Medieval Headbands from Medieval Collectables

We have a variety of Medieval headbands, bun cages, combs and hair accessories that will complete your medieval costume or Renaissance clothing. Medieval Collectables has Celtic headbands, Medieval headbands and Elven headbands that are made of solid sterling silver or are plated with sterling silver. Most of our headbands, bun cages and combs are decorated with rhinestones that will catch anyone's attention. These medieval hair accessories are great for medieval weddings, renaissance fairs, pageants, or formal occasions.
Elven Leaf Comb
Item #12193
This fairy comb is made of rhinestones and pearls with a flower and leaf design. The Elven Leaf Comb is metal plated in sterling silver and has a comb in the back. The Elven Leaf Comb measures 1.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.
Price: $21.60
Swirl Elven Headband
Item #12082
The Swirl Elven Headband is 0.75 inches wide and is made of metal plated in sterling silver. Let this whimsical headband take you away to a different time when elves and fairies populated the land.
Price: $11.25
Supreme Crown Ponytail Holder
Item #11573
This absolutely beautiful rhinestone crown ponytail holder is metal plated in sterling silver. The Supreme Crown Ponytail Holder measures 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches long. This ponytail holder is perfect for the fairy tale wedding.
Price: $21.60
Ivory Victorian Headband with Long Veil
Item #MCI-6560
The Ivory Victorian Headband with Long Veil is not your average headband. This is a headband designed to suit a bride on her wedding day, although this headband will perform admirably outside this role, given proper planning.
Price: $78.00
Jeweled Floral Diadem
Item #ST3581
This accessory looks like its decorations were picked from a garden before being gilded in precious metals and glimmering stones. The Jeweled Floral Diadem is an elegant, naturally-styled piece that adds beauty to formal looks.
Price: $23.60
Thin Floral HeadbandThin Floral Headband
Item #ST4001
If precious metals and gemstones grew like plants, they would likely resemble the Thin Floral Headband. This striking accessory features an elegant, natural design that looks as though it could have been grown just like a plant.
Price: $30.80
On Sale For: $25.00
Steampunk Cameo Bow Hair Clip
Item #FM-66304
When it comes to the neo-Victorian style of a Steampunk age, a great dress is one thing, and great accessories are another thing entirely. The Steampunk Cameo Bow Hair Clip, for instance, is a simple piece that adds style to virtually any look.
Price: $2.50
Beaded Ladies Circlet
Item #ST4252
Crowns are not for all occasions. For those moments when a crown would be too much, perhaps a lovely circlet would work instead. This Beaded Ladies Circlet is indeed quite the showpiece, thanks to its colorful design.
Price: $18.30
Staggered Pearl Headband
Item #ST3370
With its intriguing shape and impressive appearance, the Staggered Pearl Headband is an object of great beauty. This impressive accessory is the perfect accent for any woman looking for a dazzling accessory to go with an ensemble.
Price: $24.00
Ladies Celtic Knot HeadbandLadies Celtic Knot Headband
Item #ST4047
Delicate and elegant in its style, this thin-banded accessory suspends a fine Celtic knot over the brow, creating quite a stunning sight. As far as beauty is concerned, not many accents can compare to this Ladies Celtic Knot Headband.
Price: $9.20
Chained Pearl Headpiece
Item #ST4257
Not all princesses are content to wait for heroes to rescue them. Some are as bold as the warriors they command! For the warrior-princess who wants elegance, beauty, and strength, nothing beats the style of the Chained Pearl Headpiece.
Price: $12.00
Elegant Ladies Crescent Headband
Item #ST4067
The delicate, thin metallic band of this Elegant Ladies Crescent Headband makes it seem like there is no band at all, creating the look of a suspended crescent moon in sparkling rhinestones set on a lovely maidens brow.
Price: $8.60
Nobles Pearl Circlet
Item #ST4253
The beauty of a pearl is not to be questioned. This Nobles Pearl Circlet combines that beauty with stunning, vibrant green rhinestones to create an accent that will suit any style, perfect for a wedding or a queen holding court.
Price: $18.30
Three Tiered Rose Glitter Veil
Item #PH-1148
Perfect for formal occasions like wedding or costume balls, this veil adds beauty and charm to any gown ensemble. The Three Tiered Rose Glitter Veil displays three layers of sheer, glittery material trimmed with roses and ribbons.
Price: $52.50
Gothic Bitter Beauty Short Rose Veil
Item #PH-1150
Cascading over your head and shoulders to your lower back, this veil will add elegance and beauty to your most important day. The Gothic Bitter Beauty Short Rose Veil makes a great bridal accessory with a gothic twist.
Price: $42.50
Gothic Bitter Beauty Extra Long Rose Veil
Item #PH-1149
Many women dream of their wedding days for years, imagining their perfect gown ensemble complete with veil. The Gothic Bitter Beauty Extra Long Rose Veil cascades over your head and gown to drape behind you with elegant black mesh.
Price: $62.50
Blue Butterfly Hengeband
Item #090-EHB07
You will never feel more magical than when encircled by this trio of butterflies. The versatile Blue Butterfly Hengeband can be worn as either a circlet or a necklace, the perfect fantasy accessory for any ethereal outfit.
Price: $39.90
Bright Heart Hengeband
Item #090-EHB08
Flaunt off your passionate spirit with our Bright Heart Hengeband. A versatile accessory, this jewelry piece features a red heart at its center while each side of the heart is adorned by silvery leaf filigree and matching gems.
Price: $39.90
Fairy Star Hengeband
Item #090-EHB02
Embrace the magic of fairies with our Fairy Star Hengeband. A delicate circlet or necklace, this piece of fantasy jewelry depicts two serene fairies with colorful gems in their wings flanking either side of a bright white crystal.
Price: $39.90
Spirit of the Forest Hengeband
Item #090-EHB01
Equip our Spirit of the Forest Hengeband to channel the energy of the mighty stag. This versatile accessory can be worn in a variety of ways, making it an excellent gift or an elegant statement piece in any enchanting ensemble.
Price: $39.90
Unity Rose Hengeband
Item #090-EHB05
Add elegance and romance to any look with our Unity Rose Hengeband. Deep red roses and jewels adorn a Celtic Trinity knot in this highly detailed and versatile piece of jewelry. Wear it as either a circlet or a necklace.
Price: $39.90
Fairy Moon Hengeband
Item #090-EHB06
Adorned on each side by elegant, outstretched fairy wings and twin crescent moons, a light blue jewel sits at the center of our Fairy Moon Hengeband. A versatile piece of fantasy jewelry, wear it as a regal circlet or necklace.
Price: $39.90
Spring Hare Hengeband
Item #090-EHB03
Adorn your beauty with our Spring Hare Hengeband. Made of pewter, this silvery jewelry piece displays a lively hare leaping over a bright green jewel, its body ornately decorated and surrounded by Celtic designs.
Price: $39.90