Boys Zombie Costumes

Your little guy would likely be one of the most adorable zombies around, especially if he was dressed in one of the zombie boys costumes from Medieval Collectables! These undead kids costumes include classic zombie styles that are as frightening as they are fantastic and fun, as well as many creepy twists on the typical walker designs. Choose from zombie surgeon costumes, zombie skate-boarder costumes, zombie warrior costumes, fallout zombie costumes, and many more insanely good looks. Dressed up in one of these horror Halloween costumes, any boy can take on the appearance of one of the undead swarm, fit to shamble down the road in search of brains or treats. These childrens costumes are perfect for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and Halloween.
Dark Zombie Ninja Boy's Costume
Item #IN-92008
The only thing worse than a ninja is, perhaps, a zombie-ninja, stealthy, vicious, unrelenting, and undead. As powerful as they are, it is easy to see why any boy would want to don the Dark Zombie Ninja Boy's Costume.
Price: $31.23
Boys Dead Zone Zombie Costume
Item #IN-17052
You will score lots of points on and off the field with this fantastically creepy outfit! The Boys Dead Zone Zombie Costume lets you dress out for the latest game in the bloody uniform of the undead.
Price: $29.93
Boys Death Warrior Costume
Item #IN-17051
Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies as you cull their souls, wearing the Boys Death Warrior Costume. This fearsome ensemble depicts a spirit of vengeance with deadly skill.
Price: $33.25
Boys Zombie Sk8r Costume
Item #IN-17059
Even zombies need ways to get around, and no way is cooler than a skateboard! The Boys Zombie Sk8r Costume allows you to perform your skateboard tricks while dressed as a ghoulish member of the undead.
Price: $26.60
Boys Skinned Alive Costume
Item #IN-17043
Few kinds of torture possess the gruesome horror that this outfit displays. When wearing the Boys Skinned Alive Costume, you display the bloody bone and muscle left behind after the cruel and painful experience.
Price: $31.35
Boys Psycho Scarecrow Costume
Item #IN-17071
Though scarecrows are intended to frighten away birds from farm fields, you will inspire fear far more widely with the Boys Psycho Scarecrow Costume. This ragged costume allows you to dress like a horror movie monster of straw.
Price: $37.05
Boys Dead Mans Chest Costume
Item #IN-17076
Pirates form vicious and blood-thirsty crews, so that the life expectancy of the captain results from his ability to bring in more booty. The Boys Dead Man's Chest Costume shows the fate of one unfortunate stabbed pirate.
Price: $22.80
Boys Unchained Horror Costume
Item #IN-17073
Some creatures evoke such fear that they must be locked away from the public eye. Unfortunately, they do not always remain in their cells. The Boys Unchained Horror Costume allows you to act out your own frightful escape.
Price: $29.45
Child's Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit
Item #FM-68712
If it has always been your childs dream to become a zombie, then there is no better way than with this Childs Orange Biohazard Zombie Jumpsuit. In this attire, they will be the worst, or the best, zombie that they can be!
Price: $30.00
Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Covered Gloves
Item #FM-68713
When dealing with hazardous materials, it is always prudent to protect oneself as thoroughly as possible. If you handle radioactive zombies, then these Biohazard Zombie Green Ooze Covered Gloves are just the protection you need.
Price: $4.00
Hazmat Hazard Boy's Costume
Item #IN-92006
Hazmat suits are bound to become a common sight as the zombie apocalypse approaches. After the zombies rise, you will see them on both humans and the undead. By name alone, you can recognize this Hazmat Hazard Boy's Costume.
Price: $28.80
Dr. N. Sane Boy's Costume
Item #IN-17025
The doctor is in, and he will see you now, although you might not want to see him. This Dr. N. Sane Boy's Costume will transform your young boy into a terror right out of a horror scene and right at home in the midst of a zombie outbreak.
Price: $28.50
Zombie Kid Costume With Mask
Item #FM-64738
If your child really wants to turn heads with a terrifying zombie costume, then the Zombie Kid Costume with Mask is the way to go. Wearing this costume, your child will be transformed into a frightening, partly decayed zombie.
Price: $27.00
Undead Doctor Boy's Costume
Item #FM-68330
Whoever thought that a doctors costume would look just as creepy on a child as it would on an adult? This Undead Doctor Boys Costume is a chilling sight that will turn an adorable little boy into a something out of a horror scene.
Price: $24.00
Zombie Boy Costume
Item #FM-66939
Youth does not confer immunity to zombification. Typically, that just means that whenever a boy wears the Zombie Boy Costume, he will wind up looking less like a horrible ghoul and more like a terrifyingly adorable child zombie.
Price: $23.40
Zombie Hunter Child Costume
Item #IN-17113
When it comes to staying ahead in the post-apocalyptic world, your child has everything covered. Allow the young survivor to reveal a talent for beheading the undead with the Zombie Hunter Child Costume in their cosplay arsenal.
Price: $24.50