Medieval Arms and Armour Books

These books are educational and give insight into the world of Medieval Arms and Armour. They'll explain how weapons were crafted, definitions of armour parts, how armour evolved and overall history of the items. Our Medieval Arms and Armour books make great reading material for history enthusiasts and students studying the subject.
The Art Of Mail Armor BookThe Art Of Mail Armor Book
Item #PP-110
Picture yourself in a full set of shining mail armor at your next reenactment, fair, or costume party. The best part is that you can say you made it yourself with the help of the The Art Of Mail Armor Book.
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Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction Book
Item #PP-107
Before Iron Man, there were iron men - medieval knights who forged metal suits in preparation for warfare. As described in the Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction Book, few icons can match the power of the suit of armour.
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Medieval Siege Weapons Part 2 Book
Item #HR-134
When it came to non-gunpowder machine development, the medieval period was one of the most inventive in military history. During this era, the pre-existing military-technological traditions from the ancient worlds were brought together.
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Medieval Siege Weapons Book
Item #HR-108
The Medieval era was a period of variety and invention in siege warfare. Before the use of cannon and other gun-powder artillery, siege engines relied on assorted sources of power, from torsion systems to man-power, counter-balances.
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Medieval Siege Warfare Book
Item #HR-113
During the Middle Ages siege warfare played a vital role in military strategy. Sieges were far more numerous than pitched battles, ranging from small-scale affairs against palisaded earthworks to full-scale assaults on vast strongholds.
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Collection of Best Selling Medieval BooksCollection of Best Selling Medieval Books
Item #PKG-30
Our Collection of Best Selling Medieval Books makes a fantastic resource for reading up on various aspects of medieval warfare and fighting. These four texts offer educational and engaging information and illustrations.
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Lessons on the English Longsword Book
Item #PP-122
In Lessons on the English Longsword, Brandon Heslop and Benjamin Bradak combine dedicated scholarship with years of physical training to provide the most complete look yet at the little-known English tradition of the noble longsword
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