Lord of the Rings Armour and Helmets from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables offers you fully licensed Lord of the Rings Helmets. We have Gimli's Helm, Gondor Infantry, Cavalry Helm, King Elendil Helmet, Limited Edition Helm Of Isildur's, Limited Edition High Elven War Helm and the Helmet of Sauron. Perfect for the collector, each helmet includes a parchment certificate of authenticity. The Lord of the Ring armour we carry is fully fuctional and can be used in LARP events as well as SCA reenactments. The armour is made of top grade leather and plated with steel plates on the top. Medieval Collectables only carries true Lord of the Ring Helmets and Amour and not cheap imitations.
The Gauntlet of Sauron
Item #UC3065
Dark and intimidating, the armor of Sauron is strangely beautiful, possessed of fine details worthy of such a being. The Gauntlet of Sauron is a handcrafted, functional, actor-scale piece that will appeal to any collector!
Price: $620.00
Rivendell Elf Helm
Item #UC3075
A replica of the prop helmet seen in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug, the Rivendell Elf Helm displays authentic details with precise molding and coloration. This collectible helm makes a great piece of home decor.
Price: $623.00