Zombie Body Parts

The living dead can certainly be messy eaters! Look at all these pieces they left behind. At Medieval Collectables, we carry a gruesome array of horror body parts that can be used as zombie props or decorations. Our butchers inventory includes bloody prop arms, chopped off hands, severed zombie fingers, decapitated heads, severed feet, bloody prop legs, undead innards, and other horrifying pieces. Our undead limbs, cut off craniums, and removed human organs come in designs that hang from the ceiling or are served up on trays. Drape some corpse intestines over your furniture, or add eerie light to a room with a color-shifting brain. These zombie cadavers and bits work great for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or playing pranks. Take a moment to browse our selection to find the perfect eerie accent for your needs.
Severed Arm
Item #SU-N0527
This Severed Arm will really give you the extra length needed to reach out and touch somebody. That is not all you can use this severed limb for, as it features a rather eerie appearance that makes it a great touch to any horror decor.
Price: $14.90
Severed Foot
Item #SU-N0505
Nobody just stumbles upon a Severed Foot while walking on a normal day (and if you do, then it is no longer a normal day). Typically, severed limbs are only found whenever someone, or something, dangerous is on the loose.
Price: $11.00
Severed Leg
Item #SU-N0528
Do not get all tripped up over something as minor as a Severed Leg. Actually, that is something to take notice of, whether it happens to be your own or anothers. Severed legs are not common, and finding one is likely a bad sign.
Price: $25.00
Tortured Severed Head
Item #ZB-1021
Whoever is responsible for the Tortured Severed Head had great hatred for zombies, or for this person, zombie or not. The face is frozen in an expression of pain, possibly because the pain was inflicted before the head was removed.
Price: $36.00
Staring Zombie Head
Item #CC9699
If you feel like you are being watched, that is probably because you are. This Staring Zombie Head does nothing but watch. It has no legs or hands to move, so it can only just sit and stare at potential meals as they walk by.
Price: $14.50
Severed Body Part Set
Item #SU-N0343
Finding a severed arm is one thing, but finding smaller body parts is another thing entirely. This Severed Body Parts Set contains four small parts, all removed from their previous owner so that you can use them as instruments of terror.
Price: $6.98
Groaning Zombie Head
Item #CC9698
Rather than referencing a sound that it actually makes, the name of this Groaning Zombie Head is a direct correlation to the expression it features, as well as the sound that would accompany such a wide-mouthed expression on a zombie.
Price: $14.50
Severed Zombie Foot
Item #FM-66671
The Severed Zombie Foot is a shocking, morbid piece that is perfect for adding a level of disturbing realism to your zombie outbreak. With its gruesome appearance and lifelike size, this prop will jolt everyone that stumbles on it.
Price: $8.10
Butcher Shop Brain
Item #FM-66518
Imagine opening the refrigerator and finding a brain sitting on a plastic butchers tray right in front of you. As disturbing as it sounds, it could happen to you or to others if you pick up the gruesome and gory Butcher Shop Brain.
Price: $1.80
Maniacal Zombie Head Statue
Item #060-2428
When it comes to this Maniacal Zombie Head Statue, little can compare. It captures the image of zombie-kind quite nicely and also features a downright creepy grin that is sure to send chills down the spine of any who sees it!
Price: $34.00
Zombie Eyes
Item #FM-65990
You will get that crazed, flesh-hungry look in your eye when you wear the Zombie Eyes. In your zombified state, you will lack emotion, personality, and sensation of pain. All that remains is a mindless glare and the hunger for flesh.
Price: $0.90
Bag of Zombie Limbs
Item #FM-66521
Why anyone would go to the trouble of gathering a bunch of severed zombie limbs into a bag during a zombie apocalypse is anyones guess. But it was done, and now you can use the Bag of Zombie Limbs to suit your own horrific needs.
Price: $16.20
Severed Bloody Hand
Item #FM-62684
Need a hand? Here is a spare, in its own serving tray. The Severed Bloody Hand is a gruesome and gory thing that looks like it was recently butchered and is ready to be offered to the zombie masses for consumption.
Price: $7.20
Severed Bloody Leg
Item #FM-62658
If there was ever a treat made for the hordes of the walking dead, it had to be this Bloody Severed Leg. This grisly shank of meat is a human leg that has been butchered and served up on a white tray for zombie consumption.
Price: $16.20
Hanging Bloody Arm
Item #FM-63277
It is always nice to have a spare hand hanging around somewhere. For that moment, here is the Hanging Bloody Arm. This severed limb can be used in different ways and invokes a wide assortment of different thoughts.
Price: $6.30
Severed Biohazard Zombie Hand
Item #FM-68667
Anytime during a zombie outbreak when someone offers you a helping hand, you might want to think twice. The helping hand they offer might just wind up being a Severed Biohazard Zombie Hand, and a hand like this is no help at all.
Price: $3.00
Zombie Head on a Hook
Item #FM-63381
Can you think of a better use for a meat hook than this? Technically, a zombie is meat, and now there is one less zombie to worry about. The Zombie Head on a Hook is a gruesome display that shows a zombie head on a hook for all to see.
Price: $32.40
Severed Bloody Foot
Item #FM-62659
Freshly butchered, this Severed Bloody Foot looks like a tasty morsel of zombie chow that has been served up on a white tray. Your zombies would be happy to eat it, assuming you do not plan on using it elsewhere.
Price: $10.80
2-Headed Biohazard Zombie Prop
Item #FM-68668
As if a one-headed zombie was not bad enough, now you have to deal with a two-headed one, which happens to be contaminated. The 2-Headed Biohazard Zombie Prop is a ghoulishly green monster prop that will send anyone running scared.
Price: $24.00
Severed Biohazard Zombie Foot
Item #FM-68666
In a zombie outbreak, you will find regular zombie limbs scattered about as signs of battles and massacres long past. Once the zombies are contaminated, you might find appendages like this Severed Biohazard Zombie Foot, instead.
Price: $3.00