Real Zombie Weapons

When the zombies rise and attempt to devour humanity, you are going to want a functional tool at your side. There is no better place to buy a real zombie combat weapon than Medieval Collectables. These necropocalypse tools are made for survival, fighting, or both. Many of these tactical zombie weapons are made from quality steel and other strong materials with sturdy construction. Our zombie functional weapons come in a range of designs, including battle-ready axes and hatchets, battle-ready machetes, battle-ready katana, battle-ready spears, and other battle-ready blades. We even offer ranged weapons like undead throwing weapons and tactical slingshots, ensuring that you do not need to get too close to the undead horde. Our survival shovels can easily double as a weapon and a outdoor tool, illustrating the usefulness of keeping these unique zombie products on hand. Take some time to peruse our assortment of fighting weaponry, and you are sure to see pieces you will want to add to a bug out bag or home arsenal.
Zombie Axes, Survival Axes, and Zombie Hatchets
Axes make excellent zombie killers when it comes to necropocalypse weapons. The zombie hand axes, undead hatchets, and undead tomahawks that you will find at Medieval Collectables are rugged and reliable tools. We carry tactical hand axes, survivor axes, combat hand axes, and many other battle-ready axe designs to meet your needs. Be ready for any kind of disaster or emergency by keeping one of these utility hand axes on hand.
Zombie Knives, Survival Knives, and Zombie Daggers
No one wants to get close to a zombie, but, if it happens, make sure you are equipped with a battle-ready dagger from Medieval Collectables! These undead knives and survivor daggers include Bowie knives, field knives, tactical blades, combat cleavers, folders, neck knives, and many other styles. Browse our selection of survivor knives and tactical daggers to find great options for your bug out bag or home arsenal.
Zombie Machete, Survival Machetes, and Tactical Machetes
At Medieval Collectables, we carry battle-ready machetes that serve well as zombie combat weapons and survivor tools. Our undead machetes come in many designs, including kukris, Latin machetes, panga machetes, parang machetes, bolo machetes, and golok machetes. Our tac machetes are great for defending yourself or launching attacks against shamblers, while our survivor machetes and wilderness machetes can help keep you alive when on the run.
Zombie Throwing Weapons, Zombie Throwing Knives, and Zombie Throwing Stars
Medieval Collectables carries excellent undead throwing weapons perfect for taking out the living dead. Exceptionally well-balanced, our zombie throwing blades are crafted from single pieces of metal in spear point, drop point, and clip point designs. We also carry an assortment of zombie ninja stars, combat throwing axes, and undead throwing daggers. These zombie apocalypse throwers are sold individually and in sets.
Zombie Slingshots, Hunter Slingshots, and Survival Slingshots
Tactical slingshots make one of the most versatile necropocalypse weapons, excellent for hunting small game or taking out one of the horde. We carry wilderness slingshots with wrist supports that can reach a high velocity. These functional slingshots can shoot marbles or steel shot with ease. When you want a projectile weapon that anyone can learn to use, you can find just the thing with these zombie slingshots!
Survival Shovels, Zombie Shovels, and Tactical Shovels
Our zombie survivor shovels at Medieval Collectables are capable of inflicting brutal blunt force trauma in addition to serving as effective survivor tools. These utility shovels come in designs like tac shovels, army shovels, claw shovels, folding shovels, and trench shovels. In addition to smashing zombie heads, they can be used for digging trenches, planting gardens, clearing paths, removing debris, or even chopping in extreme situations.
Unconventional Zombie Weapons, Zombie Baseball Bats, and Zombie Spears
Medieval Collectables carries a wide array of unconventional weapons to fight off the walking dead. Our inventory includes pieces like throwing spears, sport bats, undead hammers, zombie bludgeons, and undead katana. A number of these items show off eye-catching designs with blood spatter graphics, camouflage prints, and matte black finishes that are sure to appeal to survivors.