Recurve Hunting Bows and Horse Bows

Medieval Collectables a has nice selection of Recurve Bows that are great for hunting and horseback archery. Each of our Recurve Bows are expertly hand-crafted to order. Our Recurves are great for the traditional archer, they are also great horse bows. We have a variety of horse bows such as the Welsh bow, Scythian bow and Hungarian bow. Once an order is placed for a bow, it cannot be canceled, we consider them custom orders. Our recurve bows can take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.

How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight:
Draw Length: Your Draw Length measurement is how far you draw the bow back before releasing it. To find your draw length stand and extend both arms out in front of you, measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract two inches. This will find your approximate draw length.
Draw Weight: This is how heavy (in pounds) you will be pulling the bow back at your specified draw length. If you choose 30# and have a draw length of 28", when you pull the bow back to 28" you will be pulling 30#. Draw Weight is hard to determine if you are a beginner, 30# is good to start with and is great for target practice. Usually 40# and higher are recommended for Hunting.
Wood Elf LongbowWood Elf Longbow
Item #WB-611
The legendary Wood Elf Longbow features slight recurve built onto the bow with an elven design that gives you a smooth draw as well as the accuracy of a traditional longbow. If you are a fan of fantasy elves, you simply have to own one of these!
Price: $230.00
Hungarian Style Horsebow
Item #GI-018
When you want a truly impressive traditional bow, make sure to check out the Hungarian Style Horsebow. This Magyar horsebow hearkens back to the renowned warrior-archers of old with its stunning look and top-notch construction.
Price: $199.00