Full Suits and Armour Packages from Medieval Collectables

We have put together some of our most popular leather armour pieces and now offer them as sets. If you are looking for a full suit of leather armour or a package deal of leather arm bracers, leather pauldrons, leather gorget, leather greaves and such, then you are in the right spot! You will save when buying any armour package as opposed to buying the pieces individually. Our leather armour is made in either 7/8 oz or 13/15 oz thickness. Our Leather Armour is great for SCA, LARP, Re-enactments, Renaissance Fairs, Movies, Theater and Costumes!
Conqueror's Armor
Item #RT-151
For the complete warrior who wants nothing short of top protection, there is the Conquerors Armor set. This armor is protective, covering the chest, shoulders, and upper legs in layers of leather and metal that will foil many a blow.
Price: $1,415.00
Dark Elven Leather Armour PackageDark Elven Leather Armour Package
Item #MCI-2700
Emerge from the tunnels of the underdark, and join your fellow drow in combat against the children of the sun with the Dark Elven Leather Armour Package. This set includes the cuirass, pauldrons, a right hand gauntlet, and a tunic.
Price: $518.00
On Sale For: $492.10
Armor Corset With Pauldrons
Item #RT-175
Being more armor than clothing, this protective corset benefits from the addition of pauldrons. In fact, not only is the Armor Corset with Pauldrons protective and defensive, but it looks stylish with its shoulder pieces.
Price: $275.00
Praetorian Leather Battle Armor SetPraetorian Leather Battle Armor Set
Item #RT-207
Clad in the Leather Praetorian Battle Armor Set, you will look the part of a ranked warrior and soldier of Ancient Rome. The armor is crafted for both protection and flexibility, and it will serve the warrior that wears it well indeed.
Price: $1,285.00
Valkyrie's Armor
Item #RT-167
The Valkyrie is a figure from Norse mythology. Tasked with selecting the fallen souls from the field of battle, they are no slouch in battle themselves, and this Valkyries Armor is lightweight garb for such a warrior-woman to wear.
Price: $800.00
King Tunic & Armour PackageKing Tunic & Armour Package
Item #MCI-2701
For LARP, Re-enactments or Ren Fairs, our King Tunic and Armour set is a great start or addition to your wardrobe. This set includes the body armour and the kingly long tunic and cape. This regal ensemble provides a truly distinctive and royal look.
Price: $538.00
On Sale For: $511.10
Dark Lord's Armor
Item #RT-138
Spikes and intimidation are two things that this suit of armor offers in spades. The Dark Lords Armor is crafted in quality 9-10 oz. leather. This dark armor offers a stellar look for any warrior to feature.
Price: $880.00
Paladin's Armor
Item #RT-156
In fantasy, a paladin is a hero and a knight who fights for virtue and justice, although the term originally went to a notable warrior under King Charlemagne. As it stands, this Paladins armor would be fit for these powerful figures.
Price: $905.00
Valkyrie's Corset With Pauldrons
Item #RT-169
A Valkyrie was not just a guide of souls. It takes a warrior to know one, and so they were also fighters par excellence. And this Valkyries Corset with Pauldrons is a Norse-styled suit of armor fit for any maiden of battle to wear.
Price: $525.00
Barbarian's Armor With Skirt
Item #RT-114
Barbarians were savage fighters, whose skill with a weapon and tenacity made them a foe to fear. Barbarian armor was just as impressive as their weapons and skills, as can be seen when looking at this Barbarians Armor With Skirt.
Price: $915.00
Praetorian Cuirass and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-206
The Praetorian Leather Cuirass and Pauldron Set expands on the classic look of an armored Roman soldier by adding protective shoulder pieces to the mix. The result is a suit of leather armor that any warrior would gladly wear!
Price: $580.00
Chaos Armor
Item #RT-108
Let glorious chaos be spread in the name of war and conquest! This Chaos Armor is an impressive example of leather armor at its finest, offering great protection and a look worthy of any entropic warrior of pandemonium!
Price: $595.00
Conqueror's Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-150
The inclusion of shoulder armor has made the Conquerors Breastplate with Pauldrons all the more effective, as now, it provides even more protection without further compromising a warriors ability to be mobile and adaptive in battle.
Price: $870.00
Barbarian's Armor
Item #RT-113
Simple and savage, a Barbarians Armor was often cobbled together from various pieces of leather, hide, and fur. Instead of being ineffective, though, this style armor was rather protective, as well as a point of pride to its owner.
Price: $550.00
Dark Armor
Item #RT-104
The shadowy warrior is one to fear, as much for their prowess as for their appearance. In this suit of Dark Armor, intimidating will barely describe your look. With its impressive design, this armor will leave your foes in awe.
Price: $440.00
Necromancer's Armor
Item #RT-132
Necromancers are wielders of unearthly powers, controlling the energies of death to raise the dead and force them to serve. And in this Necromancers Armor, you will look just like one of these fearsome and dangerous warriors.
Price: $1,250.00
Cuirass And Vambraces Of The Spaniard
Item #880016
From the movie Gladiator we bring you Armor of the Spaniard. The cuirass has all leather construction with adjustable straps. The vambrace and wrist strap are leather. Vambrace features adjustable leather lacing, so one size fits most.
Price: $236.00
Briar Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-121
Although there is no doubting that this Briar Breastplate With Pauldrons is a handsome suit of armor, there is so much more to it than that. It is possible and even likely that underneath this leather armor is a skilled warrior.
Price: $360.00
WarWolf Armor With Pauldrons
Item #RT-107
Ferocious and resolute, the wolf is a fine animal for a warrior to emulate. Pack mentality and instinct combine in this predator to make it a foe to beat. In the WarWolf Armor with Pauldrons, you will be a wolf to your foes.
Price: $585.00
Dark Lord's Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-137
If you ever encounter anyone wearing this armor, you can probably rest assured that they mean business. The Dark Lords Breastplate with Pauldrons is a piece of armor that features all the spikes a warrior would ever want.
Price: $680.00
Complete War Armor Set
Item #RT-213
Changes in military tactics and armaments have caused many soldiers to prefer lighter armor that does not infringe upon ease of movement on the battlefield. The Complete War Armor Set offers an ideal array of protective gear.
Price: $1,315.00
Bohemond Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-197
Several small plates can often be just as effective as one large plate. For proof, you need only look at this Bohemond Breastplate and Pauldron Set, which mimics the look and design of the medieval coat of plates in leather.
Price: $305.00
Broderic Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-123
A warriors first concern in armor should be protection, and this breastplate delivers on that. Style comes second, although in the case of this Broderic Breastplate with Pauldrons, style is intrinsic thanks to its masterful design.
Price: $370.00
Leather Samurai Full Armour Set
Item #RT-230
Samurai are renowned for their code of honor and their exquisite armour designs. Embodying this unique styling, the Leather Samurai Full Armour Set is the perfect attire for any LARPer seeking to assume this honorable role.
Price: $1,480.00
Paladin's Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-157
Whether you look at history or fantasy, a paladin is a powerful figure, a noble and a warrior, as well as a hero. And this Paladins Breastplate with Pauldrons possesses a knightly style that accents such a warriors appearance.
Price: $690.00
Beaufort Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-118
Shoulder armor has taken this leather breastplate and transformed it entirely. Not only has its look changed, but the Beaufort Breastplate With Pauldrons also offers a higher degree of protection and a more impressive design.
Price: $320.00
Necromancer's Breastplate With Pauldrons
Item #RT-131
Sometimes some of the most terrifying warriors come from the shadows that stretch just beyond death. This Necromancers Breastplate with Pauldrons is the perfect way to show your collection to these otherworldly and deathly forces.
Price: $890.00
Baudouin Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-188
Named after Jean Beaudoin, who was an early benefactor of the church before the Crusades, this Baudouin Breastplate and Pauldron Set offers not only solid core protection but a bit of defense in the form of defensive shoulder pieces.
Price: $245.00
Borge Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-198
Sometimes, unadorned is a good thing. In its austerity, this Borge Breastplate and Pauldron Set achieves a distinctive look, one that brings defense and a unique sort of style to any ranger, soldier, or fighters overall appearance.
Price: $260.00
Behan Breastplate and Pauldron Set
Item #RT-196
Leather is the armor of choice for assassins for a reason. Not only can it help to ward off blows, but it is light and flexible. Those qualities are well preserved in this Behan Breastplate and Pauldron Set and its roguish design.
Price: $275.00
Elven Leaf Leather Armour SetElven Leaf Leather Armour Set
Item #PKG-33
Drawing upon the energy of nature, elves can often stealthily blend in with their surroundings in their woodland realms. The Elven Leaf Leather Armour Set offers a trio of items modeled on the verdant foliage of the forest.
Price: $203.00
On Sale For: $183.00
Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package
Item #RT-243
The harvest has come and gone, we must allow the bountiful fields to rest. Foreign lands beckon us with unclaimed riches. The Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package ensures a strong defense while raiding the seaports of our foes.
Price: $2,130.00
Mercenary Leather Cuirass with Pauldrons
Item #RT-239
Masterful skill in battle and well-calculated planning has reaped high regard among your fellow mercenaries. Suitable amour, such as the Mercenary Leather Cuirass with Pauldrons, will present well your capable warrior image.
Price: $450.00
Womens Woodland Armour PackageWomens Woodland Armour Package
Item #PKG-36
Dress with arborescent mystique at your next LARP battle or Renaissance fair in our Womens Woodland Armour Package. This leather armour features a wood grain pattern and roughened edges to simulate the appearance of bark.
Price: $653.00
On Sale For: $587.70
Kids Dragon Scale Armour PackageKids Dragon Scale Armour Package
Item #PKG-32
Your child can transform themselves into a true Dragon Knight with the help of our Kids Dragon Scale Armour Package. This leather armour package comes with a kids harness, a pair of kids bracers, and studded leather headband.
Price: $146.00
On Sale For: $132.00
Woodland Leather Armour Package
Item #RT-252
An evil blight seeks to destroy the entire kingdom. Its disease extends into the mystical woods. Our noble ruler compels you to put on the Woodland Leather Armour Package and put an end to the wicked army that plagues the land.
Price: $2,320.00
Odomar Viking Leather Cuirass
Item #RT-246
The seaport echoes with the sounds of battle. Norse raiders arrived to relieve their foreign foes of their bountiful treasures. One Viking warrior stands tall, claiming the victory while wearing the Odomar Viking Leather Cuirass.
Price: $875.00
Woodland Leather Cuirass
Item #RT-254
Armored intruders have stepped into the forest realm, breaking the enchanted wall that once shielded the borders. Grab ahold of the favored weapon, put on the trusted armour, and gird your torso with the Woodland Leather Cuirass.
Price: $870.00
Ready for Battle Leather Armour PackageReady for Battle Leather Armour Package
Item #PKG-14
Perfect for the LARPer who seeks a stand out style without breaking their bank, the Ready for Battle Leather Armour Package includes a leather harness, helmet, and bracers at a 10% discount from their normal list price.
Price: $159.30
On Sale For: $143.37
Leather Pauldron and Gauntlet ComboLeather Pauldron and Gauntlet Combo
Item #PKG-15
A superb armor package for any LARPer to attain a distinct and versatile look, the Leather Pauldron and Gauntlet Combo allows you to armor one shoulder and one hand in comfortable and stylish high quality leather armor.
Price: $126.90
On Sale For: $107.86