Girls Zombie Costumes

Undead little girls are notorious for being either insanely creepy or shockingly cute. At Medieval Collectables, we carry excellent zombie girl costumes that will transform any young miss into one of the zombie horde. These kids Halloween costumes are a perfect touch for the little girl who enjoys gothic styles, as well, since many are easily convertible from creepy zombie to undead gothic girl. Choose from undead cheerleader costumes, zombie onesie costumes, and other zombie costumes of all kinds. Dressed up in one of these spooky costumes, any girl can take on the appearance of one of the undead swarm, fit to shamble down the street in search of brains. These childs costumes are perfect for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and Halloween.
Zombie Girl Tween Costume
Item #IN-18033
During the zombie apocalypse, the undead come in all shapes and forms, even that of little girls! Your pre-teen can transform herself into an adorable member of the walking dead with the help of the Zombie Girl Tween Costume.
Price: $22.50
Cheerless Leader Girls Costume
Item #M-DG-2802
Somebody has to cheer on the dead, right? If your young girl wants a costume that is both cute and creepy, this Cheerless Leader Girls Costume is the perfect way for your little one to have the best of both worlds this Halloween.
Price: $38.00
Child's Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit
Item #FM-68712
If it has always been your childs dream to become a zombie, then there is no better way than with this Childs Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit. In this attire, they will be the worst, or the best, zombie that they can be!
Price: $30.00
Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Covered Gloves
Item #FM-68713
When dealing with hazardous materials, it is always prudent to protect oneself as thoroughly as possible. If you handle radioactive zombies, then these Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Covered Gloves are just the protection you need.
Price: $4.00
Zombie Kid Costume With Mask
Item #FM-64738
If your child really wants to turn heads with a terrifying zombie costume, then the Zombie Kid Costume with Mask is the way to go. Wearing this costume, your child will be transformed into a frightening, partly decayed zombie.
Price: $27.00
Zombie Girl Costume
Item #FM-66945
Dress your little one in this Zombie Girl Costume and she will look like a tiny gothic beauty. She will also happen to look like a member of the walking dead, as well as possibly the only zombie in history to be labeled cute.
Price: $27.00