Medieval Pennants

Medieval Collectables is proud to offer you our line of Medieval Pennants. Our Medieval Pennants are made of a Cotton/Poly blend fabric, they are hand silk screened with Silver Metallic Ink and are 57 inches long and 30 inches wide! Medieval Castle Pennants are Inspired by the Romance and Heraldry of the Knights Pennants that adorned the Great Halls of Medieval Castles. All of our pennants come with a wooden rod for easy hanging in your home or office. If you want to add a touch of a medieval castle to your own home you can do it with our great selection of medieval Pennants. Our Pennants come in variety of colors and designs, so that you could match with your interior.
Celtic Dragon Pennant
Item #ED623
The feared Celt Dragon poised to strike as his tail curls and wings expand! The Celts and Anglo-Saxons adopted their images from the battle standards brought to their land by the Roman legions and the head and wings of an eagle.
Price: $34.99
Rampant Lion Pennant
Item #ED626
The Rampant Lion is a proud symbol of many coat of arms adorning the Great Halls of Medieval Castles. The pennant has the rampant lion silk screened in silver with a fabric pennant. The Rampant Lion pennant is made of durable cotton.
Price: $34.99
Heraldic Eagle Pennant
Item #ED625
The Heraldic Eagle Pennant is a powerful eagle with its beautiful wings spread out. This inspiring medieval pennant will add honor and a royal touch to all decors! The eagle on this medieval pennant is an image inspired by falconry.
Price: $34.99
Welsh Pendragon Pennant
Item #ED616
The Dragon Crest is silk screened on in silver with a black or burgundy background. The Welsh Pendragon Pennant is made of durable cotton and includes a wooden hanging rod. The Medieval pennant measures 57 inches by 30 inches.
Price: $34.99
Great Griffin Pennant
Item #ED624
The gryphon is a protective symbol that represents strength and vigilance. The Great Griffin pennant is made of durable cotton and includes a wooden hanging rod. The griffin is silk screened in silver on a black background.
Price: $34.99
Rampant Unicorn Pennant
Item #ED622
This pennant features a Unicorn silk-screened in silver. The Rampant Unicorn pennant is made of durable cotton and includes a wooden hanging rod. This medieval pennant measures 57 inches high and 30 inches wide.
Price: $34.99