Pentagram Pendants from Medieval Collectables

A pentagram is the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes. The word pentagram comes from the Greek word pentagrammon, a word meaning roughly five-lined or five lines. Medieval Collectables has pewter pentagram pendants that are hand made with English pewter in Sheffield, England. These pentagram pendants have a gothic style to them that would work great with any medieval or gothic costume. We have pentagrams on crosses, in circles, or on decorative gothic designs. An advantage of these pewter gothic pentagram pendants is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance.
Illuminati Cross PendantIlluminati Cross Pendant
Item #AG-P397
The Illuminati Cross Pendant draws its design from one of the most mysterious groups of legend. This gothic cross pendant represents Rome, where the angels of Bernini steer the sacred path of light through the altars of science.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Seal Of The Sephiroth PendantSeal Of The Sephiroth Pendant
Item #AG-P497
As illustrated with the Seal of Sephiroth Pendant, the Judaic Kabbala recites the names of the elemental rulers - Ariel, Kerub, Seraph, Thasis, and Avir - of the Sephiroth, the attributes from which Yahweh created all things.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $35.10
Dantes Hex PendantDantes Hex Pendant
Item #AG-P235
The Dantes Hex Pendant replicates the eye-catching style of a medieval pentagram, surrounded by an outer circle. This detailed symbol of protection would be familiar to a 13th century literary genius such as Dante.
Price: $14.00
On Sale For: $12.60
Masonic Venus PendantMasonic Venus Pendant
Item #AG-P450
The Masonic Venus Pendant is set with crystals, the astrological and occult signs of Venus, planetary symbol and pentagram, and the Merovingian Lilies combined, with and their protector's, Masonic rule.
Price: $51.75
On Sale For: $46.58
Medieval Pentacle PendantMedieval Pentacle Pendant
Item #AG-P124
The design of the Medieval Pentacle Pendant originated during the Middle Ages, serving as one of the most common sigils to ward off demonic powers. The pentagram pendant features two metallic tones and a blue cabochon crystal.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Pentagram PendantPentagram Pendant
Item #AG-P58
The Pentagram Pendant is an interwoven seal of the mystics and the magi. This Gothic pendant is handmade in fine English pewter, hand-plated and comes complete upon a nickel-free chain or other necklace of appropriate length.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Roseus Pentagram PendantRoseus Pentagram Pendant
Item #AG-P182
The pentagram possesses a rich symbolism in magic and folklore, representing the five senses, the five elements, and other concepts. The Roseus Pentagram Pendant combines this symbol with the image of the dual roses of wisdom.
Price: $36.80
On Sale For: $33.12
Crystal Pentagram PendantCrystal Pentagram Pendant
Item #AG-P365
The Crystal Pentagram Pendant features a bright red Swarovski gem set within the center of this magical star of protection. The gothic pentagram pendant makes a stunning reminder of the magical and natural forces of the world.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $17.10
Stella Igneous PendantStella Igneous Pendant
Item #AG-P351
The Stella Igneous Pendant offers a magical pentagram consumed by the purifying flames of divinity. These bronzed tongues of flame curl around the five-pointed star, giving a two-toned look to this metal pendant.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.40
Runic Pentagram Necklace
Item #090-NLMA12
The pentagram is a traditional accent of occultists and magicians the world over, and in this Runic Pentagram Necklace, its power and impressive design is enhanced with the addition of runes, as well as a vibrant crystal at its heart.
Price: $23.00
Sir Gawain's Glyph Necklace
Item #090-PR12
This heraldic style pentacle is much more than just a symbol of power. The Sir Gawains Glyph Necklace embodies much of what a pentacle should, echoing the power of the old world as well as a design that makes it quite the accent to wear.
Price: $32.50
Dracogram Necklace
Item #090-FB17
Two powerful sources of magic meet in this magnificent pendant. As its name implies, the Dracogram Necklace combines the powerful backing of the five-point pentagram star with the fantasy style of the legendary dragon to great effect.
Price: $30.00
Runestar Pentagram Necklace
Item #090-CS12
The pentagram has long been a symbol of power and spiritual focus, and the addition of runes in this Runestar Pentagram Necklace only enhances its look. Instead of power and occultism, these runes speak of nature and creativity.
Price: $20.00
Wiccan Pentacle Pendant
Item #090-SC09
When it comes to mystic symbols and powerful sigils, little in history can compete with the pentacle, and that is why this Wiccan Pentacle Pendant is such a straight-forward accent, as it draws on such an classic and potent design.
Price: $48.00
Pentagram Pendant
Item #090-AMP241
One of the most potent and powerful symbols of mysticism and magic is one of the oldest, as well. This Pentagram Pendant is a straight-forward depiction of this ancient and potent symbol, one that fits easily into just about any style.
Price: $15.00
Gothic Baphomet Necklace
Item #090-FB01
The goat of Mendes, as he is sometimes known, is an intrinsic part of the Black Sabbath. This Gothic Baphomet Necklace recreates the image and the symbolism of Baphomet, which for many is a symbol of black magic and darkness.
Price: $30.00
Ouroborous Pentagram Pendant
Item #090-SC08
Symbolic of mysticism and cyclicality, this Ouroboros Pentagram Pendant fuses two ancient symbols into one. Together, the pentagram and the ouroboros make a single, impressive sigil that is sure to intrigue all those who might see it.
Price: $60.00
Pentacle of Pan Necklace
Item #090-GA02
The charm of a forest god can be a powerful protector, as well as an impressive sigil to display. This Pentacle of Pan Necklace is a sylvan accent that brings together the power of the five-point star and the glory of natural design.
Price: $22.50
Ringed Pentagram Necklace
Item #090-AP60
Based on one of the worlds most ancient, mystic symbols, this Ringed Pentagram Necklace revives a classic and allows you to show off your own mystic style with ease. The pendants design meshes perfectly well with almost any look.
Price: $15.00
Dragonstar Necklace
Item #090-FB07
Balance is an important part of the universe. This Dragonstar Necklace emphasizes balance above all things, putting forward an attractive talisman that features points of power that make it appealing to the eye and to the spirit.
Price: $24.50
Pentacle Charm Holder Pendant
Item #CE-819-013
If you need a place to keep extra charms, then look no further than the Pentacle Charm Holder Pendant. Ideal for those who have strong beliefs in the supernatural, this item can accent any outfit you pair it with.
Price: $14.00
Lamia Reverse Pentacle Necklace
Item #090-FB13
One part pagan talisman and one part gothic accent, this Lamia Reverse Pentacle Necklace is not only an appealing accessory to wear when you go out, but also a fine spiritual trinket that embodies the aspect of nightly renewal and life.
Price: $30.00
Mini Classic Pentacle Pendant
Item #CE-818-150
The Mini Classic Pentacle Pendant is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but the symbol also has a rich historical and supernatural background. Grab one today and unlock the mysteries of this ancient symbol for yourself.
Price: $5.00
Amphisbaena Necklace by Anne Stokes
Item #090-COM15
Two heads, they say, are better than one. This Amphisbaena Necklace By Anne Stokes is proof of that, as its double-headed design is supposed to promote awareness, while the pentagram provides added power to its supernal, mystic design.
Price: $88.00
Crystalwitch Pentagram PendantCrystalwitch Pentagram Pendant
Item #AG-P679
The principle icon of a spiritualist is often the pentagram, as it symbolizes mortal protection as well as the power of spirit over the earthly elements. In the Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant, it is a stunning accent, too.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $71.10
Runic Ram Pentacle Pendant
Item #090-SC17
Much in the world carries unique symbolism, and in the world of pagan belief and wicca, even animals possess power. This Runic Ram Pentacle Pendant infuses animal spirit with the power of the pentacle to create something incredible.
Price: $80.00
Woodland Pentacle Pendant
Item #CE-834-238
Evoke spirits of nature with the Woodland Pentacle Pendant. This unique item carries an ancient belief with it that few may understand. Be sure not to pass this up if you are interested in the supernatural or nature.
Price: $30.00
O Fortuna Wing PendantO Fortuna Wing Pendant
Item #AG-P693
The O Fortuna Wing Pendant is a combination of things, most prominently symbols. It offers a subtle yet striking accessory for all kinds of gothic apparel, possessing rich meaning in the natural and spiritual worlds.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Planetary Pentacle Pendant
Item #090-SC13
Some claim that there is great power to be found in the planetary spheres. This Planetary Pentacle Pendant attempts to channel that power, using the pentacle as a focus and creating a stunning personal accent.
Price: $60.00
Classic Pentacle Pendant
Item #CE-802-825
The Classical Pentacle Pendant captures the tradition and essence of an ancient symbol. With clean lines this stunning item will easily enhance any outfit within your current wardrobe in ways you never thought possible.
Price: $25.00
Wiccan Pentagram Pendant
Item #090-SC02
When it comes to magical power, few symbols can compete with the pentagram. Dating back as far as ancient Babylon, this symbol is a potent design of mystic power, and it is rendered in perfect detail as this Wiccan Pentagram Pendant.
Price: $48.00
Bone Star Pendant
Item #SC2392
Channel the supernatural and enhance your personal wardrobe with the stylish Bone Star Pendant. This original item is sure to mystify everyone with the authentic design and gothic tones, which can accent any look easily.
Price: $7.00
Thin Pentacle Pendant
Item #CE-819-004
Designed in the style of a relic of ancient rituals, the Thin Pentacle Pendant will dazzle those who see it. For anyone who appreciates the beliefs of the supernatural, this item captures those ideas in an elegant accent.
Price: $21.00
Ruah Vered Pendant
Item #AG-P715
The pentagram represents the fifth element, the spirit or Breath of Life bound together with all nature. The Ruah Vered Pendant displays a romantic and sensual rose of love passionately entwined with a textured pentagram.
Price: $20.00
Flame Pentacle Pendant
Item #CE-834-595
Channeling the spirits of fire the Flame Pentacle Pendant is as unique as it is dazzling. The temperature is rising, and this item will make you the hot topic of conversation when you wear it to your next social event.
Price: $16.00
Gothic Pentaxe Pendant
Item #SC2865
You can be as bold and daring as the intimidating Gothic Pentaxe Pendant when you proudly wear this to your next social event. This original jewelry accent can be the piece that sets you apart from everyone else standing in the room.
Price: $9.00
Star Skull Pendant
Item #SC2868
Channel the realm of the supernatural and use the Star Skull Pendant to add a new element to your personal collection. This dramatic jewelry accent is ideal for those who favor elegant gothic tones that cater to the fashionable.
Price: $10.00
Ghost Seer Necklace
Item #AG-P760
In mythology and legend, the raven serves as an Otherworld guide, a familiar of sages, and an oracle of the nebulous future. The Ghost Seer Necklace shows this supernatural creature superimposed over an occult pentagram.
Price: $25.00
Black Star Pendant
Item #AG-P775
The Black Star Pendant displays a stark open pentagram enameled in black. An ancient symbol with many interpretations, some say the open pentagram represents outgoing awareness, actively approaching the challenges that lay ahead.
Price: $25.00
Planchette Pendant
Item #AG-P766
The Planchette Pendant resembles a 19th century spiritualists device for communicating with the dead during a seance. Also known as a ouija pointer, a planchette was used with a talking board to divine mysteries from the other side.
Price: $40.00
Cunning Heart Pendant
Item #AG-P768
A talismanic hex of a white witch for the attraction and protection of romantic love. The Cunning Heart Pendant displays a clever folkloric combination of the symbols for a heart and a pentagram, to attract powerful, positive spirits.
Price: $30.00