26231
Perfect for creating a skeletal look, the Mega Skull Mask is an eerie, ghoulish skull mask that has human features with a few distinct flares, all of which serve to enhance the creepy appearance of this incredible mask.
Price: $166.00
On Sale For: $145.00
The Redskull Mask
Item #HS-26316
Never has death looked so well-dressed and elegant. In the Redskull Mask, you will be well on your way to being the best-dressed skeleton in town, thanks to the stylish inclusion of a formal collar and a simple yet timeless ascot tie.
Price: $39.80
Snow Witch Mask
Item #HS-26398
When you think of a witch, what is more iconic then the ones you grew up with? This Snow Witch Mask should be instantly recognizable, and it allows anyone to build a wicked witch costume that is sure to be the highlight of the evening!
Price: $37.00
WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask
Item #HS-10203
This WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask looks like one undead costumer who has seen some rough times. Sunken cheeks and pale features make this zombie look like it has not fed in a while, while the feral expression only enhances its look.
Price: $29.80