Gargoyle Ashtrays from Medieval Collectables

Gargoyle ashtrays are a fantastic accessory to adorn any gothic table. These medieval gargoyle ashtrays are made of cold cast resin and have high quality detailing, making them real and life-like as possible. Medieval Collectables carries many styles of gargoyle ashtrays that included fighting gargoyle ashtrays, gargoyle head ashtrays, gothic gargoyle ashtrays, and gargoyle guarding ashtrays. You can be sure that when you lay your cigarette down, it is safe in your gargoyle protected ashtray. With these traditional gargoyle designs these ashtrays will make everyone in your gothic or medieval home stand up!
Gargoyle Ashtray
Item #SC7340
Need a good looking gargoyle ashtray for that medieval table? This gargoyle ashtray has a gargoyle perched on top a mound and stones circling the outer edge of the ashtray. The gargoyle ashtray measures 6.5 inches tall.
Price: $21.00
Pan Ashtray
Item #CC8294
The Pan Ashtray features a Celtic bowl, with three images of Pan on the sides. In Greek mythology, Pan is the companion of the nymphs. He is the God of shepherds and flocks. This ashtray is made of cast resin and measures 5.5 inches.
Price: $11.50
Gargoyle Ashtray
Item #CC8292
The Gargoyle Ashtray would make a great conversation piece in your home or office. This ashtray features a gargoyle with his hands on his face screaming. His wings wrap around to create the bowl, which is decorated with Celtic designs.
Price: $11.50
Gargoyle AshtrayGargoyle Ashtray
Item #93812
The Gargoyle Ashtray is perfect addition to adore any gargoyle table or medieval room. This ashtray features a gargoyle guarding a rocky pit with its wing spread open and claws ready to strike.
Price: $15.00
Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray
Item #CC9632
Even the little accents can be unforgettable ones, especially when they have as much character and appeal as this Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray. This ashtray is a versatile container and dish, as well as a decoration, all rolled into one.
Price: $11.50
Quartet of Gargoyles Ashtray
Item #CC9631
This Quartet of Gargoyles Ashtray appears not to be an ashtray at all. You could be forgiven for thinking that it is a replica of a gothic rooftop or castle tower, thanks to the regal decoration, square shaping, and topped design.
Price: $20.00
Gargoyle Mouth Ashtray
Item #CC10941
Perched on the outside of a cathedral, gargoyles have been believed to ward off evil and harmful spirits. Sitting on your desk or table, this Gargoyle Mouth Ashtray is a great way to keep your cigarettes or tiny items safe from harm.
Price: $20.00