Viking Drinking Horns from Medieval Collectables

We now carry Viking drinking horns for the medieval reenactor. Medieval Collectables has Viking drinking horns that are made of stoneware and real antlers. Our drinking horns are made in England and Germany and are fully functional. These Viking drinking horns come with a stand when they are not in use. Medieval Collectables also has mug frogs and horn frogs to attach to your belt for medieval re-enactments and renaissance fairs. Viking drinking horns are great for holding any of your favorite beverages. Nothing says Viking more than our drinking horns!
Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Item #801884
This is the ultimate in Norse feastware, a drinking horn made of a real antler! This impressive drinking tankard is made using fine, nickel free pewter and real horn, and can hold any of your favorite beverages.
Price: $95.00
German Drinking Horn with Stand
Item #CG3902
Made of stoneware, the German Drinking Horn with Stand features raised-relief decoration. This horn is cast from the sculpture made in Germany by Peter Duemler in the year 1883. A display stand for the Drinking Horn is included.
Price: $90.00
Drinking Horn of Cu Chulainn with Stand
Item #CG3626
Made of stoneware, the Drinking Horn of Cu Chulainn with Stand features raised-relief decoration. A strap for carrying or hanging the horn is included. It is great for Medieval weddings, Renaissance fairs, and special occasions.
Price: $90.00
Replica Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Item #AH-3961
Vikings might not have begun to raid until after the fall of the Roman empire, but their customs were alive and well even during the Roman age. The Viking Drinking Horn With Stand is a Roman replica with distinctive Viking style.
Price: $39.00
Horn Beer Mug
Item #AH-3960
In a world were smithed, worked metal was often worth its own weight in gold, other materials were often used to great effect to create other necessary items. The Horn Beer Mug is one such item that features a classic, natural look.
Price: $27.00
Simple Viking Drinking Horn
Item #AC-30-61
The Vikings were a rough and tumble group who loved mead and ale almost as much as they loved battle! Viking drinkware was ferocious, often made from horns, just like this Simple Viking Drinking Horn appears to be.
Price: $30.00
Drinking Horn of JarlDrinking Horn of Jarl
Item #804518
This magnificent real horn is a feast for the eyes. The rim on this Drinking Horn of Jarl is edged with brass knotwork, while the tip has been decorated with a dragon head. An adjustable leather belt holster is included for carrying.
Price: $36.00
Einar Horn Drinking Goblet
Item #804515
Perfect for toasting with your favorite beverage, this genuine Einar Horn Drinking Goblet is handmade with etched patterns. With a brass rim and base, this horn cup is fit for a Viking king, medieval wedding, or reenactment feast.
Price: $18.00
Dragon Drinking Horn
Item #804521
This genuine horn goblet is handmade with carved dragon scales and deeply etched lines, making the Dragon Drinking Horn a spectacular drinking vessel. An adjustable black suede belt holster provides a convenient carrying method.
Price: $40.00
Drinking Horn of Olaf
Item #804517
Rimmed with brass, this gorgeous drinking horn is named after Olaf the Peacock, chieftain of the early Icelandic Commonwealth. An intricate peacock feather has been lavishly hand painted onto the horn and sealed for durability.
Price: $35.00