Leather Scabbards from Medieval Collectables

We have pre-made leather scabbards for swords, so that your weapons can stay safe when not in use. All of our leather scabbards are made of top quality grain leather and are either riveted or sewn together. If your sword did not come with a leather scabbard, well you are in luck because we have a variety of them at Medieval Collectables.
38 inch Leather Sheath38 inch Leather Sheath
Item #ZS-SHE-660138
If you have been searching for a way to keep your weapon comfortably close at hand then the 38 Inch Leather Sheath is your solution. Balancing function and style this sheath is an excellent way to carry your trusted sword.
Price: $46.50
On Sale For: $41.85
31 inch Suede Sheath31 inch Suede Sheath
Item #ZS-SHE-660231
You can stop searching for a stylish yet function accessory with the 31 Inch Suede Sheath. Able to protect your trusty weapon this sheath can also provide a comforting carry method while keeping your sword at the ready.
Price: $23.50
On Sale For: $21.15
38 inch Suede Sheath38 inch Suede Sheath
Item #ZS-SHE-660238
You will not always be conquering a castle or protecting royalty so rest your trusted sword in the 38 Inch Suede Sheath. This quality sheath is ready to carry your weapon when defensive action is not entirely necessary.
Price: $25.50
On Sale For: $22.95
31 inch Leather Sheath31 inch Leather Sheath
Item #ZS-SHE-660131
When you are not training or in conflict your sword needs a place to rest. Give that weapon a home with the 31 Inch Leather sheath. Do not lay that sword on the ground or against a tree when it deserves a respectable carry method.
Price: $41.50
On Sale For: $37.35
Anduril Scabbard
Item #UC1396
With meticulous craftsmanship, the Anduril Scabbard is an excellent recreation of the actual prop scabbard from the Lord of the Rings films, made using top grade materials to ensure a stunning and authentic appearance.
Price: $263.00
Night Angel Retribution Scabbard with Belt
Item #889816
This Night Angel Retribution Scabbard with Belt matches our Retribution replica (889812) from the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. The fantasy scabbard is a sturdy wooden sheath covered in soft black leather.
Price: $125.00