Of all the non-firearm projectile weapons to arm yourself with during the necropocalypse, survival slingshots make one of your best choices. Medieval Collectables provides a selection of high-quality functional slingshots to use when the horde attacks. With their ease of use and accuracy, tactical slingshots like these will quickly become your weapon of choice. Many of our wilderness slingshots possess wrist supports that can be fine-tuned for comfort and stability, while the slingshot yokes can be modified for different draw lengths. The band of these combat slingshots helps your shot reach a high velocity for a significant impact on the target. These zombie slingshots can catapult marbles and steel shot, and we offer additional hunting shot for when you are running low on ammo. Check out this fantastic survival gear to find the right item for your needs!
Zombie Marksman Slingshot
Item #RO-4716
Keep the living dead at bay after your gun runs dry with the versatile and fun Zombie Marksman Slingshot. This traditional weapon will become a treasured asset to your survival gear after you send some ball bearings into a few zombies.
Price: $41.99
Marksman Slingshot Steel Shot
Item #RO-4726
As you trek the wilderness or the apocalyptic wasteland make sure you have enough ammo with the Marksman Slingshot Steel Shot. This ammo is easy to transport and can deliver a killing blow when used properly by a seasoned shooter.
Price: $7.99
Adjustable Marksman Slingshot
Item #RO-4719
As children we all had fun running outside and playing so relive those memories with the Adjustable Marksman Slingshot. This versatile survival accessory will become a valued asset after you see this modern and lethal design.
Price: $23.99