Home Accents from Medieval Collectables

Medieval Collectables specializes in distinctive Medieval and Renaissance home decorations and decor. Our home accents are items that do not fit into any category but make great home and office decor items. We have lawn and garden accents, decorative bookends, door knockers, cross, jewelry boxes, plaques, statues, and viking ships just to name a few of the items. Our Medieval home accents are perfect for themed rooms and make great conversation pieces. Show your true interest in Medieval, Celtic or Renaissance times by displaying an interesting piece of home decor from Medieval Collectables.
Castle Lion Door Knocker
Item #ED36023
Cast of iron and aged with an antique finish, this lion door knocker looks as if may have once stood watch upon an old castle door! This rustic aged lions head is surrounded by a band of braids. The Lion Door Knocker is a perfect gift.
Price: $42.73
Templar Coffin Box
Item #SC7190
The Templar Coffin box features a knight laying down hold a medieval sword in his hands with his shield at his side. The Templar cross is on the face of the shield and on the side of the box.
Price: $20.00
Pirate's Treasure Chest
Item #CC7245
The Pirates Treasure Chest is the perfect place to store your booty! This box is incredibly detailed all the way down to the wood grain! This box features a skull with swords through his eyes to guard the lock.
Price: $22.00
Medieval Style Lantern
Item #OB0618
Crafted in blackened steel with translucent horn panels, this lantern has a wonderful aged look. There is a ring to attach to your carrying stick, our Medieval-Style Lantern is made for use with a candle.
Price: $49.00
Reaper Sculpture
Item #MEGA046R
This grim reaper sculpture is ornate, demonstrating the elaborate skill and meticulous patience rendered by the artist. The sculpture is grim reaper holding onto the guard of the medieval sword with both hands stuck into the ground.
Price: $1,250.00
Joan of Arc Bust
Item #MEGA039PR
This Joan of Arc sculpture is beautifully ornate demonstrating the elaborate skill and meticulous patience rendered by the artist. The sculpture captures the imagination of a famous fighting woman in European history.
Price: $382.00
Steampunk Wall Clock
Item #CC8510
The Steampunk Wall Clock stems from the Colonel J Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection. The face of the clock shows all the gears on the inside. There are no numbers featured on the face, but there are nuts where the numbers would be.
Price: $76.00
Crusader Wall Cross
Item #ED15831
This ancient Christian symbol of Crusader Knights would be a perfect addition to a knights home. The Crusader wall cross is made of cast aluminum with an antique finish. The home decor cross measures 10 inches high.
Price: $28.50
Cerberus the Three Headed Dog Statue
Item #CC8574
Cerberus is a three-headed hound in Greek and Roman myth. He guards the gates of Hades to stop the souls that have crossed the Styx from leaving. The three heads sometimes present many different things.
Price: $24.00
Medieval Garden Cross
Item #ED74901
This medieval garden iron cross is perfect for both indoors or outdoors decor. The medieval cross has a rustic finish and is made of wrought iron. The iron cross measures 20 inches high and is a way to make even your garden medieval.
Price: $49.98
Celtic Cross Statue
Item #CC6797
The Celtic Cross Statue would look great just about anywhere you place it. This statue features a Celtic cross decorated with gold designs. This statue is made of hand painted cold cast resin and measures 6 inches tall.
Price: $12.00
The Steampunk Big Daddy
Item #CC8319
Affectionately known as the Steampunk Big Daddy, without a doubt the most ambitious piece of fine engineering ever produced to date. The Steampunk Big Daddy is hand painted, made of cold cast resin, and is removable from its stand.
Price: $50.00
Litternere Jewelry StandLitternere Jewelry Stand
Item #AG-AAC58
The Litternere Jewelry Stand is an unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to assist its pampered mistress. This gothic pewter jewelry stand is a gothic accent to easily add to your vanity stand.
Price: $175.00
On Sale For: $157.50
Knightly Sword Hilted Umbrella
Item #802309
Perfect for those rainy nights, this truly unique umbrella will vanquish all of those gloomy storms. The handle is styled upon our classic Gothic bastard sword, which was one of our most popular styles for many years.
Price: $30.00
Royal Lion Door Knocker
Item #ED9008
Impress visitors with the symbol of nobility found on European castle doors. The royal lion door knocker is cast of solid brass and boasts a glistening regal lion head surrounded by gleaming banded braids.
Price: $94.98
Steampunk Revolver
Item #CC8883
Taken from the collection of Colonel J. Fizziwigs, the Steampunk Revolver is the ideal Steampunk firearm for a gentleman to use in his personal defense. When it comes to power and prestige, nothing but a Fizziwigs pistol will suffice.
Price: $30.00
Pirate's Jeweled Chest
Item #CC3537
The Pirates Jeweled Chest is a miniature version of the Pirates Treasure Chest! The lid has been bejeweled with rhinestones and the skull covers the lock. This miniature pirate chest measures 2.5 inches long and is made from resin.
Price: $30.00
Coffin Compact MirrorCoffin Compact Mirror
Item #AG-ACM2
Reflect your soul in this coffin shaped compact mirror. With poignantly placed bats a delicate, cast-pewter frame surrounds this unbreakable mirror of seduction. One of the advantages of this pewter compact mirror is that it does not need regular polishing.
Price: $28.75
On Sale For: $25.88
Apocalypse Sword Letter OpenerApocalypse Sword Letter Opener
Item #AG-BE13
Scythe-styled sword of death, the Old Testament's Fourth Horseman. This wonderfully detailed Apocalypse Sword letter opener is beautifully detailed and made from fine English pewter. This letter opener would make a great gift for anyone.
Price: $46.00
On Sale For: $41.40
The Steampunk Combobulator
Item #CC8318
The Steampunk Combobulator M.IX features the newly patented Fission Fed Cartridges, another first for CJF Industries, offering you, the discerning customer an experience like no other. The Steampunk Combobulator is made of resin.
Price: $36.00
Aodal's Cauldron CasketAodal's Cauldron Casket
Item #AG-AAC48
Solid pewter, richly decorated Druidic cauldron surmounted by a Celtic shield with four siam cabochons. The Aodal's Cauldron Casket is perfect for that secret memento or a special piece of jewelry. This casket would make a gift for any friend.
Price: $59.23
On Sale For: $53.31
Purple Wizard Statue
Item #05-71155
The Purple Wizard Statue is a great accent to display in your medieval room. This statue features a wizard in a purple robe and cape standing on a stone platform. He holds his staff in one hand and his crystal ball in the other.
Price: $5.00
Cerberus Statue
Item #CC8536
Cerberus is a three-headed hound in Greek and Roman myth. He guards the gates of Hades to stop the souls that have crossed the Styx from leaving. The three heads are said to represent many different things.
Price: $36.00
Royal Medieval MirrorRoyal Medieval Mirror
Item #93427
This mirror is fit for royalty making it a great addition to any room. The frame is in the shape of a shield, emblazoned with a pattern of royal crests. Two lions stand rampant, seeming almost to be dueling over the elaborate crown perched on top.
Price: $118.00
On Sale For: $106.00
The Steampunk C.O.D
Item #CC8317
Gentleman, does your good lady need her own protection? If sir, the answer is an indefatigable affirmative then CJF Industries brings your attention to the C.O.D, or Concealable Ossotronic Disruptor. This item is removable from its stand.
Price: $30.00
The Steampunk Consolidator
Item #CC8323
The Steampunk Consolidator is a MK.I model, utilizing and advancing the technology of the Resilient Valve, it offers power but with grace. Like our C.O.D, it is an ideal size for concealment. This item is removable from its stand.
Price: $30.00
Magic BoxMagic Box
Item #AG-CARD6
Ceremonial esoteric temple in miniature, bearing magic spell scripting and the sigils, names, and likenesses of four great and positively influential demons, invoked to ensure health (Buer), love and romance (Saleos), wit.
Price: $97.75
On Sale For: $87.98
The Steampunk Annialator MK.II
Item #CC8316
The Steampunk Annialator is the flagship piece of this collection offering such power hitherto only available to nature itself. This Steampunk item is removable from the stand, made of cold cast resin, and measures 29 inches long.
Price: $130.00
Pirate's Chest
Item #CC7244
The Pirates Chest would make a great place to store your secret treasures! This box features a giant octopus on the lid, and smaller octopi around it. A skull and chains guard the lock. This box is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $22.00
Pirate Ship Statue
Item #CC7551
The Pirate Ship Statue would make a great accent in your home. This is a miniature replica of a traditional pirate ship, right down to the skull and crossbones flags. This pirate ship is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $90.00
The Steampunk Liberator MK.III
Item #CC8320
This indisputably fine piece of machinery is the Steampunk Liberator MK.III and features new improved steam pressure controls than the MK.II. This Steampunk item is removable from its stand and is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $56.00
Danse Macabre Metal PlaqueDanse Macabre Metal Plaque
Item #AG-ALOM334
The Danse Macabre metal plaque is the realization of a cemeterial nightmare and the Medieval allegory on the unifying force of death; lead by the necromantic maestro, Christian de la Mort. This plaque measures about 300 mm by 400 mm.
Price: $34.50
On Sale For: $31.05
Alchemist Pen TopAlchemist Pen Top
Item #AG-BE4
The classic Alchemist skull, cast in English pewter, is securely fitted to the top of this black Papermate ball pen. The pen is included and would make a great gift for any writer you know, adding a gothic reminder even to their desk.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $8.10
Steampunk Table Clock
Item #CC8509
The Steampunk Table Clock stems from the Colonel J Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection. This detailed clock features an old radio look, with a gauge on the top. The face of the clock features the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 with dots in between.
Price: $57.50
Notre Dame Candleholder
Item #SC7266
This Notre Dame candleholder is made of cast resin and holds up to five tea light candles at one time. The arch of the candleholder is made up of Notre Dame symbols. The Notre Dame candleholder measures 14 inches long and 4 inches high.
Price: $29.00
Steampunk Box with Compass
Item #CC8508
The Steampunk Box with Compass stems from the Colonel J Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection. The outside of the box features all the nuts, bolts, gears, and screws. There is a detailed compass on the lid of this amazingly detailed box.
Price: $47.00
Bat Compact MirrorBat Compact Mirror
Item #AG-ACM1
This bat compact mirror features a delicate cast pewter frame. This mirror is lightweight and measures about 76mm long. One of the advantages of this pewter compact mirror is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance
Price: $28.75
On Sale For: $25.88
USMC Devil Dog Vintage Steel SignUSMC Devil Dog Vintage Steel Sign
Item #762-503-387
According to legend, the Marines earned the nickname devil dogs while fighting in World War I. The USMC Devil Dog Vintage Steel Sign illustrates this name with distinctive style, showing off a fearsome golden hound.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $26.00
1861 Civil War Cannon USA
Item #FD402
This cannon reproduction is a smaller version of the famous 12 Pounder Cannon. This item measures 15 inches in overall length with a metal barrel that is 7.5 inches long. This cannon is just like the ones used in the Civil War.
Price: $121.00
Steampunk Box
Item #CC8654
The Steampunk Box is a great box to keep your trinkets in. This is also a great display piece in your Steampunk themed room or office. This box features a Steampunk style construction with gears, nuts, bolts, and screws galore!
Price: $22.00
Dragonette Card CasketDragonette Card Casket
Item #AG-CARD3
Pewter casket, bearing an exquisitely sculpted, diagonally symmetrical Dragon lids; includes Alchemy Arcana playing cards. The Dragonette Card Casket is playing card sized. This box would make a great gift or home decor item.
Price: $80.50
On Sale For: $72.45
18th Century French Cannon Louis XIV
Item #FD404
This miniature replica of a Louis XIV field cannon is well constructed and sized for a shelf display. The wheels rotate and the barrel can be tipped and elevated. The details are excellent and offer this miniature incredible realism.
Price: $134.00
Versailles Compact MirrorVersailles Compact Mirror
Item #AG-ACM5
An elegant, miniaturised Baroque-style ladies dressing mirror. The Versailles compact has a cast pewter frame surrounding this lightweight, unbreakable mirror of seduction. An advantage to this pewter mirror is that it does not need regular polishing.
Price: $32.20
On Sale For: $28.98
Steampunk Gear Christmas Ornament Set of 8
Item #LB208
This unique set of ornaments was made with the Steampunk enthusiast in mind. Whether you do your whole tree in a steampunk theme or you mix gears with a traditional style, these will definitely give your tree a unique look.
Price: $16.00
Bootleg Skeleton Statue
Item #CC7615
The Bootleg Skeleton Statue would make a great addition to your skeleton or pirate collection. This statue features a bootlegged skeletal pirate in all his gear. His skeletal parrot is sitting on his shoulder.
Price: $18.00
Grim Reaper CalendarGrim Reaper Calendar
Item #CC7450
The Grim Reaper Calendar is a great way to stay organized. This calendar features two grim reapers walking along a stone path. They are carrying scythes covered in roses and skulls. This calendar is made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $37.00
On Sale For: $33.00
Steampunk Clockwork Heart
Item #CC8881
It looks like a Steampunk styled Cupid had his way with the Steampunk Clockwork Heart. This beautiful and intriguing Steampunk heart is filled with clock gears and mechanisms, and it has also been shot by a Steampunk arrow.
Price: $40.00
Cemetery Gate BookendCemetery Gate Bookend
Item #AG-BE1
Modeled on the famous C. 19th 'Gaslight' photo, believed to have been taken in the Highgate, London. This individual bookend measures 9 inches tall and is made from black pewter and bone-resin. This bookend would look excellent in any library.
Price: $109.25
On Sale For: $98.33
Bronze Unicorn Mirror
Item #WU-1097
Do you dream of seeing a unicorn every day? With how rare and skittish unicorns can be, that is a difficult task to manage. At least, it was until now, as this Bronze Unicorn Mirror makes it easy to catch a glimpse of a unicorn.
Price: $53.20
The Steampunk Vaporiser
Item #CC8322
The Resilient Valve Fed M.IV Steampunk Vaporiser is the ideal sidearm for a man who likes to travel and has an amiable temperament about his persona. This item is removable from the stand. The Steampunk Vaporiser is made of cast resin.
Price: $44.00
Eye Of Astrontiel Crystal BallEye Of Astrontiel Crystal Ball
Item #AG-CB3
Three statues of the prophesying Demon of Fate support the 60 mm diameter moulded crystal sphere. Each one peers wickedly into his own 10 mm volcano effect crystal. This crystal ball and stand is made in Sheffield, England.
Price: $172.50
On Sale For: $155.25
Wizard with Dragon Statue
Item #05-935
The Wizard with Dragon Statue is a beautiful piece. This statue features a wizard in a blue robe and detailed cloak standing on a platform. He holds his staff in one hand, while a dragon rests on his other arm, holding a crystal.
Price: $28.75
Grim Reaper Ball Lamp
Item #CC7758
The Grim Reaper Ball Lamp would look great on any bedside table, dresser, or counter. This lamp features a grim reaper standing in front of a table made of bones and skulls. His cloak is tattered and he is gazing into the ball.
Price: $44.00
Metalised Alchemist Gear KnobMetalised Alchemist Gear Knob
Item #AG-ASS47
Cold cast polished pewter colored gear knob. The Metalised Alchemist Gear Knob is bored and fitted with a rubber grommet for direct screw attachments to gear sticks. The Metalised Alchemist Gear Knob would make a great gift for any gothic driver!
Price: $79.35
On Sale For: $71.42
Jolly Roger Table Decoration
Item #MC-PK-2054
The Jolly Roger might be one of the most well-known pirate images. Before there were eye-patches and peg-legs, there was the Jolly Roger, something you too can now celebrate, thanks to the Jolly Roger Table Decoration.
Price: $36.00
Absinthe Fairy Metal PlaqueAbsinthe Fairy Metal Plaque
Item #AG-ALOM201
The Absinthe Fairy metal plaque features the stunning Absinthe Fairy floating above a green ghastly skull on a black background with a faint green border. This plaque measures about 300 mm by 400 mm and would look stunning on any surface it's placed on!!
Price: $34.50
On Sale For: $31.05
Mist Maker
Item #SU-N0103
What is an eerie and creepy setting without a healthy dose of flowing, rolling mist? With this Mist Maker unit, you will have almost anything you need to create your own pale, ghostly mists that flow and settle just like heavy fog.
Price: $24.98
Winged Grim ReaperWinged Grim Reaper
Item #CC7451
The Winged Grim Reaper Statue is an incredibly detailed piece. This statue features the grim reaper standing among rose petals and flames. His arms are crossed over his chest, and he hold a scythe in each hand.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Battle Ready Viking Warrior Statue
Item #CC8736
The Battle Ready Viking Warrior Statue depicts a classic Viking warrior caught before the start of a battle. This warrior stands with his weapon drawn and shield ready in a simple pose that reveals an impressive stature.
Price: $90.00
Steampunk Winged Heart Clock
Item #CC8882
Few clocks are as stunning as the Steampunk Winged Heart Clock, and for good reason. This open faced clock features highly detailed Steampunk styled wings, as well as a clear view of the gears that turn inside the clock.
Price: $80.00