Zombie Decor and Gifts

If zombies are a big part of your life, then Medieval Collectables is the perfect place to find all the zombie home decor and zombie giftware to satisfy your hearts desire. We carry excellent undead decorations for Halloween or any other time of year, zombie collectors items inspired by The Walking Dead, zombie apocalypse games, and many other gruesome and gory items that you are sure to love. Check out our Halloween body parts, bloody fountains and misters, walking dead statues, vinyl POP figures, and zombie wall hangings to see a bare fraction of what we have available. Bloody candles and undead gnomes are great for haunted houses, as are our hanging corpses that can be positioned to recreate scenes of classic horror. Our zombie gifts range from lighters and key rings to novelties like brain molds and bloody soap bars! There is something for everyone here in the zombie decor and gifts category at Medieval Collectables.
Zombie Body Parts, Zombie Corpses, and Halloween Corpses
At Medieval Collectables, we carry a gory array of horror body parts that can be used as zombie props or decorations. Our butchers inventory includes bloody prop arms, chopped off hands, severed fingers, decapitated heads, severed feet, bloody prop legs, creepy innards, and other gruesome pieces. Our undead limbs, cut off heads, and removed human organs come in designs that hang from the ceiling or are served up on trays.
Zombie Fountains, Halloween Fountains, and Zombie Misters
Celebrate the zombie outbreak with the appropriate atmosphere by picking out an eerie bloody fountain or spooky mister from Medieval Collectables! These horror mist makers and zombie fountains will create the terrifying ambiance you are wanting. Many of our Halloween fog makers and freaky fountains are styled to look like real horror props, making them ideal for costume parties and haunted houses.
Zombie Decor, Zombie Home Decor, and Horror Decor
Here in the zombie decor category at Medieval Collectables, you will find fantastic products for adding a creepy touch to your home, yard, or office. We carry almost every type of decor, such as zombie statues, Halloween door covers, body bags, zombie warning tape, horror door knockers, zombie incense holders, zombie wine holders, zombie coasters, zombie side tables, zombie jewelry boxes, undead bookends, and zombie ornaments.
Zombie Drinkware, Zombie Mugs, Zombie Goblets, and Zombie Glasses
Medieval Collectables wants to make sure you can incorporate the walking dead into every aspect of your life - including your table setting! Our undead drinkware includes zombie ceramic mugs, undead goblets, zombie wine glasses, and zombie water glasses. Several of these undead cups display designs with sculpting to resemble zombie heads and hands. Others show off macabre humor prints that will make any zombie fan chuckle.
Zombie Games, Zombie Board Games, and Zombie Playing Cards
Medieval Collectables offers a number of awesome zombie apocalypse games that are inspired by the necropocalypse. These zombie-themed games provide a chance to enjoy some quality time with friends and family while sharing your love of zombie culture. Whether you want a undead board game, undead card game, undead trivia game, undead travel game, or other undead entertainment, we are sure to carry something to interest you.
Zombie Gifts, Zombie Novelties, and Halloween Gifts
Medieval Collectables carries a fantastic array of zombie giftware and undead novelties that are sure to amuse or horrify. Our zombie outbreak gifts include zombie key rings, zombie bags, walking dead toys, biohazard lunch boxes, zombie drink coasters, zombie wallets, and creepy sleep masks. Other undead novelty items range from color-changing soap that looks bloody when wet and food molds shaped like brains and hearts to temporary tattoos.
Zombie POP Figurines, Walking Dead POP Figures, Zombie Wacky Wobblers, and Zombie Pocket POP Keychains
Fans of the Walking Dead, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, Call of Duty, and Shaun of the Dead are sure to enjoy these zombie POP figurines! Medieval Collectables carries an assortment of undead figurines, Wacky Wobbler bobbleheads, and Pocket POP key rings featuring many of your favorite characters. These licensed collectibles make great gifts for kids and adults.
Zombie Props, Horror Props, and Halloween Props
Medieval Collectables carries a wide range of Halloween props to add to a costume or decorate the exterior of your home. Our inventory includes spooky pieces like insane scientist kits, undead tree huggers, zombie landscape stakes, surgeon bags, foam snakes, zombie yard signs, and much more. These zombie decor props will transform any space into a house of horror and add realism to horror costumes.
Zombie Signs, Zombie Warning Signs, and Zombie Wall Art
Now you can decorate for the necropocalypse with the fantastic undead wall signs and zombie wall hangings that we carry at Medieval Collectables! Our zombie art posters, zombie scrolls, and zombie steel signs give plenty of options for your home, garage, or emergency shelter. We carry unique road wall signs, biohazard signs, fallout shelter wall signs, zombie crossing wall signs, and zombie humor wall signs that come in colorful, creative designs.