Zombie Costumes

When the zombie legion approaches, why not join in? With the assortment of high-quality walker costumes that we carry at Medieval Collectables, you will be able to do just that! We offer Halloween zombie costumes for men, women, and children, so the whole family can look like cadavers. In addition to complete horror costumes, we also provide excellent zombie latex masks, zombie hands, and zombie feet that you can use to round out any corpse ensemble. In addition to classic renditions of gory zombies, we provide a variety of apocalypse costumes with twists, such as zombie nurse and surgeon costumes, zombie buccaneer costumes, zombie warrior costumes, radioactive zombie costumes, zombie wedding costumes, and many more. Whether you want an undead couples costume, a terrifying psycho outfit for the haunted house, or a traditional rotter ensemble for a zombie walk, you will find many impressive options here at Medieval Collectables.
Boys Zombie Costumes, Undead Boys Costumes, and Kids Zombie Halloween Costumes
Your little guy would likely be one of the most adorable zombies around, especially if he was dressed in one of the zombie boys costumes from Medieval Collectables! These undead kids costumes include zombie surgeon costumes, zombie skate-boarder costumes, zombie warrior costumes, fallout zombie costumes, and many more insanely good looks. Our childrens costumes are perfect for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and Halloween.
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Medieval Collectables offers excellent zombie shoe covers and undead boot toppers that will complete any horror costume. Each of these zombie feet and Halloween boot toppers is designed to be worn over your shoes to create an eerie zombified effect with exposed bone, torn toenails, gore, and gruesome coloring. We also offer a variety of skeletal costume feet.
Girls Zombie Costumes, Undead Girls Costumes, and Kids Zombie Halloween Costumes
At Medieval Collectables, we carry excellent zombie girls costumes that will transform any young lady into one of the undead swarm. Choose from cheerleader zombie costumes, zombie pj costumes, and other zombie costumes of all kinds. These walking dead childs costumes are perfect for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and Halloween.
Zombie Hands, Zombie Gloves, and Costume Latex Hands
In the undead gloves and costume hands category at Medieval Collectables, we offer a number of options to ensure every part of you is completely zombified. These zombified gloves and other latex hands come in a variety of styles, ranging from decomposing zombie hands to monster gloves to skeletal hands. These zombie gloves come in a range of sizes, including junior fit and designs that cover part of the arms, as well.
Zombie Masks, Zombie Costume Masks, and Undead Masks
The zombie costume masks from Medieval Collectables will give anyone a horrifying visage from the cemetery. Our zombie Halloween masks range from classic zombie to undead abomination. We carry horror costume masks that branch out from traditional zombie appearances, such as skeletal masks, monster costume masks, and scarecrow creature masks. Our inventory includes a range of Frankensteins Army costume masks and Resident Evil costume masks, too.
Mens Zombie Costumes, Zombie Halloween Costumes, and Adult Zombie Costumes
If you are looking for a fantastic zombie mens costume, then you have come to the right place. Here at the Medieval Collectables, you will find adult horror costumes galore in many freaky styles. Choose from zombie surgeon costumes, zombie military costumes, zombie psycho costumes, biohazard costumes, and many more designs. We even branch out from the traditional undead fare with zombie warrior, zombie priest, and undead pirate styles.
Womens Zombie Costumes, Zombie Halloween Costumes, and Adult Zombie Costumes
Anyone who believes that undead women cannot be beautiful has obviously never seen some of the womens zombie costumes here at the Medieval Collectables. Browse among our nurse zombie costumes, psycho housewife costumes, undead pageant costumes, zombie prom ensembles, mad scientist costumes, undead pirate costumes, and many more options to find the perfect look for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and other themed events.
Zombie Waitress Costume
Item #RC-D19581
Serve up a night of terror along with a healthy helping of brains with the Zombie Waitress Costume to declare your undead status. This costume package is all you need to ensure that your Halloween is full of screams and mayhem.
Price: $48.00