Swept Hilt Rapiers from Medieval Collectables

The swept hilt rapier was the civilian weapon of choice for close to 200 years, from the early 16th century to the early 18th. On our replica, nine brass bars, all at least 1/8 inch thick, swirl and curve to make the dazzling cage that protects the hand from being cut. Also, the Swept-Hilt often caught an opponent's blade, opening him up to a fatal stab. Swordplay with the swept hilt rapier was considered an essential part of a gentleman's education and was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements. Functional fencing rapier blades typically originated in Toledo or Solingen and would be hilted by regional smiths, resulting in many hilt styles. Hilt finishes were both practical and decorative and gilding, silvering and bluing were all widely accepted methods of providing both decoration and resistance to rust.
Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt RapierRibbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier
Item #07-88CHR
The long, narrow blade is sharpened and beautifully polished with a single wide fuller at the forte to assure perfect balance. The Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier also features a distinctive hilt, made in quality stainless steel.
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Wood Grip Rapier
Item #SH1024
Swept hilt rapiers are classic fencing swords, used for centuries as ways of solving gentlemanly disagreements among nobles. Based upon designs from 17th century Europe, this Wood Grip Rapier is a traditional Renaissance fencing sword.
Price: $320.00
Practical Swept Hilt Rapier
Item #SH1099
Often used alongside a Main Gauche, or parrying dagger, rapiers play an important part in both Renaissance reenactments and modern fencing. This Practical Swept Hilt Rapier combines classic romantic design with modern practicality.
Price: $265.00
Practical Swept Hilt Long Rapier
Item #SH1098
In 17th century European societies, swordplay with a rapier was a crucial element in the education of a gentleman. Today, anyone can practice the art of fencing with the balanced and stunning Practical Swept Hilt Long Rapier.
Price: $265.00
Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier
Item #500094
The swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier is hand forged and has a blade of high carbon steel. The diamond cross section provides firmness and flexibility.
Price: $245.00