Celtic Jewelry from Medieval Collectables

Celtic Jewelry is mostly well known for the gorgeous Celtic Knotwork that is displayed on each piece. You can wear our Celtic Jewelry with your Medieval and Celtic outfits at the Renaissance Fair or with your everyday outfits. Aside from knotwork, we also have Celtic Crosses, Celtic Dragons and Serpents and the Celtic Clauddagh symbol. Medieval Collectable's Celtic jewelry consists of Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings, Celtic bracelets, Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings and Celtic brooches. For the Celts, life was seen as a riddle, the "eternal journey" so to say. They believed in reincarnation: continuous rebirth until complete spiritual rebirth is achieved. These knots symbolized their maze through eternity, and their understanding of various spiritual levels in the search for purification of the soul. The cross symbolizes the bridge to other worlds and to higher energy and knowledge. This is realized by the vertical axis (celestial world) and horizontal axis (Earthly world). They are also considered solar symbols, sources of light and ultimate energy. The design of the heart held between two hands with a crown set on top is known as the Clauddagh. Reputed to originate in the Irish village of Clauddagh, across from Galway. Traditionally used as a ring, it was a family heirloom handed down as an engagement ring, friendship, or wedding ring. The symbolism is as such, heart as love, hands as friendship, and crown as fidelity.
Celtic Bracelets
Here you'll find a varied selection of Celtic bracelets which include cuff bracelets, bangles, link bracelets and slave bracelts. Our Celtic bracelets are crafted from the finest Pewter or Sterling Silver. Many of the designs feature intricate and detailed Celtic knotwork, popular Celtic symbols like the Celtic Claddaugh and Shamrock and even very simple designs with a charm and silver chain. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure you'll find something to accent your outfit beautifully.
Celtic Brooches
Whether you are wearing a brooch in the traditional fashion or wearing it with your everyday clothing as a unique pin, our Celtic style brooches are a perfect way to show your heritage or interest in the ancient culture. Our Celtic brooches are made from the finest Pewter or Sterling Silver, they feature popular Celtic symbols like the Thistle, Claddaugh and lots of Celtic Knotwork. Use our brooches to keep your cloak or cape closed or as an everday accessory. We have traditional penannular brooches to more modern designs with pin/clasp backs.
Celtic Earrings
Our Celtic Earrings will make the perfect accent to any outfit, whether you are dressed for everyday wear or going to the Ren fair. Show your pride and heritage by wearing any of these gorgeous earrings, made from top quality pewter or sterling silver. The posts or hooks are all sterling silver. We have a great selection of post style earrings or dangle style earrings featuring winding Celtic Knotwork, Celtic Claddaugh symbols, Celtic Crosses and Modern Celtic designs.
Celtic Necklaces
Medieval Collectables has a great selection of Celtic necklaces that can be worn by both men and women. All our Celtic necklaces include a sterling silver chain or leather thong. Some Celtic necklaces feature pendants with detailed Celtic knotwork, Celtic Crosses, Celtic Clauddaghs, Celtic Dragons, the Celtic Tree of Life, Lockets that you can keep small treasures in and so much more.
Celtic Pendants
Medieval Collectables has the perfect Celtic Pendant to compliment any outfit. Our Celtic Pendants can be worn by anyone, Men, Women and Children. These pendants do not come with a necklace, but will fit on just about any size chain or neck cord. We have fantastic designs available, from Celtic Crosses and Claddaughs to Trinity Knots and winding knotwork. These are suitable for any occasion and make the perfect gift.
Celtic Rings
Our Celtic Rings are suitable for Men, Women and Children. We have a great variety of sizes available, as well as styles. Medieval Collectables has many different rings with Celtic knotwork and some styles feature the popular Claddaugh symbol, Trinity Knots and colorful CZ stones. Our Celtic rings are made from the finest pewter, sterling silver and we even offer some styles in gold. These rings make a lovely gift and are suitable for any occasion.