Holiday Statues

Our holiday statues here at Medieval Collectables are great for gift giving as well as decorating your home with festivity. With a varied selection ranging from candy cane fairy statues to wooden Star Wars nutcrackers, we have the statues you need to celebrate the holiday in style. Shop from gothic Santa skull statues to officially licensed Star Wars Christmas statues and more. Many of our statues are made from high quality cold cast resin and ideally sized for displaying on shelves and mantles. We offer wooden Star Wars nutcrackers in both realistic and adorably festive designs as well as humorous holiday Star Wars collectibles, such as our Star Wars Fabric Mache Christmas Boba Fett Statue. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, try one of our beautifully detailed or charmingly festive holiday statues this Christmas season.
Candy Cane Fairy Statue
Item #05-91558
The Candy Cane Fairy Statue is a festive fairy figurine great for celebrating the Christmas season. This attractive statue depicts a pretty little fairy as she reclines on a leaf while enjoying a delectable candy cane.
Price: $43.75
Flying Candy Cane Witch Statue
Item #CC9694
Not all witches are the bad sort. Some, like the one depicted in this Flying Candy Cane Witch Statue, have the best character. Indeed, this witch seems to be a spirit of Christmas and giving, as well as of sweet treats and candy.
Price: $24.00
Colorful Christmas Faery Statue
Item #CC9281
This lovely fairy is all done up in rich color to attend a masquerade ball. Her costume of choice is that of Christmas itself, and with her beauty, it is a look that this Colorful Christmas Faery Statue pulls off with striking ease.
Price: $64.00
Santa Skull
Item #CC9408
Is it just us, or is Santa looking a little dead, this year? He certainly does, especially when you are looking at this Santa Skull, which infuses the Christmas holiday with a bit of jolly gothic style that will definitely turn heads.
Price: $14.00
Christmas Treat Fairy Statue
Item #CC11366
A love for all things sweet leads this seasonal fairy to sneak a taste of Saint Nicks favorite goodies. The Christmas Treat Fairy Statue portrays a naughty pixie who values hot cocoa and cookies just as much as Santa Clause does.
Price: $30.00
Star Wars Santa Yoda Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6151L
Jedis may follow a strict code, but that does not preclude them from having a bit of holiday fun! The Star Wars Santa Yoda Nutcracker displays a stylized Jedi Master Yoda wearing festive red and white robes reminiscent of Santa Claus.
Price: $36.00
Star Wars Fabriche Santa Yoda Statue
Item #KT-SW0117
Dressed as Santa, Yoda carries a sack brimming with presents for all the good Jedis. The Star Wars Fabriche Santa Yoda Statue depicts the Jedi master with fantastic festive detail, including red and white robes made of actual fabric.
Price: $30.75
Star Wars Fabric Mache Christmas Boba Fett Statue
Item #KT-SW0150
Even Boba Fett gets into the holiday spirit come Christmas time. The Star Wars Fabric Mache Christmas Boba Fett Statue features the infamous space-faring bounty hunter on his way to deliver a special holiday present to Jabba the Hutt.
Price: $55.25
Star Wars Hollywood Darth Vader Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6163L
Let the power of the Dark Side flow through your holiday decor this year when you decorate with the Star Wars Hollywood Darth Vader Nutcracker. This collectible decoration features the powerful Sith lord made of wood and resin.
Price: $57.75
Star Wars Darth Vader with Death Star Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6152L
Bring some galactic festivity to your home with the Star Wars Darth Vader with Death Star Nutcracker. This fun collectible features Vader holding a miniature version of the Death Star in one hand, topped with a festive red bow.
Price: $37.50
Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6162L
To your holiday home decor, add Yoda you must. The Star Wars Yoda Nutcracker is an officially licensed Star Wars decoration made of wood and resin. This collectible nutcracker depicts the wise Yoda wearing his earth tone Jedi robes.
Price: $61.25
Star Wars Stormtrooper with Ornament Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6153L
Decorate your empire in galactic holiday style with the Star Wars Stormtrooper with Ornament Nutcracker. Officially licensed, this collectible wooden nutcracker features the iconic Star Wars soldier prepared for holiday festivities.
Price: $42.00
Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW0155
The Star Wars Darth Vader Nutcracker depicts the powerful Sith Lord in an adorable stylized form. This collectible nutcracker is made of wood with painted and fabric details, and Vader is shown holding a red light saber in one hand.
Price: $38.50
Star Wars Boba Fett Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6161L
Welcome your favorite bounty hunter into your holiday home decor with the Star Wars Boba Fett Nutcracker. This collectible nutcracker features a stylized version of the famous bounty hunter made from painted wood with a fabric cape.
Price: $61.25
Star Wars R2-D2 Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW0156
One of the most recognized Star Wars characters of all time, this resilient droid is known to have an adventurous nature. Decorate your space with the licensed Star Wars R2-D2 Nutcracker, a unique version of the fan favorite astromech.
Price: $35.00
Star Wars Stormtrooper Nutcracker
Item #KT-SW6101L
Let the Star Wars Stormtrooper Nutcracker stand proud amongst your holiday home decor, ready to defend your empire. Officially licensed, this Star Wars collectible is a fine gift as well as a fun decoration for any time of year.
Price: $42.00