Dragon Ashtrays from Medieval Collectables

Dragon Ashtrays are a fantastic accessory to adorn any table. You can be sure that when you lay your cigarette down, it is safe in your dragon protected ashtray. These Dragon Ashtrays are sculpted in cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand finished detail. With these traditional dragon designs these ashtrays will make everyone in your castle home stand up!
Celtic Dragon Ashtray
Item #CC8263
Acting as the perfect fusion of fantasy and function, the Celtic Dragon Ashtray is a great decor item or collectible that features a realistic and life-like dragon integrated seamlessly into the appearance of the fantasy ashtray.
Price: $18.00
Furled Dragon Wing Ashtray
Item #CC9388
As creatures of fire and brimstone, most dragons are not afraid to be around a bit of smoke. That makes them a perfect smoking companion, especially when they plan to be as helpful and useful as this Furled Wing Dragon Ashtray.
Price: $19.50
Celtic Dragon Ashtray
Item #SC8381
A dragon slayer from the silver screen once claimed that dragons fed on death and ash. If this is true, than the dragon on this Celtic Dragon Ashtray must be a happy one, because it is a good position to get a steady supply of ash!
Price: $12.00
Celtic Dragon Tray
Item #CC10560
Capable of being used in a variety of ways, the Celtic Dragon Tray displays a fierce dragon overlooking a round bowl with Celtic patterning. Wings spread to each side of the dragon, and its tail curls around the edge of the tray.
Price: $15.00
Dragon Pentagram Ashtray
Item #CC11065
Every aspect of your home decor should reflect your unique tastes and personal style. With both Wiccan and fantasy elements, the Dragon Pentagram Ashtray can be easily implemented into any design for its function and decoration.
Price: $8.00
Fiery Dragon Ashtray
Item #CC11064
Fire-breathing creatures themselves, dragons are the perfect animal to keep around smoke because, well, it just makes sense! This Fiery Dragon Ashtray is a unique way to implement your love of dragons into every part of your home.
Price: $8.00