Zombie Games

You do not have to put yourself in harms way to enjoy the thrill of a zombie apocalypse! Medieval Collectables offers a number of awesome zombie outbreak games that are inspired by the necropocalypse. These zombie-themed games provide a chance to enjoy some quality time with friends and family while sharing your love of zombie culture. Whether you want a undead board game, undead card game, undead trivia game, undead travel game, or other undead entertainment, we are sure to carry something to interest you. Certain apocalyptic games will have you attempting to survive the shamblers. Can you find a cure for the zombie virus? Or will you simply seek to destroy them all? Other games offer tips to educate and help you prepare, or challenge you to test your knowledge of zombie fiction and facts. Peruse our growing selection of zombie apocalypse games to find great ways to spend your free time.
Zombie Outbreak Playing Cards
Item #ND-52257
Who says that you cannot learn about how to survive the zombie apocalypse and have fun at the same time? The Zombie Outbreak Playing Cards share tips on each of the cards of this poker-sized playing deck.
Price: $6.00
Zombie Smarts Game
Item #ND-03109
Is there a way to test your knowledge about zombies while having loads of fun? This Zombie Smarts Game is an infectious question-and-answer game that features grisly facts about the history, habits, and hungers of the living dead.
Price: $13.00
Zombie Survival Tips Playing Cards
Item #ND-52164
Learning is always easier when you are engaged a fun activity, and that is the principle behind the Zombie Survival Tips Playing Cards. So while you play a fun, engaging card game, you familiarize yourself with zombie survival tips.
Price: $6.00
Zombie Post Apocalypse Playing Cards
Item #ND-52-186
These zombie-styled cards are a quality source of entertainment before and after the zombie apocalypse. With the Zombie Post Apocalypse Playing Cards, you can play card games to pass the time, while entertaining yourself and others.
Price: $6.00
Oh No Zombies Board Game
Item #ZB-5004
You are trapped inside a rundown shack in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by zombies. Is this the zombie apocalypse? No! It is the Oh No Zombies Board Game, a table top game where you destroy zombies or become one of them.
Price: $19.80
Zombie Road Trip Board Game
Item #ND-98-001
There is no beating the zombie apocalypse if you just sit at home and do nothing! Sometimes you have to hit the road to find a cure and kill zombies. This Zombie Road Trip Board Game lets you do so in the safety of your home!
Price: $25.00
Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards
Item #ND-52394
Enjoy all your favorite card games with an added element of zombie fun with the Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards. Each of the 52 standard poker-sized cards displays a fantastic graphic from the classic 1978 George A Romero movie.
Price: $6.00