Sword Fighting and Combat Books

While reading about combat is no substitute for actual experience and training, it is a fantastic place to start educating yourself about the rigors and techniques that are expected of a warrior. In any one of our fantastic sword fighting and combat books, you can read about, and thus begin to familiarize yourself with, any number of proven combat techniques that you may wish to attempt to learn with your chosen weapon. Featuring several books on several different styles of combat, you can find among our sword fighting and combat books a wide variety of manuals that describe a wide variety of combat techniques: from historic treatise on fencing to books about the knightly arts of combat and beyond, we offer books about several different forms of medieval armed combat. Each of these sword fighting and combat books are excellent resources to study in order to gain a deeper insight into the practice and use of medieval weapons and combat techniques, and they are an excellent place to start your own education in the ways of medieval combat, although no amount of reading will replace the valuable lessons that are learned through physical exercise and practice.
Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts Of Combat Book
Item #PP-105
The lessons of influential 15th century fencing master Sigmund Ringeck are brought to life once again by David Lindholm and Peter Svard, the duo behind Sigmund Ringecks Knightly Art of the Longsword.
Price: $34.00
Medieval Swordsmanship Book
Item #PP-104
From the author of Renaissance Swordsmanship comes the most comprehensive and historically accurate view ever of the lost fighting arts of medieval knights, warriors, and men-at-arms, the Medieval Swordsmanship Book.
Price: $39.00
The Fighting Tomahawk Book
Item #PP-116
The low-tech, high-impact tomahawk has been carried by American soldiers in every conflict since the Revolutionary War. That same versatility and effectiveness endeared the multipurpose tomahawk to frontiersmen and Native Americans.
Price: $39.00
The Fighting Sword Book
Item #PP-117
The second in Dwight McLemores Fighting Weapons series, The Fighting Sword began as a way for the author to chronicle his experience of commissioning a custom-made sword and then designing a training program to use with it.
Price: $38.00
Masters Of Medieval And Renaissance Martial Arts Book
Item #PP-112
More than a dozen of the most respected names in medieval and Renaissance scholarship have come together to present a variety of fighting lore from the rich heritage of the European fight masters, circa 1350 to 1675.
Price: $49.00
Highland Knife Fighting With The Dirk And Sgian Book
Item #PP-108
In this entertaining and informative look at the Highland dirk, author Christopher Thompson examines a number of Scottish historical and oral sources to document the role of the knife in Gaelic society.
Price: $15.00
Highland Martial Culture Book
Item #PP-114
The revival of interest in historical Western martial arts has focused a great deal of attention on the weapons of Scotland, especially of the Highlanders. Few of those practicing have experienced genuine Gaelic culture.
Price: $12.00
Polearms Of Paulus Hector Mair Book
Item #PP-111
A practitioner of fencing, wrestling and martial arts, Paulus Hector Mair was determined to preserve the knowledge of the combat arts of his time. His dream is realized in this book by authors David James Knight and Brian Hunt.
Price: $39.00
Master Of Defence 'The Works Of George Silver' Book
Item #PP-102
The book, George Silvers Paradoxes of Defence, and companion book, Brief Instructions upon my Paradoxes of Defence, are probably the most important works ever written on the Western martial tradition.
Price: $38.00
Renaissance Swordsmanship Book
Item #PP-103
This Renaissance Swordsmanship Book is a thorough work about historical swordsmanship, both a general reference and an instructional guide for advanced and beginning sword enthusiasts, students of military history, and martial artists.
Price: $24.00
Codex Wallerstein Book
Item #PP-109
The Codex Wallerstein is one of the best known late medieval fencing treatises still in existence. Though not as widely known as Talhoffer 1467 or Flos Duellatorum, it is just as important to students of the Western martial arts.
Price: $44.00
Knightly Dueling Book
Item #PP-113
Ideal for scholars and fighters, this Knightly Dueling Book offers a complete overview of the fighting arts of German chivalric dueling, on horse and on foot, during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.
Price: $29.00
Medieval And Renaissance Dagger Combat Book
Item #PP-106
Daggers are mentioned in many modern books about medieval and Renaissance swordplay, but none described how daggers were used in combat. This book uses step-by-step photos and historic illustrations to demonstrate dagger fighting.
Price: $29.00
Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide
Item #BK-UC0882
The recently updated Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide offers sixty-four pages of detailed instructions. It also features full color illustrations for the beginner or the professional knife thrower.
Price: $6.40
Iaido Sword Book
Item #PP-118
Described in the Iaido Sword Book, Iaido is the classical Japanese discipline of drawing and cutting with the long sword in defense of an unanticipated attack, throwing off the blood and returning the sword to its sheath.
Price: $50.00
Sigmund Ringecks Knightly Art of the Longsword
Item #PP-123
In Sigmund Ringecks Knightly Art of the Longsword, David Lindholm has translated Ringecks text and added interpretations and comments. Illustrator and sword aficionado Peter Svard has created hundreds of instructive drawings.
Price: $42.00
Collection of Best Selling Medieval BooksCollection of Best Selling Medieval Books
Item #PKG-30
Our Collection of Best Selling Medieval Books makes a fantastic resource for reading up on various aspects of medieval warfare and fighting. These four texts offer educational and engaging information and illustrations.
Price: $176.25
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The Fighting Tomahawk Volume II
Item #PP-120
In The Fighting Tomahawk Volume II, McLemore shares additional details, thoughts, and informed speculation on the tomahawk of the American frontier and the explorers, settlers, long hunters, traders, and Indians who used it.
Price: $52.00
The Fighting Gladiator BookThe Fighting Gladiator Book
Item #PP-119
In The Fighting Gladiator Book, author Dwight C. McLemore incorporates his eclectic knowledge of multiple combat techniques into this long-awaited manual on the bloody and brutal sport of gladiatorial combat.
Price: $34.95
Highland Broadsword Book
Item #PP-121
The lessons in Highland Broadsword are designed to help you learn the fundamentals of broadsword fighting, with an emphasis on developing practical skills, not on exploring the esoteric details of broadsword fencing theory.
Price: $14.00