Gothic Skull Pendants from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables has many skull pendants and skeleton pendants with a gothic and medieval style to them. These gothic pendants are made Sheffield, England which are hand crafted of English pewter. These gothic pendants come in a variety of styles like skull and crossbones, skeletons, skeleton hands, skull heads, and fairy skeletons. An advantage of these pewter skull pendants is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance. Pewter jewelry does not tarnish like silver jewelry and to keep your gothic skull pendant bright and shiny, an occasional cleaning with a quality proprietary metal polish will keep it looking brilliant
Absinthe Fairy PendantAbsinthe Fairy Pendant
Item #AG-P526
The Absinthe Fairy Pendant features the spirit of wormwood as it appears within the absinthe green enameled visage of mortality. A delicate fairy pauses for a moment on top of the skull, perched with her wings spread.
Price: $47.00
On Sale For: $42.30
Nexangelus PendantNexangelus Pendant
Item #AG-P473
The Nexangelus Pendant is named in Latin, nex meaning death of murder and angelus meaning angel. The pendant comes with an antique finish chain, so you can easily add this grim and gothic accent to your ensemble.
Price: $33.35
On Sale For: $30.02
The Reliquary Heart Locket PendantThe Reliquary Heart Locket Pendant
Item #AG-P496
The Reliquary Heart Locket Pendant serves as a striking reminder of loved ones, living or deceased. This embellished heart locket is ostentatiously sized, allowing you to fit a generous memento picture opposite its inner mirror.
Price: $57.00
On Sale For: $51.30
Reapers Arms PendantReapers Arms Pendant
Item #AG-P296
The Reapers Arms Pendant depicts the skeletal harvester of sorrow posed between two wicked-looking scythes. This grim reaper pendant serves as a badge of fate for all who would dare to gaze into the depths of eternity.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Speculum PendantSpeculum Pendant
Item #AG-N182
The Speculum Pendant features a Latin inscription around its edge that reads, All Things Change and We With Them. This spectral mirror reveals the horrifying face of the future to any who dare gaze into its reflection.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Crossroads PendantCrossroads Pendant
Item #AG-P511
The Crossroads Pendant features a crest of the famed highwayman, William Spencer, 1729, aged 31. The gothic pendant has a subtle tri-tone, polished skull, black mask and antique gold pistols. This Gothic pendant is cast and hand-made in English pewter.
Price: $40.25
On Sale For: $36.23
Deathlock PendantDeathlock Pendant
Item #AG-P302
A reminder of mortality, the Deathlock Pendant depicts a gothic padlock for which the grim reaper holds the only key. This gothic lock pendant displays a skull and crossbones over its face as a marker of its role.
Price: $25.30
On Sale For: $17.00
The Alchemist PendantThe Alchemist Pendant
Item #AG-P26
The Alchemist Pendant displays the skull of a philosopher that holds a blackened rose in its teeth. This gothic skull pendant features an inscribed letter A in the center of its forehead as a reminder of its alchemical powers.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Dead Fairy PendantDead Fairy Pendant
Item #AG-P463
The Dead Fairy Pendant displays a classic, 1890s Art Nouveau-style fairy with a silver finish. This mortified fairy pendant appears in skeletal flight, her long hair and dragonfly wings giving her a ghostly aspect.
Price: $28.75
On Sale For: $17.00
Skull Crown Necklace
Item #CCJ305
The Skull Crown Necklace features a key like shape. The top is a studded crown, worn by a grinning skull. Feathered wings come out from the side of the head, and a red jewel rests just below the skull. It includes an adjustable chain.
Price: $13.00
The Lost Soul PendantThe Lost Soul Pendant
Item #AG-P190
The Lost Soul Pendant features the pitiful, tortured remains of a hapless nobody. The skeleton hangs by its wrists in a cruel pose, left to moulder away rather than given a proper burial to send its soul to rest.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Ghost of Past Love PendantGhost of Past Love Pendant
Item #AG-P561
The haunting remains of list romance; articulated pendant with Swarovski crystals. This Gothic pendant is cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, with additional high quality crystals and other components, hand-plated or other two-tone finish.
Price: $58.65
On Sale For: $52.79
The Raven PendantThe Raven Pendant
Item #AG-P540
A graphic representation of the subject of Poe's most celebrated and tragic narrative poem of the same name, supernaturally lamenting the death of a young lover. This Raven Pendant is hand-made and cast in fine English pewter.
Price: $83.95
On Sale For: $75.56
Mirror of The Soul PendantMirror of The Soul Pendant
Item #AG-P555
This Mirror of The Soul Pendant is hand-made and cast in fine English pewter, with high quality crystals and other components, hand-plated or other two-tone finish, all come complete upon their nickel-free chain or other necklace of appropriate length.
Price: $88.55
On Sale For: $79.70
La Mort De Coeur PendantLa Mort De Coeur Pendant
Item #AG-P452
The La Mort De Coeur Pendant symbolizes the tragic death of the heart following betrayal by the object of its affections. This gothic heart pendant melds the profile of a detailed skull into the side of the heart shape.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Venetian Mask of Death PendantVenetian Mask of Death Pendant
Item #AG-P591
Reflecting the elaborate style of the 16th century, the Venetian Mask of Death Pendant gives a glimpse of the face of death itself in a truly Baroque fashion. This gothic pendant is highly stylized with dramatic flourishes.
Price: $51.75
On Sale For: $46.58
Serpent Cross Necklace
Item #CCJ308
The Serpent Cross Necklace is a unique piece to add to a jewelry collection. It features a cross with a serpent wrapped around it. The serpent head is at the base of the cross, and there is a skull and crossbones in the center.
Price: $13.00
Lucrezia's Poison Locket PendantLucrezia's Poison Locket Pendant
Item #AG-P599
Taken directly from the c.1515 Veneziano painting of Lucrezia Borgia, this is Lucrezia's Poison Locket, an item she frequently adorned herself with both for beauty and utility, as it possesses a hidden compartment, perfect to hold poisons.
Price: $59.80
On Sale For: $53.82
Punk Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ311
The Punk Skull Necklace is a great accessory for a Punk or Gothic wardrobe. This necklace features a side view of a skull that has a bone Mohawk. There is a tiny rose hanging below it, and a blue heart gem hanging below the rose.
Price: $14.70
Bleeding Heart PendantBleeding Heart Pendant
Item #AG-P550
A cascade of crystal blood droplets pours from the cruel wounds of this tortured love. The Bleeding Heart Pendant displays a battered and bloody heart set among several skulls and ornate scrollwork details.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Peace Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ304
The Peace Skull Necklace features an open-mouthed human skull made of lead free and nickel free metal. There is a large peace sign imprinted on the top of the skull. This necklace does include a metal adjustable chain.
Price: $13.70
Kaspar's Axe NecklaceKaspar's Axe Necklace
Item #AG-P616
You will never need another blade again so long as you wear the Kaspars Axe Necklace around your neck! This wicked pendant takes the shape of an impressive-looking axe that would be perfect for cutting a swathe through the hordes.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Winged Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ306
The Winged Skull Necklace is a stunning Gothic piece of jewelry. This necklace centers on a skull with a red gem below it. There are bat-like wings extending from the sides of the skull and branch down to hold the red gem.
Price: $13.80
Incy Wincy Forme NecklaceIncy Wincy Forme Necklace
Item #AG-P626
The incy wincy spider crawled up the water spout... This stylized necklace expresses the beauty of a 1920's 'moderne' style with a striking arachnid design. Who'd have ever thought that a spider could be as lovely as this Incy Wincy Forme Necklace?
Price: $86.25
On Sale For: $77.63
Reaper Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ310
The Reaper Skull Necklace can be worn every day and makes a great accent piece to Gothic wear. This necklace features a traditional Grim Reaper skull carefully displayed behind his signature flowing cloak.
Price: $13.00
Requiem Volatilis PendantRequiem Volatilis Pendant
Item #AG-P575
'Death on the Wing' - The ephemerally mournful symbol of mortality weeps obsidian tears. This necklace has Swarovski Jet crystal droppers and would look stunning with any Gothic ensemble. This gothic pendant is made in England and crafted by master craftsman.
Price: $56.35
On Sale For: $50.72
The Hanged Man NecklaceThe Hanged Man Necklace
Item #AG-P619
Many adamant followers of the law would state that the noose is the final destiny of any and all criminals. Conversely, The Hanged Man Necklace could also be symbolic of a martyr, whose singular death will bring change and life to the world.
Price: $37.38
On Sale For: $33.64
Dead Sugar Skull Pendant
Item #SC2905
Not all skulls are grim and imposing. Take this Dead Sugar Skull Pendant, which with its impressive, happy details is anything but. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a skull that is nearly as happy or upbeat as this one.
Price: $13.00
Black Knight's Cross NecklaceBlack Knight's Cross Necklace
Item #AG-P617
If a good knight is awarded a medal for his valorous acts, then what is an evil knight given for his dastardly deeds? Perhaps it is something like the Black Knights Cross Necklace in support of his nefariousness.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Le Royal Morte Pendant
Item #SC2894
Gothic, regal, and surreal all at once, Le Royal Morte Pendant is an impressive piece of jewelry that takes the regal look of royalty and nobility and combines it with the skull of death to create a pendant that stands on its own.
Price: $10.00
St. John's Crystalbones Cross NecklaceSt. John's Crystalbones Cross Necklace
Item #AG-P627
St. John's Crystalbones Cross Necklace is an ornamented honor directed towards the ancient order of the Knights Hospitaller. Featuring the cross and bones of their patron saint, this gothic cross is the perfect way to celebrate this venerable order.
Price: $51.75
On Sale For: $46.58
Lisbeth's Kiss PendantLisbeth's Kiss Pendant
Item #AG-P590
As ornate a set of knuckle dusters as anyone will likely ever find, Lisbeths Kiss Pendant is a unique piece as eye-catching as it is lethal. This pendant is a series of four rings fused together, set on a solid base.
Price: $46.00
On Sale For: $41.40
Dagger Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ346
If you are looking for something edgy to add to your look, then look no further than this Dagger Skull Necklace! This accessory would make a sharp addition to any look, thanks to its weaponized design and gothic skull display.
Price: $11.00
Raven On Skull Pendant
Item #SC2889
The raven is not only a literary icon featured in a famous poem but a bird of myth, often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and even death. That last bit is likely where the inspiration for this Raven on Skull Pendant came from.
Price: $13.00
Skull And Rose Necklace
Item #CCJ237
Gothic style does not necessarily mean a dark and dour appearance. The Skull and Rose Necklace depicts a skull decorated with a rose and black and red accents, while featuring gothic style that is both attractive and elegant.
Price: $10.00
Vengeful Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ348
With its cracked and weathered appearance, its sinister stare, and an eerie grin that does not bode well for any involved, this Vengeful Skull Necklace is quite the accessory, especially given its size and impressive detailing.
Price: $10.90
Polished Silver Skull Pendant
Item #FJ-112
There is more to this skull than a first glance can reveal, as a pair of gleaming treasures seem to stare out of the eyes. The Polished Silver Skull Pendant is a gothic accessory that is simple from afar but quite nice up close.
Price: $7.50
Blackened Skull Pendant
Item #FJ-115
Nothing quite compares to a skull worn around the neck when you are looking for gothic style. Nothing, except perhaps a black skull! This Blackened Skull Pendant is a gothic accessory at its finest, possessing great style and color.
Price: $7.50
Silver Skull Studded Necklace
Item #FJ-114
The skull is a well-known symbol of gothic style, and in this Silver Skull Studded Necklace, it is alive and well, metaphorically speaking. This dark symbol is quite straightforward, and on this necklace, quite attractive, as well.
Price: $7.50
Amon-Ra NecklaceAmon-Ra Necklace
Item #AG-P656
The old ways can be kept alive and well, if you so desire, by keeping their symbols near and dear to your heart. This Amon-Ra Necklace allows you to wear an ancient Egyptian god's symbol as you would any great accessory.
Price: $77.00
On Sale For: $69.30
Flaming Dagger and Skull Necklace
Item #CCJ127
For a departure from subtly and simplicity, you might consider trying on the Flaming Dagger and Skull Necklace. This bold gothic pendant depicts a fearsome skull and dagger combination surrounded by a roaring aura of intense flames.
Price: $11.50
Gothic Silver Skull Pendant
Item #FJ-113
There is more to this skull than a first glance can reveal, as a pair of gleaming treasures stare out of the eyes. The Gothic Silver Skull Pendant is a stylish accessory that is rather simple from afar but quite nice up close.
Price: $7.50
Dead Man's Hand Pendant
Item #AG-ULP10
Traditionally, in poker, a dead man's hand is one that you are unlikely to win with, or more menacingly, one that brings doom upon its owner. In regards to this Dead Man's Hand Pendant, it also makes for a stylishly designed accent that anyone can wear.
Price: $31.50
Cursed Skull Pendant
Item #AG-ULP16
Just because you own and wear this Cursed Skull Pendant does not mean that you are cursed. What it does mean, though, is that you are a fairly trendy and stylish individual who likes to show off their own gothic style with an intriguing skull accessory.
Price: $29.50
God's Acre NecklaceGod's Acre Necklace
Item #AG-P683
A tangle of undergrowth smothers what remains of the mortal life in this Gods Acre Necklace. Stunning English pewter mixes with beads and gleaming crystal to make a fanciful design that fuses natural beauty and mortality.
Price: $97.50
On Sale For: $87.75
Skull Coffin Necklace
Item #CCJ338
Someone has, unfortunately, passed on, but one look at this pendant will tell you that they do not want to stay that way. This Skull Coffin Necklace is a gothic necklace that depicts a deathly skeleton in its textured burial box.
Price: $12.00
Grim Reaper Necklace
Item #CCJ339
The Grim Reaper Necklace allows you to wear the face of death any time you want, anywhere you go. Simple and subtle, this necklace has a gothic touch that nevertheless looks great with all styles of dress, gothic or not.
Price: $13.00
Skull Scorpion Necklace
Item #CCJ178
As if a scorpion on its own was not intimidating enough, the Skull Scorpion Necklace features a scorpion that has found a way to be even more frightening and eye-catching. This attractive scorpion necklace is made up of skulls.
Price: $13.70
Demon In My Head PendantDemon In My Head Pendant
Item #AG-P661
Do you know how they say that beauty is only skin deep? Well this Demon in my Head Pendant is proof of that, as no matter how the outside might sparkle with crystal elegance, the interior might still be filled with something sinister.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $62.10
Reznic the Butcher's Cross Pendant
Item #AG-P637
Surreal and sinister, this gothic cross is assuredly one of the most intriguing that we offer. The Reznic the Butchers Cross Pendant is a peculiar and frightening cross, formed from the remains of his butchery.
Price: $29.00
Skull Rose Pendant
Item #AG-ULFP10
Sometimes, something can be saccharine and gothic at the same time, leading to an accessory that is both stylishly upbeat yet oddly eerie. This Skull Rose Pendant is one such example that uses skulls and bright colors to create something wild and new.
Price: $49.00
Bow Belles Pendant
Item #AG-ULFP7
Innocent, elegant, and yet decidedly gothic, this stunning Bow Belles Pendant is the perfect combination of cute and creepy, making it the ideal accessory for any girl, young or not, to show off when she wants something that is adorably macabre.
Price: $30.00
Spondeo Carpe Noctum Necklace
Item #090-CA01
The pledge taken is truth, and the bond of love forged in this life will last forever more. This Spondeo Carpe Noctum Necklace is a beautiful work of Anne Stokes, one that draws in gothic design to create a true loves pendant.
Price: $21.50
T.C.B. Pendant
Item #AG-ULP26
This astounding wonder is the T.C.B. Pendant. What does T.C.B. stand for? Why, it stands for Taking Care of Business, which makes this subtle little accessory a gothic adornment with a bit of rocking rebellious attitude.
Price: $30.00
Winged Cyborg Skull Steampunk Necklace
Item #CCJ334
Whether your style is standard or steampunk, the skull remains a popular icon for those who seek a darker look. This Winged Cyborg Skull Steampunk Necklace blends the ultimate symbol of death with technological gears to create new life!
Price: $16.50
Mortem I.D. Pendant
Item #AG-ULP25
Gothic yet strikingly subtle, this Mortem I.D. Pendant is the perfect choice for a modern day goth who wants something that features a touch of gothic style that pairs nicely with any style, allowing it to be worn on a daily basis, if so desired.
Price: $30.00
Winged King Skull Necklace
Item #SC2931
It is good to be the king. Even after death, people will still treat you like royalty! This Winged King Skull Necklace is done up like royalty, possessing an ornate style that makes it an impressive accent for anyone to lay eyes on.
Price: $13.00
Black Cherry Skull PendantBlack Cherry Skull Pendant
Item #AG-ULFP19
Do not let the succulent design of this Black Cherry Skull Pendant fool you, as these dark fruits are anything but tasty! While not good eats, this pendant is certainly a good treat, though, as it can do wonders for your style.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Day of the Dead Skull Pendant
Item #CCJ353
On the dia de los muertos, skulls are not supposed to be startling and scary, but rather, friendly and inviting. That is what this Day of the Dead Skull Pendant is, thanks to its stunning replication of the classic sugar skull design.
Price: $16.00
Helm of Awe Ravenskull PendantHelm of Awe Ravenskull Pendant
Item #AG-P687
The raven was an animal sacred to Odin, and by carving this rune onto a skull, the sigil is empowered by Odins own magic. This Helm of Awe Ravenskull Pendant offers a twist on the traditional design of Viking jewelry.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50