Tai Chi Swords from Medieval Collectables

The Tai Chi was the original sword of the Samurai. Tai Chi swords have become a symbol of status due to the beauty of their decorative sheaths and their elaborate ornamentation. Medieval Collectables carries Tai Chi swords that are designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu. We also have Tai Chi tassels and carrying case to give your sword that look and protection. Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in Sifu Hsus designs, while Hanwei quality and workmanship give the Tai Chi swords that graceful and pleasing appearance. The blades of the Tai Chi sword are crafted in high carbon spring steel and have a pronounced center ridge and distal taper, producing exactly the right degree of stiffness and a very audible hiss in the cutting stroke.
Tai Chi Sword
Item #ED4408
The Tai Chi Sword features a smoother, darkened tsuba and end cap, and feature the same great leather and wire wrapped handles. The Tai Chi Sword is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.
Price: $121.60
Jade Lion Gim by Cold SteelJade Lion Gim by Cold Steel
Item #07-88RLG
The Lion Gim is a civilian self-defense Wen Jian with a little more panache than the practical versions (like our own Gim Sword) that were made for the battlefield. In our tests it severed and pierced 4 inch bamboo poles with ease.
Price: $799.99
On Sale For: $640.00