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Why not take your pet along with you on your next historic adventure? Medieval Collectables has the pet costumes to help your furry friend get into the spirit! Shop here for medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy costumes for dogs and cats. Our medieval and fantasy pet costumes are great for pet lovers who yearn to let their pet join in on the fun of historical or fantasy dress-up. Whether you are dressing your animal companion up for Halloween trick-or-treating or to match your own outfit at a themed festival, we have the dog and cat costumes you need to bedeck your beloved pet in style. Shop medieval themed costumes in a variety of sizes and structures for loyal canines and felines alike.
Sir Barks-A-Lot Pet Costume
Item #RC-887805
Let us hope that your furry companion does not live up to the name when wearing the Sir Barks-A-Lot Pet Costume. Whether for a Halloween stroll or an outing at a Renaissance Fair, your pet is sure to impress in this adorable costume.
Price: $18.00