DIY Armour Pieces from Medieval Collectables

Here at Medieval Collectables, we carry DIY Armour Pieces ideal for creating your very own unique plate armour, ring armour, or scale armour for historic reenactment and LARP. These pieces can even be used to repair existing armour of these types. Use items like our lamellae plates, made of metals like brass, aluminum, and steel, to recreate the historic armour styles of Vikings, Samurai, Roman warriors, and more. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and crafting skill. Do-it-yourself means whatever armour you create or modify becomes one-of a kind, custom-made to suit your own specific needs, and Medieval Collectables provides the means necessary for you to make the armour of your dreams.
Steel Lamellae Plates - Set of 25
Item #MH-MI1505
Made from sturdy steel, the Steel Lamellae Plates are ideal for patching up lamellar armour or for custom creating a lamellar piece for yourself. These rectangular plates feature a rounded edge on one their shorter sides.
Price: $25.00
Brass Lamellae Plates - Set of 25
Item #MH-MI1507
The Brass Lamellae Plates are the ideal component to have when fixing up lamellar armour or creating your own unique lamellar armour pieces. Made of brass, these plates features a distinct look, different than that of the usual steel.
Price: $35.62
Aluminum Lamellae Plates - Set of 25
Item #MH-MI1506
Use these Aluminum Lamellae Plates to patch up your lamellar armour, or get several to make your own custom armour pieces. These aluminum plates are rectangular in shape, save for one of their shorter sides, which are rounded.
Price: $22.50
Shapur Leather Lamellae Plates
Item #MY100585
Create your own lamellar armour or add unique flair to your favorite armour pieces with the Shapur Leather Lamellae Plates. Great for various sorts of DIY endeavors, this set includes 20 rectangular leather scales with leather cord.
Price: $22.00