Medieval Goblets from Medieval Collectables

Medieval goblets have a conic shape that rises from the stem which can be either long or short. Sometime the stem of the goblet can be wide or narrow and the base is relatively small. Every civilization in history had some form of drinking vessel to hold their alcohol or drinkable fluids. Most of our medieval goblets can be plain or decorated with engravings, carvings or enameled. Our medieval goblets are made of pewter because it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance. A pewter goblet is the final ingredient in a perfect beer, because it tastes much better from pewter. Medieval Collectables has pil goblets, skull goblets, dragon goblets, death goblets, gothic goblets and wine goblets for the medieval re-enactor.
Residenz Wine Roemer
Item #CG5095
This Residenz Wine Roemer is decorated with an elegant design and accented by Fleur de Lis around the rim. The classic pewter goblet has a flared stem for a striking look. It is a unique item to display when not in use.
Price: $79.00
Arachnia Wine GobletArachnia Wine Goblet
Item #AG-AAG38
The Arachnia Wine goblet is crawling straight from the oaken hall table of any classic gothic horror film set. This hideously webbed goblet is carried atop a chillingly monstrous and realistic spider. The Arachnia goblet is safe for all cold beverages.
Price: $201.25
On Sale For: $181.13
Dragon Wine GlassDragon Wine Glass
Item #AG-CWT21
Enjoy your wine in medieval style with this Dragon Wine Glass. This handsome cup is fit for nobles and lords, being crafted from quality pewter and lead crystal glass. It makes for a great personal glass or table accent.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Silver Dragon Wine Goblet
Item #AE-8017
This beautiful pewter Silver Dragon Wine goblet has a sateen finish with an engraved dragon on the side of the goblet. A pewter goblet is the final ingredient in a perfect beer, because it tastes much better from pewter.
Price: $96.48
Double Dragons Wine Goblet
Item #CC10078
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Double Dragons Wine Goblet features two Celtic-style dragons facing each other.
Price: $17.00
Dragon Knot Wine Goblet
Item #CC10079
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Dragon Knot Wine Goblet features two dragons facing each other amid Celtic knotwork.
Price: $17.00
Zombie Goblet
Item #CC10215
Set your table with spooky flair using this Zombie Goblet! This goblet features the gruesome face of a zombie over its bowl, a chain that wraps around its stem, and a ring of small skulls placed around the edge of its base.
Price: $17.50
Dragon Beauty GobletDragon Beauty Goblet
Item #CC10379
Few magical beings are as powerful as dragons, making this goblet a dramatic piece of drinkware. The Dragon Beauty Goblet features an oval dragon print, based on the work of Anne Stokes, along with several crystal accents.
Price: $20.00
Fairytale Goblet
Item #CC10377
First meetings are a critical moment in a relationship, and this goblet will remind you of that truth with every use. The Fairytale Goblet features an oval print on the side of the goblet of the Once Upon a Time picture by Anne Stokes.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet
Item #CC10076
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet features a Celtic-style dragon with outspread wings and barbed tail.
Price: $17.00
Aracnafaria Goblet
Item #CC10375
If you shudder at the thought of spiders, this goblet may excite that same sense of fear. The Aracnafaria Goblet features an oval print depicting a spider fairy along with a number of bright red accent crystals.
Price: $20.00
Gothic Dragon Wine Goblet
Item #CC10080
Dragons surround themselves with hoards of treasure, making their image synonymous with wealth and riches. The Gothic Dragon Wine Goblet includes dragon heads among its intricate patterns, giving this goblet dramatic flair.
Price: $17.00
Dragon Wings Wine Goblet
Item #CC10081
Few magical creatures in mythology convey the powerful and mysterious nature of dragons. The Dragon Wings Wine Goblet uses the image of this winged beast to create an imposing, dramatic piece of glassware.
Price: $17.00
Angel Rose Goblet
Item #CC10372
Ensure that your dishware stands out from the crowd by setting your table with this dramatic goblet! The Angel Rose Goblet, inspired by the art of Anne Stokes, features an oval print on the side and multiple red accent crystals.
Price: $20.00
Greenman Goblet
Item #CC10296
A symbol of rebirth, the natural world, and Spring, the Greenman appears in the mythologies of countries around the world. The Greenman Goblet features this deity with his face forming out of the leaves and branches of a tree.
Price: $17.00
Water Dragon Goblet
Item #CC10378
Magical beings can form strong bonds with their handlers and companions, as shown in the image on this cup. The Water Dragon Goblet depicts a meeting between an elven princess and a young dragon in an oval print on its side.
Price: $20.00
Baphomet Chalice
Item #CC11047
The image of Baphomet has been associated with demonic practices since the medieval period, making its way today into several pagan and occult traditions. This Baphomet Chalice makes a great prop, display item, or drinking glass.
Price: $18.00
Gothic Prayer Goblet
Item #CC10373
No other goblet will send quite the same message as this dramatic piece. The Gothic Prayer Goblet features an oval print on its bowl, based on the work by Anne Stokes, with clear accent crystals around its stem and bowl.
Price: $20.00
Mummified Zombie Goblet
Item #CC10214
Your dinner has never appeared as spooky as when the Mummified Zombie Goblet graces your table. This gruesome goblet features the greenish face of a zombie peering out from wrapped bandages on its bowl.
Price: $17.50
Dragonkin Goblet
Item #CC10376
When planning your next gathering for your family or friends, this goblet will set your table apart! The Dragonkin Goblet features an oval print on its side featuring the work of Anne Stokes along with several clear accent crystals.
Price: $20.00
Skeleton Arm Goblet
Item #060-2602
With its creepy detailing, this gothic goblet looks as though it could have been taken from a haunted house or an underground crypt! The Skeleton Arm Goblet features a bony arm that forms the stem and grips the bowl of the glass.
Price: $18.00
Immortal Flight Goblet
Item #CC10374
With the suggestion of midnight secrets and the mysterious happenings that occur under a full moon, the Immortal Flight Goblet makes a dramatic piece of tableware to show off to your friends and family at your next gathering.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Dragon Goblet
Item #CC10701
Ideal for a Celtic or gothic table styles, this striking dragon glass will set any dinner table apart from the rest. The Celtic Dragon Goblet displays dragons and various endless knot patterns along the bowl of the piece.
Price: $18.00
Leafy Green Man Goblet
Item #060-2103
Celebrate the vernal equinox or summer solstice with this verdant green goblet! The Leafy Green Man Goblet shows the peering countenance of the popular mythological figure on the bowl and Celtic knotwork on the stem.
Price: $24.00
Triple Moon Goddess Chalice
Item #CC11100
Representing the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone, the Triple Goddess is a common symbol of womanhood in many Wiccan, Celtic, and Neopagan beliefs. The Triple Moon Goddess Chalice exhibits this deity in a unique and intricate fashion.
Price: $17.50
Skull and Bones Goblet
Item #060-2603
Incredibly creepy with their dark, hollow eyes and grinning expressions, skulls appear over the top of the Skull and Bones Goblet. This gothic goblet possesses a detailed appearance that will send chills up your spine!
Price: $18.00
Skull Covered Goblet
Item #CC11097
This Skull Covered Goblet will make a spooky addition to your feastware, and it is also a great way to show off your Gothic style. What else screams death and darkness quite like a gathering of grinning skulls and ghastly bones?
Price: $17.50
Sunken Eye Skull Ceramic Goblet
Item #CC11072
With this Sunken Eye Skull Ceramic Goblet, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your costume, implement some Gothic decor into your home, or simply astound everyone at your next dinner party by drinking out of a realistic skull!
Price: $17.50
Pentagram Skull Chalice
Item #060-2593
Dark and eerie, the look of this Pentagram Skull Chalice is sure to send a shiver down the back of anyone who sees it. This gothic goblet displays a skull surrounded by a pentagram made from arm bones as its central design.
Price: $24.00
Dragon Quatrefoil Goblet
Item #CC10702
Set a striking dinner table with the addition of this gothic dragon chalice. The Dragon Quatrefoil Goblet shows off intricate winged dragon designs around the bowl interspersed with gothic quatrefoils and crackle patterns.
Price: $18.00
Celtic Tree of Life Goblet
Item #CC11101
The Tree of Life is one of the most beloved Celtic symbols, for it represents the everlasting cycle of being. Now, you can showcase this symbol everywhere, even in your favorite feastware, thanks to the Celtic Tree of Life Goblet!
Price: $17.50
Skull and Crossbones Goblet
Item #CC11258
If there is anything a pirate loves, it is fancy things and drinking! Flashing the infamous Jolly Roger on the side, this Skull and Crossbones Goblet is the perfect feasting accessory for any buccaneer this side of the Gibraltar.
Price: $17.00
Ruah Vered Goblet
Item #AG-AAG51
The pentagram symbol represents the fifth element, the spirit or Breath of Life, bound together with all nature. The Ruah Vered Goblet displays a romantic and sensual rose of love passionately entwined with a textured pentagram.
Price: $60.00
Greenlady Goblet
Item #CC11137
As the name points out, the legend of Greenman is so often depicted as just a male figure. But what about the faces of women who appear in the leaves? Pay homage to Greenwoman while you enjoy a nice beverage in this Greenlady Goblet.
Price: $20.00
White Dragon Goblet
Item #CC11049
One of the most frightening creatures to come out of medieval folklore, dragons ignite fear in all who behold them except, of course, the noble knight. Give this sinister serpent a place at your table with the White Dragon Goblet!
Price: $17.50
Horseback Medieval Knight Goblet
Item #CC11099
Thanks to the Horseback Medieval Knight Goblet, there is truly no place where your love of medieval knights cannot be shown, even in your fancy feastware! This stunning drinking goblet features amazing detail and is fully functional.
Price: $17.50
Battling Medieval Knight Goblet
Item #CC11098
What can be better than watching a medieval knight riding his horse into battle? Why, drinking a tasty beverage while you are doing so is! With the Battling Medieval Knight Goblet, you can experience both of these at the same time.
Price: $17.50
Medieval Knight Portrait Goblet
Item #CC11051
Set the clocks back a few centuries, fill your glass to the brim, and imagine you are sipping ale with the most noble of warriors with the Medieval Knight Portrait Goblet. This goblet makes a great display item or piece of dinnerware.
Price: $17.50
Medieval Knight Helmet Goblet
Item #CC11050
Nothing is more iconic of a medieval knight than his steel helmet, providing him with protection as he rides fearlessly into battle. Celebrate this classic image while enjoying a tasty drink with the Medieval Knight Helmet Goblet.
Price: $17.50
Medieval Dragon Goblet
Item #CC11257
Drinking the blood of a dragon can be either restorative or poisonous-do you dare find out for yourself? With this Medieval Dragon Goblet, you can display one of the most sinister mythological creatures in your decor or feastware.
Price: $17.00
Double Dragon Skull Goblet
Item #CC11558
The Double Dragon Skull Goblet features not one, but two dragons with their claws clutched around a frightful human skull. Its intricate textures and hand painted details evoke the looks of red dragon scale and ancient dark stone.
Price: $17.50
Seaworthy Buccaneer Goblet
Item #05-44077
Feast your eyes on the rich cup that sits before you. The jolly features of the pirate crossbones smiles back at you. Savor the taste of your drink and honor the daring escapades of the sea with the Seaworthy Buccaneer Goblet.
Price: $18.50
Double Dragon Heart GobletDouble Dragon Heart Goblet
Item #CC11557
Textured and delicately hand painted to mimic the looks of stone and dragon scale, the Double Dragon Heart Goblet depicts intricately detailed dragons posed with their heads together and wings outspread, creating the shape of a heart.
Price: $17.50
Steampunk Dragon Goblet
Item #CC11559
The worlds of steampunk and dragons collide in the Steampunk Dragon Goblet. Made of cold cast resin, this intricately detailed cup depicts gears, screws, and other iconic steampunk details along with the image of a mechanical dragon.
Price: $17.50
Cthulhu Wine Goblet
Item #CC11518
Dine in the style of the Great Old Ones with the Cthulhu Wine Goblet. This cold cast resin cup features finely crafted and hand painted imagery of the cosmic monster itself, showcasing its octopus head, tentacles, and bat-like wings.
Price: $21.50
White Wolf Goblet
Item #CC11745
When you decide to use this White Wolf Goblet, legends of werewolves and covert ceremonies come to life! This goblet, made from cold cast resin, is skillfully painted by hand and looks like it was taken out of a medieval storybook.
Price: $17.00
Medieval Knight Gauntlet Goblet
Item #CC11743
Raise a glass to the king with this Medieval Knight Gauntlet Goblet! Transform yourself into a courageous knight with this highly detailed goblet, which displays a medieval knight gauntlet glove raising a stunning silver goblet.
Price: $23.50
Thor Goblet
Item #CC11872
Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder and lightning in Norse mythology. With this Thor Goblet, you can be a beverage-wielding legend of your own realm! This is a well-detailed goblet worthy of any Viking warrior.
Price: $17.00
Happy Tree Chalice
Item #060-2715
Invoke the magic of an enchanted forest when you make use of the Happy Tree Chalice. This cold cast resin fantasy chalice has been artfully crafted to emulate the appearance of an ancient tree inhabited by a kind forest spirit.
Price: $24.00
Viking Warrior and Dragon Ship Goblet
Item #CC11858
Celebrate the Viking culture and pay homage to Viking warriors with this Viking Warrior and Dragon Ship Goblet. This Viking goblet is made from cold cast resin and has been hand painted to guarantee remarkable attention to detail.
Price: $17.50
Loki Goblet
Item #CC11874
Throughout tales of Norse mythology, Loki is known as a trickster and shape-shifter. With this Loki Goblet, you get the chance to see him in his truest form. This ornate goblet is hand painted and made from quality cold cast resin.
Price: $17.00
Gothic Skeleton Goblet
Item #CC11701
If you not only talk the talk, but also like to walk the walk, then this Gothic Skeleton Goblet is for you. Designed by renowned artist Anne Stokes, this goblet is made from quality cold cast resin and is skillfully hand painted.
Price: $17.50
Skull Goblet
Item #060-2734
A sip from the Skull Goblet will have you shrieking with delight. Skull faces decorate the cup of this gothic goblet, their elongated jaws forming the stem and extending to the base as if frozen forever in a horrific, macabre screech.
Price: $21.00
Atlas Skeleton Goblet
Item #CC11880
After the Titans lost the Titanomachy, Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the edge of the world and hold the sky upon his shoulders. With the Atlas Skeleton Goblet, you can add the weight of your favorite beverage to this burden!
Price: $17.50
Medieval Lion Heart Gauntlet Goblet
Item #CC11742
Drink to victory with this unique goblet! The Medieval Lion Heart Gauntlet Goblet is a beautifully sculpted piece of drinkware. This stunning goblet is made from cold cast resin and expertly painted by hand to ensure amazing detail.
Price: $23.50
All-Father Odin Goblet
Item #CC11873
With an unquenchable desire to attain incredible wisdom, the Norse god Odin is among the most revered of the Asgardians, earning the title of All-Father. Now you can toast to the King of Asgard with the All-Father Odin Goblet!
Price: $17.00
Valkyrie Goblet
Item #CC11875
Often seen as the angels of Norse mythology, the Valkyries collected the souls of those who fell in battle, bringing them to the hall of Valhalla. Show your appreciation of these valiant warrior women with the Valkyrie Goblet!
Price: $17.00