Dungeon Keys from Medieval Collectables

We have a great accessory for your medieval home decor, our dungeon keys. Dungeon keys are great for using as stage props and productions or just to carry them around at the renaissance fair. Medieval Collectables has dungeon keys that include castle keys, fortress keys, and rustic dungeon keys. Some keys have a aged rusted finish to give them an authentic look and others have a polished brass finish to make them look newer. Each set of keys has a larger ring holding four or more dungeon keys on it. Whether your needing a stage prop or to give your dungeon or castle an added look these brass castle keys will help.
Thieves ToolsThieves Tools
Item #MCI-2220
For the ultimate LARPer who has their character completely planned out, you must add this set of Thieves Tools to your costume. Place your tools in the case, roll it up, and wear it on your belt with the convenient attached belt loop.
Price: $51.00
On Sale For: $48.45
Giant Fortress Keys
Item #ED36156
The Giant Fortress Keys is a set of 4 giant keys on a ring. Each key is 10 inches long and very authentic looking. Whether you need a stage prop or to give your dungeon an added look these giant fortress keys will help.
Price: $28.48
Mega Dungeon Key Set
Item #ED31039
The Mega Dungeon Keys are a set of 15 large metal keys on a ring. Each key is authentic looking with an antiqued finish. Whether you need a stage prop or to give your dungeon or castle an added look, these dungeon keys will help.
Price: $33.25
Brass Prison Keys
Item #AH-3963
Looking as though they belong attached a Roman legionnaires belt, these Brass Prison Keys are a classic example of historical keys that would have been used to lock virtually anything, ranging from doors to chests and boxes.
Price: $65.00
Dungeon Master Keys
Item #AC-29-721
Keys can set you free, especially if you find yourself locked up in a medieval dungeon. These Dungeon Master Keys are to be the things you crave most at that point, because these worn keys could grant you the freedom you desire.
Price: $20.00
Heavy Mission Keys
Item #TC-E-622
If you wanted something secure in the old days you kept it under lock and key. This set of Heavy Mission Keys echoes the look of larger more secure locks by virtue of the considerable size of each and every key kept on its ring!
Price: $17.00
Antiqued Brass Jailers Keys
Item #TC-1754AF
A good set of keys can have so many uses, as well as unlocking new doors, both metaphorically and literally! These Antiqued Brass Jailor Keys accurately recreate five traditional medieval keys that are perfect for a number of uses.
Price: $13.25
Wild West Jailor's Keys
Item #AC-29-714
While jailors in the old west might have been tempted to lock up an outlaw and throw away the key, seldom did it happen. These Wild West Jailor Keys are the sort that a sheriff might have for locking and unlocking the cells in his jail.
Price: $30.00
Worn Ring of Prison Keys
Item #AH-3964
This is one set of keys that would look right at home, jangling on the belt of a dungeon master or prison keeper. This Worn Ring of Prison Keys has an old cast-iron look that makes them look as if they truly belong in the medieval era.
Price: $34.00
Castle Key SetCastle Key Set
Item #JKR-9
Perfect for theatrical use or unique home decor, these ornamental keys dangle from a metal ring that forms a loop at the top for hanging on a hook. The Castle Key Set displays an antique brass appearance.
Price: $20.00
Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys
Item #AH-3965
A handful of authentic keys are just what any prison keeper or jailer needs to make the image of a dungeon complete. This Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys is just that, possessing unique bits based on the medieval warded lock design.
Price: $25.00
Antiqued Jailer Keys
Item #AC-29-711
A handful of authentic keys are just what any prison keeper or jailer needs to make the image complete, and the Antiqued Jailer Keys are just that. With their worn, cast iron finish, the keys have a historical look and appeal.
Price: $16.00
Victorian Skeleton Key Set
Item #JKR-6
While questing for skeleton keys to make a part of your collection, be sure to check out this set of ornamental keys! The Victorian Skeleton Key Set recreates the look and feel of keys that might hang from the belt of a jailor.
Price: $14.00
Medieval Dungeon Key Set
Item #JKR-4
In your search for interesting skeleton keys, be sure not to miss fantastic collectibles like these decorative keys. The Medieval Dungeon Key Set features six keys of different sizes and shapes that hang from a round ring.
Price: $16.00
Pirate Push Keys Set
Item #TC-E-111
When you are faced with an unusual lock, bring forth this equally distinct set of iron keys. Inspired by ancient designs, this Pirate Push Keys Set is fantastic for display or costume accessory. Five diverse keys hang from a sturdy ring.
Price: $14.10
Trefoil Castle Keys
Item #TC-E-112
Featuring a three-lobed clover-shaped bow, these iron keys have smooth round shanks and each has a uniquely shaped bit. These Trefoil Castle Keys are great for your medieval display or renaissance costume and come on a sturdy ring.
Price: $14.10