Star Wars Other Apparel

Medieval Collectables has the perfect loungewear and other apparel items for any Star Wars fan. Go from trick or treating to restful slumber in one of our Casual Jumpsuits, that allows you to dress as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or an Imperial Stormtrooper. The Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master Robe is excellent for a sauna or the misty swamps of Dagobah. You and a friend can face off in the Galactic Empire and Jedi hooded robes. Fans of the Alderaan princess and senator will get a kick out of the Princess Leia robes, available in cozy fleece or sleek satin. The Star Wars Death Star Pattern Robe is a hit with both Rebels and Imperials, with its allover design based on the Ultimate Weapon. Dress like the resourceful astromech droid in the Star Wars R2D2 Robe. Medieval Collectables adds new styles to the loungewear and other apparel section as they become available, so keep checking back to find excellent gifts for yourself and other Star Wars fans.
Imperial Officer Galactic BootsImperial Officer Galactic Boots
Item #770007
The full leather boots are copied directly from originals kept in the archives. Budgets being what they were back in 1976, these boots also saw use on Luke in A New Hope ceremony scene, Han Solo, as well as many other characters throughout the saga.
Price: $225.00
On Sale For: $161.00
Darth Vader Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-B2634MOL
Designed in homage of the central villain in the earliest Star Wars films, the Darth Vader Casual Jumpsuit is crafted to emulate the suit which is worn by Darth Vader, the traitorous Sith Lord who betrayed his fellow Jedi.
Price: $70.00
Stormtrooper Casual Jumpsuit
Item #NW-B2461MOL
Elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire, Stormtroopers carried the power of the emperor and stood apart from other soldiers due to their gleaming white suits. The Stormtrooper Casual Jumpsuit emulates the design of these signature suits.
Price: $70.00
Star Wars Hooded Jedi Fleece Robe
Item #RB-10117
Even a Jedi needs to relax sometimes! The Star Wars Hooded Jedi Fleece Robe makes a great option for showing your love of the sci-fi universe. The licensed Lucasfilm loungewear features fun details that help you look like a Jedi.
Price: $60.00
Star Wars Princess Leia Robe
Item #RB-11723
Now you can dress like your favorite space princess - all the way down to the iconic hair buns! The Star Wars Princess Leia Robe features the signature look of the fiery leader of the Rebel Alliance for you to wear in your downtime.
Price: $50.00
Star Wars Hooded Darth Vader Robe
Item #RB-10119
Much of the intimidation factor associated with Darth Vader comes from the iconic armored suit he wears. The Star Wars Hooded Darth Vader Robe allows you to adopt his look in your downtime with its excellent Sith Lord style.
Price: $60.00
Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master Robe
Item #RB-11430
Excellent taste, you have! The Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master Robe will make anyone look like the most iconic member of the Jedi Order. This licensed Star Wars bathrobe features a green hood with pointed ears to resemble Yoda.
Price: $50.00
Star Wars R2D2 Robe
Item #RB-11788
You can now dress up like your favorite warbling astromech droid in your downtime with the Star Wars R2D2 Robe! This fleece robe has been embroidered with gray and blue designs along the front that mimic the look of Artoo.
Price: $50.00
Star Wars Hooded Galactic Empire Robe
Item #RB-00103
Support Darth Sidious and his New Order by wearing the Star Wars Hooded Galactic Empire Robe. This black fleece robe shows off a white Imperial Crest on one side of the chest, making it clear where your allegiance lies!
Price: $48.00
Star Wars Death Star Pattern Robe
Item #RB-10414
A moon-sized, mobile battle station of the Galactic Empire, the Death Star served both as a weapon and symbol of the Orders force of rule. The Star Wars Death Star Pattern Robe features a striking design inspired by the DS-1.
Price: $50.00
Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Robe
Item #RB-11344
Even bounty hunters must occasionally rest from their labor. Now you, too, can relax while wearing the iconic style of one of the most unforgettable bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe with the Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Robe!
Price: $56.00
Star Wars Princess Leia Satin Robe
Item #RB-11390
Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Youre my only hope! With these words, Princess Leia starts a chain of events to bring down the Galactic Empire. The Star Wars Princess Leia Satin Robe lets you relax while dressed as the space princess.
Price: $40.00